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Biden Says ‘Thrilled’ to Meet Zelensky at White House

Samizdat – 21.12.2022

WASHINGTON – US President Joe Biden said he is “thrilled” to welcome Volodymyr Zelensky at the White House later on Wednesday.

“I hope you’re having a good flight, Volodymyr. I’m thrilled to have you here. Much to discuss,” Biden tweeted.

The two leaders will discuss a range of topics, including battlefield strategy in Ukraine, energy, and sanctions against Russia, among other matters, a senior US official told reporters.

The US president is also expected to announce a new $2 billion security assistance package that will include a Patriot air defense system, the official said.

Zelensky is due to visit the White House on Wednesday afternoon before delivering an address to a joint session of the US Congress later in the evening, according to US officials.

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  1. This would be comical if it weren’t so deadly. The Nazi-loving Zelensky meeting the American nazi-supporting President in the White House. And then, the nazi-loving Zelensky will address a joint session of the nazi-supporting US Congress. The soul of our nation is lost. There must be a day of reckoning and accountability to get it back. Otherwise, we are all doomed to be condemned at the alter of history as complicit either by commission or omission.


    Comment by Thomas Simpson | December 21, 2022 | Reply

  2. Joe “I’m a Zionist” Biden is thrilled. Going to have Zelenskyy perform some of his dance routines. Piano recitals. Fashion designs. Will pay Zelenskyy big money, from American taxpayers. Will give voting rights to Ukrainians, where ever they live. Will include Israelis, too. Where ever they live, dual citizens can vote twice. Such a deal.


    Comment by michael | December 21, 2022 | Reply

  3. “The US president is also expected to announce a new $2 billion security assistance package that will include a Patriot air defense system, the official said”.

    Just add the cost onto the American National Debt which is now well over the $30 TRILLION mark and heading North
    I congratulate the American people, whose taxes will have to pay down the $30 Trillion+ debt, from their wages. (Well you cant expect the Oligarchs to pay it, can you?)


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | December 21, 2022 | Reply

    • Federal government indebtedness is what Central Banks do to diminish the Constitutional power of government. The Republican Party has been reduced to whining about cutting taxes and budgets and increasing funding for national defense. Democrats whine about raising taxes and spending the kitchen sink on nonsense like fighting climate change. Neither Party promotes the General Welfare. Neither Party stands for anything that doesn’t enhance Party standing while the nation’s fate is doomed. Yes, doomed. If Glass-Steagall bank separation isn’t restored the crash that is coming will act like a tsunami wiping out assets public and private through bail-in under Title II of Dodd-Frank, which gives banks the legal right to snatch your savings in return for worthless bank stocks. Worse, the BIS overnight payments system will fail, making it impossible for nations in the trans-Atlantic region to function precipitating an economic breakdown crisis from which the United States will not survive.

      The remedy is as follows: Restore Glass-Steagall two-tier banking. Under the Glass-Steagall standard initiate bankruptcy reorganization of the commercial banking system. Cancel all derivatives payments until bank auditors sort out which derivatives have any real value. Most of them are side bets.
      2. Create a credit system and national bank for purposes of lending long-term at low 1 to 2% interest.
      3. Issue government-directed credit for purposes of modernizing and maintaining US economic infrastructure.
      Building great projects that restore US water, power, and transportation systems on the level of TVA will get our nation producing again and on the road to recovery.
      4. Begin a crash commercial fusion program. Fusion will increase the energy-flux-density required to meet demands that a real economic recovery requires. Manned space exploration to the far reaches of our solar system and beyond will mean new discoveries that will translate into new and advanced technologies that will drive the US economy forward into the future. The American people need a modern preventive health platform that can stop the spread of disease and prevent global Pandemics from occurring.

      The science of physical economy is not new. It just isn’t taught at any level anymore, anywhere. Thanks to the British oligarchy and their American underlings. Gottfried Leibniz was the source that Alexander Hamilton turned to for an understanding of real economic science. Lyndon LaRouche considered himself a Leibnizian at the age of 14 after reading Leibniz’s works. He created the LaRouche-Reimann method of determining the economic performance of the physical economy based on the Relative Potential Population Density per capita and per sq km measurements. Universal principles governing Physical Economy begin with the idea that man is made in the image of the Creator and therefore all life is sacred. These are immutable truths that differentiate Man from the lower beast. Using both of these measurements to guide economic planning, we can define what is necessary for long-range economic planning over a period of 25 years. Twenty-five years is the interval from the time a child is born to the time it takes to educate and fully developed him or her into an adult that is ready to join a contributing productive human being.

      At the end of WWII, 2 out of every 3 people, or 66% of the labor force, were employed in the productive processes of the US economy. Today that number is less than 15%. We are no longer educating children to become productive members of society. Fewer and fewer today are producing physical goods and those who are, are in the defense industry.

      If civilization is going to survive we must first end the war in Ukraine. Then the US must implement the emergency measures LaRouche articulated in his Four Laws.


      Comment by Thomas Simpson | December 22, 2022 | Reply

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