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How Troublesome Presidents Are Disposed of

By Paul Craig Roberts | Institute For Political Economy | January 21, 2023

Tucker Carlson provides an excellent 12 minute report about the CIA’s removal of President Kennedy and President Nixon. I recommend that you watch it 2 or 3 times until it sinks in and forward it to all of your friends and relatives. There is nowhere else you can get so much solid and important information in 12 minutes.

Carlson believes that Biden, no longer useful to the establishment, is currently undergoing removal.

I have reported the truth about the removal of Presidents Kennedy and Nixon from office for decades. It was thrilling to me to see after a half century Tucker Carlson give the same explanations to such a large audience. If Americans could only wake up and become involved it might be possible to save our country and the liberty of Americans.

President John F. Kennedy was murdered by the CIA and US Joint Chiefs of Staff once he realized that the government he headed was not the real government. His predecessor President Eisenhower, a 5-star general, warned about the threat to democratic government posed by the military/industrial complex. President Kennedy intended to do something about it while the president still had some power, but he was struck down before he could do more than fire CIA Director Allen Dulles and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Lyman Lemnitzer. President Kennedy wasn’t able to get rid of General Lemnitzer, who transitioned to Supreme Allied Commander of NATO. Both Dulles and Lemnitzer are suspected of directing the plot against Kennedy’s life.

President Nixon was the best informed and best respected abroad president of any in US history. He kept in touch with foreign leaders and was well informed about historical and current events. But he also, like Kennedy and Trump, over estimated the power of the president.

Nixon incurred the wrath, as I once again reported on January 19, of the military/security complex with his arms control agreements with the Soviet Union and his opening to China. The assassination of President Kennedy was so obviously an in-house murder, covered up by the CIA’s media whores and the Warren Commission, that the CIA dared not murder a second president. Instead, the CIA saw that one of its operatives was placed as a journalist at the Washington Post, a long-time CIA asset, never a newsman, to head the “Watergate” investigation of President Nixon which was used to drive him from office despite Nixon being reelected by the largest margin in US history.

Donald Trump, being a real estate mogul, knew nothing of Washington or who really rules it. By declaring his intention of normalizing relations with Russia, he blindly took on the CIA and the subterranean rulers of the US. And again the media was used to get rid of him: “Russiagate,” two impeachment attempts, “January 6 Insurrection,” and now “Documents gate.”

The President isn’t even protected by the Secret Service. As the tourist video clearly shows, the Secret Service men along the side of President Kennedy’s open limo in Dallas were called away by a Secret Service superior. The video shows the resistance of one of the Secret Service agents to the order. Once the Secret Service agents were removed, the video shows that Kennedy was killed from a bullet from in front that blew out the back of his head. The video shows his wife reaching out on the back of the limo to get the back of his blown away head.

Despite this clear cut undeniable evidence the Warren Commission ruled that Kennedy was shot from behind by Oswald, the patsy that the CIA had lined up to take the blame. Before Oswald could talk or be questioned he was killed in police custody by Jack Ruby (Jacob Leon Rubensein), a person whose presence is inexplicable, who was permitted by the police to be armed next to Oswald.

The bulk of the insouciant American population fell for this most improbable of all accounts, but many intelligent people did not. So the CIA did not dare murder Nixon physically. They used their Washington Post asset to murder him politically, as they used media to get rid of Donald Trump.

Americans who think they live in a democracy are out to lunch. Americans, so easily fooled time and again, are the reason we have lost our country and the freedom and the hope that it once represented in the world.

How many Americans understand that they no longer live in a free country, that they are the ruled subjects of they know not who? Voting is a cloak, a deception. No one the people prefer can be elected to the office of president. If, like Trump, he gets there unexpectedly, he is removed.

The founder of American civil liberty, Thomas Jefferson, warned us that freedom cannot exist more than 200 years before it has to be refreshed by bloody revolution. He overestimated the life of freedom.  

