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What does the US really face in Yemen?

By Ein Katzenfreund | Aletho News | January 6, 2010

It is widely known that Al Qaeda is a subsidiary brand under the control of CIA, MI6 and Mossad with the purpose of spreading fear and terror. When the Western media use “Al Qaeda” to produce war sentiments in the population, then it should be immediately clear to everyone that there is something very suspicious happening. Currently, the mass media are scaremongering using the label “Al Qaeda” to persuade the population of the western world to join a US war in Yemen. But the US is not at war in Yemen against Al Qaeda. It is against the Shia Houthis whose strict anti-Americanism has already been a thorn in the US’s and its lackeys in the Arabian peninsula’s flesh.

Since August 11th 2009 the Shia Houthis have resisted being “eradicated” by the presidents’ “Operation Scorched Earth” and are defending the area around Sadah against Yemeni government troops, Saudi artillery and aircraft, Moroccan and Jordanian special forces and the US. It has been admitted in the Western press that the US has used “Special Operations Forces“ and “specialists from the CIA” for over a year, and more recently, cruise missiles. General David Patraeus has declared that the US Navy on the coast of Yemen is there to prevent arms smuggling to the Houthis. According to information provided by Houthis the United States also operates a top secret airfield in northern Yemen, from where, almost daily, deadly bomb attacks are launched against the population in the area controlled by the Houthis.

According to the Yemeni government the Houthis only have about 3,000 fighters, but they managed to repulse an offensive of 30,000 Yemeni soldiers from their territory. This is the reason the US is currently planning to extend the secret war in Yemen against the Houthis so severely that it couldn’t any longer be hidden from the public.

What the war of annihilation against the Houthis is all about is as far as possible concealed. In the region of Qatif in eastern Saudi Arabia the world has witnessed violent protests in recent months by the local Shia majority against the oppression, economic disadvantage and discrimination by the US supported  dictators from the Saudi capital Riyadh. The Wahhabi Saudi dictators and its backers in the US have shown naked panic of  an armed revolt in Qatif by the Shia majority. The Houthis have responded to attacks from Saudi Arabia by repeatedly capturing border posts inside Saudi Arabia, gaining completely free access to heavy weapons and know-how for serious Shia resistance in Qatif.

If it comes to an anti-American revolution in Saudi Arabia, that would be a massive economic problem for the U.S. mafia state and it’s empire of global dominance. While the warfare state was busy assaulting Afghanistan and Iraq, they thought they dominated the Arabian Peninsula safely, but they have now got a resistance movement there.

The US war to eradicate the Houthis is fought to secure the Saudi dictatorship. The Western population is lied to about who the enemy is in Yemen, what is at stake in the war and  what kind of crimes the United States are responsible for there. The population is to be sold the war to eradicate Houthis by the mass media as an operation against Al Qaeda. Therefore Al Qaeda in Yemen is made by the mass media larger and larger.

The first mass media revelation of US involvement was that the U.S. had carried out two bombing raids with cruise missiles against “Al-Qaida in Yemen”. That was the beginning of a PR campaign, that presented Al Qaeda as the enemy of the US in Yemen. The population was signaled by the US government with the information it gave, that Al Qaeda in Yemen is a great danger. In fact, the US has massacred with their rockets many more innocent people, but who’s interested in such small details when you have mass media. This was followed by another incident for the propaganda needs of the U.S. government. A young man tried supposedly to blow up a US civilian aircraft by lighting his underwear. Given the systematic way, that US security organizations have failed to notice all information before the bomb attempt, it seems reasonable to conjecture that the attack of the underwear bomber was planned by the CIA and was intended as a false-flag operation to make Al Qaeda in Yemen look more dangerous.

Let’s go to the core facts. What is actually the strength of Al Qaeda in Yemen? The German security services mouthpiece “Die Zeit” explained to its readers last week that in Yemen 100 to 200 Al Qaeda fighters might be found. For the transatlantic propaganda leaflet for would-be intellectuals, “Der Spiegel”, this number was too small, and so it said two days later, that in Yemen there are “up to 300″ Al-Qaeda people hiding. For the state run German news programm Tagesschau, which is very well known for it’s stories from 1001 nights about Yemen, this number also was too little, and so they told their audience about the strength of Al Qaeda in Yemen “according to Western Intelligence, 1500 and numbers growing”. There one should agree completely. A tenfold increase of fighters of such an obscure organization as Al Qaeda in a week would be a remarkable growth. But nothing of this is true. It is pure war propaganda from the German media. In an interview with the Austrian paper “Die Presse” Mustafa Alani from the Gulf Research Center from Dubai confesses that all this western propaganda is pure nonsense. He says just 50 Al Qaeda people are on the watch list of Yemenite security services. So, in conclusion, Al Qaeda in Yemen is barely more than a fiction.

