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Video: Witness – A girl called Jewel

Just days into Israel’s war on Gaza, in early January, the extended Al Samouni family, some 48 men, women and children, was attacked in the homes they occupied together in the south of Gaza – and almost all of them were killed. Thirteen-year-old Almaza – ‘jewel’ – is one of the very few who survived the attack in which 30 members of her family died, many before her own eyes. A Girl Called Jewel is Almaza’s story, a heart-breaking eye-witness account of the war in Gaza.

January 3, 2010 - Posted by | Ethnic Cleansing, Racism, Zionism, Video, War Crimes


  1. After watching and listening to all of this I ask myself, how can anyone do such a thing to a helpless people. Were are the International Courts to bring the responsible criminals to Justice. Shame on all the wrongdoers and I hope that your punishment on earth and on the Day of Judgement will be served accordung to your deeds.


    Comment by B.Benhamid | January 3, 2010

  2. Illegal, state-funded terrorism. So sorry.

    We’re trying to make it better.


    Comment by Rampaging Manatee | January 4, 2010

  3. State funded terrorism by the jews..maybe if I line up your family and execute them you would have something better to say.


    Comment by roger | January 4, 2010

  4. Why were the Nazis hung in Nuremburg….same reason the jews should be hung in nuremburg. WAR CRIMES


    Comment by roger | January 4, 2010

  5. Americans need to stop paying taxesand allowing OUR government to give money to israhell. The amount is somewhere around 2 billion a year that is given to the swines of israhell. All of isahells leaders should be prosecuted for war crimes.


    Comment by denmason | January 4, 2010

  6. How can we continue to believe governments that tell us that these are the people that are a threat to our very existence when the ONLY people that threaten my life and those that I care about are the people that have unhindered access to television cameras, internet news, and radio to spread their hate speech? How will Americans feel when it is them under the hammer of racism and hatred? Call it zionism or American expansionism, hatred by another name would smell as putrid.


    Comment by James B | January 5, 2010

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