Over the course of my life the meaning of freedom has changed. It no longer means what the Founding Fathers, today denounced as racists, meant, which was self-rule and freedom from oppressive government. Today freedom is the freedom of blacks to rob stores without prosecution, the freedom of the government and its media whores to censor and suppress truth, free expression, and free association, the freedom of government to arrest and imprison people who exercise their civil liberties as “insurrectionists,” the freedom of government and its media whores to brand truth-tellers as “threats to democracy” who are guilty of spreading “misinformation,” the freedom to take away the medical licenses of doctors who saved lives by using medicines banned by Big Pharma’s treatment protocols.

People born in recent decades have no idea how off the wall this is to someone who lived in the real America in the past. When my generation passes, there will be no one alive who knows what America once was.

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  1. You are so correct in all that you have written. I am also one of those who lived through the former era of the United States, a much different time than what we see today. It is also very evident that once we, the remnant of those former times, are gone, there will be none to remember what a great country this used to be, the envy of the world to which every one wanted to become a part of. But I am ready to depart now, before I see and experience the America that is in the making, a country of endless strife, restrictions, shortages, lack of privacy and freedom, and lack of security. Once a culture has lost its moral convictions, there is no way for returning to cohesiveness again.

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    Comment by Peter | January 22, 2023 | Reply

  2. TC (I didn’t bother to watch) and PCR neglect the role of militant/political/colonial Zionism and the “entangling alliance” it has cleverly, deviously fashioned — much more penetrating and powerful today than it was in 1963 — in the subjugation/dissolution of the USA in all aspects related to justice, accountability, morality, and attention to the true core national-security imperatives of the USA–not Israel. We are lemmings led to the precipice….

    (I can’t bring myself to “Like” PCR. I do appreciate and “Like” Peter’s comment above. I am 79 yo, also ready to depart this vale of tears after decades of experiencing “quiet desperation” [thx, HDThoreau].)

    Pity the Palestinians — the ultimate victim. We are all Palestinians now.

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    Comment by roberthstiver | January 22, 2023 | Reply

    • Unfortunately for Americans, you are all Israeli’s now…..

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      Comment by brianharryaustralia | January 22, 2023 | Reply

  3. Again, appreciation and agreement. Appreciation and agreement to Tucker Carlson as well.

    Will watch more than once, as suggested. How an established narrative has been established regarding Richard Nixon, et al.

    This commenter must include some echoing, even if it is ridicules, but it is not defeatist.

    How an established narrative will eventually set the minds of and the history, of the past, thus into the future. Examples are so wide-ranging, and how they affect America: Israel is a plucky little bulwark, the only democracy… well, in the middle east and maybe on the face of the earth; and criticism of Israel, thus, then, is anti-semitism; Julian Assange walks like, talks like and must be… well, whatever and thus imprisoned without trial… forever; hate speech is not protected by any Constitutional guarantee… well, then a crime; like Israel’s wish in the middle east, America should go to war for Ukraine and for any in Congress not to stand and applaud like a brainless seal for a foreign dictator’s demand for participating in (his) war is… well, to be a Russian… asset; equity means… well, admitting racism is systemic and only practiced by White people, thus, then, money should be given to the descendants of slaves, whether the now-living had such ancestors. Or those whose ancestors didn’t live in the United States during slavery would have their tax-payed money be thus allocated, doesn’t matter. Or, IDM–It Don’t Matter.

    IDM. The to-be reasoning for future riots?


    Comment by michael | January 22, 2023 | Reply

  4. I came home from Vietnam in 1968 after serving four years in the Army Security Agency, the military equivalent of the NSA. I had no idea that when I returned to my Michigan home most of my high school buddies would be using some form of illicit drugs. Or that Students For a Democratic Society would be recruiting supporters on the CMU college campus I would soon be attending in Mount Pleasant. What in hell’s name happened to my country, I whispered to myself.

    Scroll up six years…it’s 1974 and I’m laid off from a GM plant. It was a Tuesday and as usual, I drove to my local unemployment center to collect my bi-weekly unemployment check. When I got there, a man was standing near the entrance handing out New Solidarity newspapers. On my way out he approached me saying, “we have to stop Rockefeller.” At the time I was a political novice. But I was a working-class political novice who knew about the Rockefeller family and what I knew about them wasn’t good. The family was a known sponsor of Eugenics, sterilization, depopulation etc.

