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The Novelty of mRNA Viral Vaccines and Potential Harms: A Scoping Review

By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH | Courageous Discourse | April 19, 2023

We all have the tendency to paint issues with a broad brush. That is to see things one way for intellectual simplicity. “All pharmaceuticals are bad” or “I don’t trust any vaccine.” It is even more tempting to take a negative view on all new technology when the product launch in humans fails to a large degree.

These old mental saws could apply to mRNA vaccines. Halma et al have published a scoping review of lipid nanoparticle-mRNA products with fair balance causing the reader to consider future possibilities. The COVID-19 vaccines are known to be unsafe for several reasons: 1) the Wuhan Spike protein damages cells, tissues, organs, and causes blood clotting, 2) the lipid nanoparticles may have toxicity from the PEG or polysorbate 80 or from syncytia formation, 3) the mRNA appears to be resistant to ribonucleases and is not broken down in the body. As some point the mRNA or fragments could interfere with gene function or alter other microRNAs that are managing the human genome.

Halma, M.T.J.; Rose, J.; Lawrie, T. The Novelty of mRNA Viral Vaccines and Potential Harms: A Scoping Review. J 20236, 220-235.

The Halma paper points out that safe mRNA products are possible. For example, properly designed mRNA coding for normal proteins that are deficient or ones that are sufficiently humanized and not recognized by the body as foreign could indeed become part of the future pharmacopeia. But there is no doubt that the first use of mRNA on a mass, indiscriminate scale has been a disaster with the COVID-19 vaccine campaign.

Pathological Syncytia Formation with mRNA Vaccines Unintended Consequences Potentially Explain Vaccine Failure from the Outset, Dec 2022

Halma, M.T.J.; Rose, J.; Lawrie, T. The Novelty of mRNA Viral Vaccines and Potential Harms: A Scoping Review. J 2023, 6, 220-235.

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  1. We have heard all about the Wuhan Lab virus doctor. But tell us, what about the Chapel Hill Lab virus that was developed over 20 years by Ralph Baric and funded with US government grants? If you don’t know about this virus which was developed as a “bio-weapon” you don’t really know the whole story. SARS and SARS-CoV2 were not a product of nature. Patents on them were applied for by Ralph Baric and the CDC as early as 2002. Those patents exist and are in the public record. The mRNA patent was applied for on April 28, 2003 by Sanofi Pharmaceutical Co. which was later purchased by Pfizer.

    The Wuhan Lab supplied Ralph Baric with the animals he used for gain-of-function research to strengthen DOD’s bio-weapon into becoming a deadly killer of human beings.

    This is the real history behind Covid-19. Every bit of it has been proven. The evidence has been submitted to the Justice Dept. but they refused to investigate. Congressman Ron Johnson is in possession of this evidence. But he and other members of Congress are too frightened to point their finger at the Biden government which sponsored the creation of a bio-weapon and then released it on unsuspecting Chinese in the fall of 2019. US Military personnel who were participating in the Military Olympics at the time are suspected of releasing the virus only 10 miles from the Wuhan Lab so that China would be held accountable.
    Personally, I suspect Fauci’s bio-weapon was also released in Northern Italy and NY City. Because these These three cities were the early epi-center of the virus. Contrary to the lies coming from a Harvard China-phobe professor, Xi Jinping ordered the grounding of all international flights from Wuhan as soon as the virus was discovered.
    The intention of Fauci, Peter Daszak, Pfizer et al was to maximize the media hype of a need for a Pandemic countermeasure. Well, guess what, Pfizer and Moderna had their mRNA waiting in the wings. The problem they had though, they were never approved as vaccines by the US patent office because they never rose to the level of what a vaccine is. And how dangerous are they? The same spike protein that is in the virus is also in the mRNA vaccines. And the Spike protein is what is doing all the damage.
    The time has come for the culprits and US agencies behind this crime to be held accountable.


    Comment by Thomas Lee Simpson | April 19, 2023 | Reply

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