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  1. “In true Orientalist style, blame Arab failures on Arab culture”

    Foul though Brooks’ article is, he does touch on an important point.

    The Arab world is intellectually and socially backward. There are no world-class universities. There is no major technological innovation. Many of the cities are mostly crumbling slums.

    Of course, a lot of that crumbling has been the result of Italian/German/British/Israeli/American/French warfare, but that does not account for it all.

    And when we consider the huge sums of oil money that have poured into many of the Arab countries, we cannot blame everything on poverty. (Besides, Japan has no oil, and yet put itself back together after the massive destruction of WW2.)

    I do not know the reasons for the poor condition of the Arab world, but it does seem possible that some aspect of Arabic culture plays a role.

    Comment by RoHa | January 18, 2010

  2. A very useful sight that doesa indeed put the conflict with Muslims in context– WAR IN CONTEXT– asks where has Biden disappeared to after decrying how Israel’s policies put our troops in danger?

    Below are two examples of where Zionism can go insane accusing the hand that feeds Israel of anti-Semitism provided in my comment:

    Need you ask? He doesn’t want to end up at the hands of the Zionazis the way the First Christian did whose fate will be lamented by Christians in a few weeks.
    Note how the older psychos:

    and the younger psychos:

    Can you blame him for hiding out right after he spoke of how our troops are put in danger. The lesson is that if you feed a cat from kitten on up, that’s no reason to think that he won’t go to eat you if he thinks you are a mouse. America has been too busy proving that it is a power not to mess with to the Arabs. It may be time to balance the equation. The Saudis and the Israelis have each for reasons of their own gotten us to lose a lot of our mom&dad soldiers, making for orphans and widows on the homefront. It’s time for generosity to be based on our return rather than o our fear of retribution.

    Comment by DE Teodoru | March 17, 2010

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