    I stopped to listen to the young man whose name I learned was Andy. Mind you, this is 1974. Nixon had resigned. Gerald Ford was President and Nelson Rockefeller was Vice President. I thought it very fishy that the US was now led by two men who were “appointed” to their offices. The two t highest offices in the land. And one of them was tied to one of the biggest oil and banking families in the world.
    My new young friend turned out to be an organizer with Lyndon LaRouche.
    I went on to join Lyndon LaRouche and his association in August 1975.
    I organized in Michigan until September 1981, before moving to New York City.

    Working out of our Brooklyn office, I and another organizer went to the Newark Airpot Terminal to organize support for commercial nuclear power. It is February 1982. Before long I had a chance run-in with Dr. Henry Kissinger. Kissinger accepted my request to have a word with him. I’m certain he knew who I represented since Lyndon LaRouche and our organization were totally at odds with Kissinger on everything he had anything to do with and we made it public. I asked Kissinger about his involvement in the Vietnam war and about General Westmoreland’s Open Letter to the NY Times. Westmoreland had accused “Kissinger’s involvement in the Vietnam war of costing “tens of thousands more American lives”. Westmoreland”s attitude toward the Vietnamese was racist otherwise Westy may have included the 2 million Vietnamese America killed.
    My associate, who was walking behind Kissinger and me as we walked down the concourse toward his departure gate, called out, “is it also true Dr. Kissinger that you sleep with young boys at the Carlisle Hotel? Henry didn’t flinch and just kept walking straight ahead.

    I watched in horror as Nancy Kissinger grabbed my friend Ellie by the throat and pinned her against the wall! The other hand was clenched into a fist. Nancy yelled in Ellie’s face “do you want to get slugged?” Henry’s two bodyguards quickly pulled Nancy off of my friend who was stunned by what had just occurred! Ellie started screaming, and then we called the airport police. Ellie filed assault charges against Nancy.

    At a preliminary hearing a few months later, charges were dismissed by the presiding judge after hearing testimony. Henry and Nancy were sitting in front of the courtroom. The judge ruled Nancy had the right to assault Ellie because Nancy was upset that her husband was traveling to a hospital to have heart surgery.

    You are certainly right to characterize Americans as apathetic and indifferent. You didn’t use these two adjectives but I will. And although to accuse them would be easy, it would be cynical of us to right off the future because of them. We have to continue to organize and recruit them to our cause. A long time ago at a meeting of black Civil Rights activists, people who were with MLK. One of them asked LaRouche if it wasn’t a lost cause. Lyn responded by saying that “some lost causes are worth fighting for.”

    Lyndon LaRouche was truly a great genius. Lyn may not be with us any longer but his writings, video presentations, and fighting spirit keep all of us inspired to carry on the Good fight.

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    Comment by Thomas Lee Simpson | January 22, 2023 | Reply

    • It never bothers America’s ruling elites to send young gullible American draftees into which ever “Mince Grinder” is operating these days.
      And, when it comes to closing factories in the USA, and sending the jobs to Asian Sweatshops, it’s just too bad for America’s unemployed.
      I really don’t know how Americans put up with the entirely unfair system in the USA today.
      America’s workers pay tax, but America’s Oligarchs have Tax havens…..and nobody seems to have noticed.

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      Comment by brianharryaustralia | January 22, 2023 | Reply

      • As you know, I have also wondered the same things as you. We complain about the drugs entering this country but no one is forcing our citizens to use them. If there were no demand, there would be no supply, but even our government crooks have their hand in that grab bag. I used to wonder why parents don’t educate their kids into reality, responsibility, moral values, and resisting military involvement, except when the country is truly threatened by outside force. This has not happened, so why do our young volunteer? Because they see financial opportunity and excitement. Why is everything made in foreign sweatshops? Because we want to make the big money from corporations where we work, and which have been forced by bad legislation to be uncompetitive at home. Once we have lost our sense of right and wrong, and greed has set in, once we feel that government is some elected dude’s responsibility, then we also stick our greedy hands into the grab bag to get our “fair” share. Collapse is now obviously inevitable, and apathy is our certain march into digital slavery. It all begins and ends with man’s sense of right and wrong, and his willingness to practice it in his own life and circumstances. Such attitude has been lost.