Western media is trying to build up fear with photos of Al Qaeda trainees, who are armed with old rifles. While doing this the mass media are quiet about the fact that in Yemen all males are, by tradition, armed. If people knew that, they would understand that pictures of armed Al Qaeda trainees in Yemen are just a circus, photographed by people as a souvenir to take home. If you have a look in comparison to just a few videos from Houthis, you will quickly understand that the Al Qaeda in Yemen stories are ridiculous nonsense.

It is also striking that there have recently been a lot of reports of hijacked ships in the Gulf of Aden. The pirate attacks fit very well into the concept of the U.S. propaganda, because David Patraeus may get more warships then to try to enforce the naval blockade against the Houthis. Gordon Brown and Barack Obama have just announced that at the end of the month, on the brink of a long-planned conference on Afghanistan, they will hold a key international meeting on security in Yemen. By then the public will probably be so filled with fear that they swallow the propaganda for the US-led war in Yemen. The failure of any anti-war movement challenge to the propaganda campaign bodes ill in this regard.

But even if Barack Obama manages to fool the public with the Al-Qaeda nonsense about the war against Houthis, that does not mean that the U.S. and their puppets are winning the war. Al Jazeera has just broadcast a message from a commander from the anti-American resistance group Al-Shabaab in Somalia, that appeared, contrary to the Rita Katz Al Qaeda theatre, very real. Sheikh Mukhtar Robow is calling on Somali fighters in Yemen to enter in the fight “against the enemies of Allah”. In the light of such horrific images of the atrocities of the United States everyone can imagine how much anger the US-colonialists will face. In Yemen the U.S. should be prepared to face legions of experienced resistance fighters and an almost entirely armed population. The US has just declared another dirty global war to conquer the world, but this time they are going to lose it.

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  1. Thank you for the analysis of the situation in Yemen. I haven’t really paid attention to this particular issue, so your article is the first ‘alternative’ analysis I have read.
    Coming from a 911truth background I find your overall analysis very probable.

    However – if I may – as I was contemplating relaying your article to friends here in Denmark – ordinary friends with mostly ordinary left-wing-gate-kept oppinions, it occurred to me that I perceive a possible logic conflict in your article, which I would like to hear your oppinion on:

    You state that ” Al Qaeda is a subsidiary brand under the control of CIA, MI6 and Mossad” which I find very probable, with the addition that there might very well be lots of ‘inspired’ islamistic groups of ‘useful idiots’ who actually label themselves AQ, while not being under ‘direct’ control of CIA et al.

    You later state “He says just 50 Al Qaeda people are on the watch list of Yemenite security services. So, in conclusion, Al Qaeda in Yemen is barely more than a fiction.”

    So my question is this:
    If AQ is merely a CIA/mafia branch, then why even concern ourselves with the purported number of AQ-agents, and whether ‘Yemenite security services’ has them on their watchlist or not?

    In short: Is AQ a CIA controlled falseflag unit, or is it an actual resistance-movement?
    I feel that you have to decide on a consistent position.

    I have just been informed a few minutes ago that my website-provider has suspended my account – based on an utterly incomprehensible technical explanation, so my domain is currently dead.


    Comment by Jakob Hede Madsen | January 6, 2010

  2. Jakob,

    I think that the author’s point is that there is repression of an oppressed indigenous minority people and not a battle against “Al-Qaida”. He suggests that in Yemen there may be no more than a few dozen duped recruits of the sort you describe.

    Sorry to hear about your site being taken down, the same thing happened to my site Oh Bummer last November. In that case the Blogger was the host.


    Comment by aletho | January 6, 2010

  3. Hi ‘Aletho’.
    Sorry for not realizing that you’re obviously not the author yourself… ;-)

    You wrote: “He suggests that in Yemen there may be no more than a few dozen duped recruits of the sort you describe”.

