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The State That Doesn’t Care If You Live Or Die

By Tom Woods | Principia Scientific | September 3, 2021

Ask the average person in whatever country you choose what his chances of hospitalization with or death from COVID are and the answers will shock you. Nearly everyone you speak to is completely uninformed.

Naturally it is impossible to make rational decisions amidst this degree of ignorance.

Now is as good a time as any for some perspective.

The survival rate for people in the 0-19 age group is 99.997 percent. For 20-29 it’s 99.986 percent. You can find all the figures in the graphic below.

The data come from a recent paper by Stanford’s Cathrine Axfors and John Ioannidis, “Infection fatality rate of COVID-19 in community-dwelling populations with emphasis on the elderly: An overview.” Here’s how it breaks down:

A person under 50 is therefore at greater risk of death from drowning, choking on food, sunstroke, or from a sharp object.

This is not to say that we’re not dealing with a nasty virus for some people who contract it. But do you think the average person has any idea that the numbers for survival are this high?

In the UK, the Daily Mail just published an article called, “Is it time to stop obsessing over Covid figures? Statistics reveal virus is NOT the biggest killer — with heart disease, dementia and cancer each claiming four times as many lives in an average week last month.

Even before the rollout of the vaccine,” the article notes, “fewer than one per cent of people who caught Covid died. Now, scientists say that figure is ten times smaller.

They included this graphic, for perspective:

Much as I welcome this, it’s pretty rich for the British press (or indeed any press) to publish an article and a chart like that, though, scratching their heads as to why people are obsessed about COVID, when they themselves are directly responsible for the misinformation that brought about that obsession.

Remember when the Washington Post called Iowa the “state that doesn’t care if you live or die” when that state removed its COVID restrictions? That was seven months ago.

Here’s the chart. Think we’re going to hear any apologies, or any “gee, I guess I don’t understand this virus as well as I thought,” or…?

That’s enough perspective for one day.

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  1. The Covaids cult is by far the greatest mind wank ever foisted on the numbskull sheeple in the entire history of swamp creature “evolution”, akin only to the disgusting religious bigotry and evil perpetrated by the funny hat clowns down through the centuries of “sacred” lies and endless wars of moron manipulation. The incessant and imbecilic fear porn is unparalleled and until now seemingly effective in its cull of the lower apes among us and I mean that in a spiritual sense as well as the “intelligence test” that the covaids caper obviously has been since Wuflu Fauci and his coven set this Rockefeller plandemic loose. However, the evolutionary consequences of the Satanic, pedovore, elitist filth terminating the bulk of the mindless, bleating herd with their DARPA mRNA poison, promises a future of complete awakening of the survivors of the covaids death prick Hollow Cost that will prove to be the greatest nightmare for these ruling demons and which they will rue having unleashed and certainly will not survive.

    Nuremberg will be reloaded for these monsters and the vertical pig that gets in the way of the righteous anger of the defenders of our humanity will join those that have poured this pig swill over the planet for far too long. So to all the psychopathic pigs (carefully chosen and brainwashed before this WEF, IMF and anglozionazi evil was carried out) choose carefully as to whether the risk of continuing to slurp the swill from the pedovore demons’ trough will be worth the price of the anger, revenge and destruction that will be enacted on the guilty when the herd finally stampedes as stampede it undoubtedly must.


    Comment by Martillo | September 5, 2021 | Reply

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