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        Comment by Peter | January 23, 2023 | Reply

      • United States Constitutionally bound government no longer exist.. We live under a permanent bureaucracy that has no accountability outside itself. It operates as a secret government. It runs the justice department. If you don’t believe it get out of line and see what happens.

        I know these things from my own personal experience with agents in the FBI Division V CoIntelpro. Once I became politically active with the LaRouche movement I was targeted and put under surveillance. My FOIA file officially states I was under surveillance for 18 years officially ending in 1992. But several years ago the let me know I am still under digital surveillance via my cell phone. Smart phones and smart TVs are made with built in spy capabilities. If the FBI or NSA chooses they can monitor you 24/7 if you own one or both of these technologies. They have orchestrated the outcome of presidential elections since Truman. If a presidential candidate they didn’t agree with was elected or if an “insurgent” was elected to office and attempted to seize the reigns of power of the federal government from them, he would be disposed of. Sometimes violently as was the case with JFK, and Reagan. Or through frame ups as were the cases of Nixon and Trump. Carter, both Bushes, Obama and Biden belong to them. Ike, JFK Nixon, Reagan, Clinton Trump were opposed by them. Ford was on the Warran Commission that protected CIA involvement in JFK’s assassination. Yet they tried twice to kill him!! Failing that mission they got Ford out via vote fraud in the 1976 election.

        I was picked to be on the vote fraud investigation team in Ohio that same November. We were tasked with investigating the massive voter fraud committed by the Democratic Party. I went door to door, vacant lot to vacant lot, to unearth the fraud of Walter Mondale’s “Get Out The Vote” on behalf of peanut farmer turned Governor, Jimmy Carter. Carter was selected to be President by Trilateral Commission Director David Rockefeller. After Carter took office he appointed 18 members of the Trilateral Commission to be in his administration. The most prominent Trilateral was Zbigneiw Brzezinski. The author of todays war in Ukraine.

        I still have hope that a good % of Americans will come to the aid of their country if called upon. Not to fight a permanent war in some distant land but to take down the permanent bureaucracy right here in our own backyard.

        One of our leading spoken ran against Chuck Schumer last November in NY. She received 65000 votes! No media support. No debates, She was excluded from both, yet Diane Sare collected 65000 signatures to get on the NY State ballot. I’m telling you this for a reason. We Are Many. They Are Few. And they are damn scared of our capabilities to muster and educate a Gideon’s Army, armed with the Truth!! And you are free to join. I’m ur website is

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        Comment by Thomas Simpson | January 23, 2023 | Reply

    • A few more words to add. Normally I am not a pessimistic person. The reason that I am now is that the response to covid demonstrated a world wide attitude that I have never experienced before, nor thought was possible, namely, the realizing that the entire world’s population was reacting in lock step to a false flag, all under the spell of cognitive dissonance. People didn’t want to hear truth, and many still don’t. I am in a frustrating daze, as I still observe people continuing to live under the false premise of masking, distancing and disinfecting, and still refusing to consider the evidence that has and is becoming so convincing of a fiasco. Virtually everyone has heard of WEF, the corruption of the FDA, CDC, the medical and legal professions, and that of the news media. People are not scared to death, as they should be, over the coming digital control that will be permanent and inescapable, once fully launched. That is why I am pessimistic, but still striving to educate and awaken others.

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      Comment by Peter | January 23, 2023 | Reply

      • The power that the Mainstream Media has over the American people is frightening (and the rest of us as well). People watch their TV’s at night, and believe everything they are told.

        Mark Twain knew 80 years ago that the Media was there to LIE to you.

        “If you don’t read the papers you are uninformed, if you do read the papers you are misinformed”….Mark Twain.

        “It is the absolute right of the state to supervise the formation of public Opinion”…..Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda minister.

        Those same rules apply today, just as they always have……WAKE UP!

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        Comment by brianharryaustralia | January 23, 2023 | Reply

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