    Maybe it’s somewhat futile to argue this point with you – seeing that you’re not the author, but anyways:
    It may be that the author does operate with this understanding of ‘dupes’, but that is not apparent in the article.
    I believe that as it stands the article seems to sit between two chairs, and this will make it seem less reliable when presented to a critically thinking (but ill-prepared) audience.
    As the article hinges on the magnitude of AQ in Yemen, this is not an academic critique.

    Regards Jakob.


    Comment by Jakob Hede Madsen | January 6, 2010

  4. Also, I’d really like to hear the authors analysis of the issue of ‘dupes’, but I’m not sure how to alert him.

    Regards Jakob.


    Comment by Jakob Hede Madsen | January 6, 2010

  5. Jakob,

    You might be able to put together a convincing piece yourself.
    One which clarifies the question in a manner that leaves less room for doubt. Since your site is, at least for the moment unavailable you could consider submitting what you come up with here. – atheonews (at)


    Comment by aletho | January 6, 2010

  6. Ha ha… even though I will not exclude that possibility, it just may prove to be the most effective way to shut me up, but of course I’m not conspiranoid enough to think that that may have been your ulterior purpose. ;-)

    Seriously though I really feel very far removed from really knowing the true nature of AQ, so I’m not so sure anybody would be well adviced to read my analysis.


    Comment by Jakob Hede Madsen | January 6, 2010

  7. Interestingly the comments for this article:
    Revolves around the issue of the nature of AQ.


    Comment by Jakob Hede Madsen | January 6, 2010

  8. @Jakob
    I think, that Al Qaeda is something like a brand without owner that could be used by everyone. That includes CIA, MI6, Mossad, Saudi GIP and everyone, who is able to produce some videos with a sign and flag of “Al Qaeda” in it. Under that umbrella it’s possible to serve any purpose – real terror as propaganda of deed and an almost perfect cover for false flag terror. So for an analyst, the fact, that there is a video branded “Al Qaeda”, is not a big hint to where it really comes from, but whenever “Al Qaeda” is used to stimulate war sentiments, I find this highly suspicious.

    The main point in my article is, that 50 or 100 militants claiming to be “Al Qaeda” are in Yemen a very minor story, but Western media make a big event out of them.

    At the same time, there is a very brutal war going on against thousends of Houthi fighters, which almost no mass media – Iranian mass media are the exception – and very few alternative media notice at all. What I have seen about Houthis is a massive international operation officially dubbed “Operation Scorched Earth” with the aim to “eradicate” Houthis, repelled tank incursions, seized army outposts, fighter jets shot down, masses of seized Saudi military equipment, 73 Saudi soldiers acknoledged to have been killed and scores of women and children bombed dead. A lot of videos from the Houthis show that there is a very fierce battle going on.

    This is a much bigger story than some 50 Al Qaeda people, but this scary war is not a topic in the Western media at all. So I try to make this hidden war public, try to analyze and connect some dots.


    Comment by Ein Katzenfreund | January 6, 2010

  9. Hello Catfriend!

    I appreciate the education.
    I had not previously heard of the Houthies.

    Obviously whenever an expansionist empire cries ‘terror’ and attacks someone, the purported terrorists are most likely plainly freedomfighters.

    And as you write Mass media is not telling the truth.

    I believe that in fact the most substantial problem we face is not single issues like 9/11 or this or that war – it is the distorted reality propagandized by the empire’s mass media propaganda machine, which provides the hypnotical foundation for all the extortion.

    Even 9/11 which is probably the most important tool for the hypnotists was basically a psyop, which would have been utterly inefficient were it not for the control of mass media.


    Comment by Jakob Hede Madsen | January 7, 2010

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  11. America has labeled freedom fighters as terrorists!!! Every time the media speaks of terrorists we should know that in fact they are freedom fighters resisting the evil empire!


    Comment by zozo | January 7, 2010

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  13. Happy New Year, Yemen!


    Comment by ednaspennato | January 8, 2010

  14. It’s really cruel, what the U.S. does in the Eastern world. Here on the west side, we present the Middle East, as the dangerous side of the planet. All material is prepared in order to gain credibility against the peoples of the east. Fortunately, the same media that is terrorist propaganda, sporadically shows flashes of truth.


    Comment by Fatyma | August 17, 2010

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