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Thoughts on “terrorism” and security theater

By Joaquin Bustelo | Excerpt | January 10, 2010

The attempted blowing up of Delta Flight 253 shows extremely limited operational capacity by Al-Qaeda. Compared to the earlier actions like 9/11, the sending of a lone passenger, who bought his ticket with cash and traveled without luggage, and was unable to detonate the explosive he had, is quite feeble. It also seems to indicate that what is left of Al-Qaeda has either a monomaniacal fixation on aviation or no confidence in its own people being able to operate in the United States once they get off the plane.

But perhaps more revealing was the U.S. handling of this individual: a man who paid cash for his ticket and had no luggage –two circumstances that supposedly should set off alarm bells calling for extra screening– provoked no such response. Nor did his father’s turning him in as a potential terrorist weeks before the attack trigger any effective action. The ostensible reason –the “consular” (read: CIA) official in Nigeria who took the information misspelled the man’s name only shows the pervasive culture of incompetence that has settled over the country. Complemented with the complacency that allowed the designers of the terrorist and visa matching software to not even offer what Google does to the average internet user — a list of alternative spellings if there are no or few hits.

Worse was the response after the fact — no one allowed to go to the bathroom or handle in-cabin possessions in the last 90 minutes of international flights. The U.S. government INSISTS that planes be blown up, if at all, well ahead of their scheduled arrival. It’s a sensible measure that displays the modern version of hard-headed Yankee practicality: sparing people a fruitless trip to the airport and keeping grieving relatives out of TV camera viewfinders, which is the sort of thing that can drive a president’s popularity down in a hurry.

Further measures are in the works: a billion dollar’s worth of peep show scanners. Sure, there are all kinds of substances they wouldn’t pick up but hey, at least it reminds the public to be VERY SCARED and –or so it is hoped– that the government is trying to protect them. The machines are being configured so they DON’T store a record of each scan. This because even though the software has been written to produce a photographic negative of the nude body, storing the image of minors would still run afoul of child pornography laws.

And, of course, we have the designation of more than a dozen countries for heightened harassment of its citizens. How much “thought” went into this measure is shown by the inclusion of Cuba, simply because US propaganda puts the island on the list of state sponsors of terrorism, to justify the blockade, which fools absolutely no one, judging by the well-nigh unanimous yearly condemnations of the blockade by the UN General Assembly. But they wanted some sort of “objective” criteria for the
profiling, so they highlighted that it applied to people from “state sponsors of terrorism.” Yet then tying the “countries of interest” like Afghanistan and Nigeria to the terrorist one has only intensified the hornets nest of diplomatic complications for the state department, as US pet and puppet regimes say, in essence: “we’ve spent years brown-nosing and THIS is the thanks we get?”

As for the effectiveness of the measure, it can be mathematically PROVEN that this kind of targeted screening is even less effective than merely random screening. Ditto for “no fly” lists. The reason is that, assuming a certain minimum level of resources and resourcefulness on the part of the attackers, what is ACTUALLY being done is provide a road map to accessing the less-scrutinized passenger cue. If you have been barred from flying under a certain name with an Afghani passport, choose a different name with, say, Sri Lankan documents.

This means that the chances of detection are less than if the intensive screening resources were randomly distributed among all travelers.

This is largely what is known as “security theater,” alleged precautions that in reality afford little or no additional security, like the posting of national guard troops in airports right after September 11 — with the soldiers barred from carrying live ammo for their rifles.


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