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  1. The very basis of western history is built on such loose soil. Yet despite all the good that has come from western society, it’s been at a tremendous cost to the rest of the world.


    Comment by Witnesso_o | January 24, 2010

  2. I would like to elaborate a bit further on my above post. The big question that rang in my head after reading what I wrote is simply, does the price paid justify the evil that has been committed and continues to be committed?

    In my mind, any sane person would say no. I feel, however, that that’s not the case in the majority of western peoples who feel naturally superior to every other peoples and their way of life.


    Comment by Witnesso_o | January 24, 2010

  3. sorry, but there is some absolute nonsense on here, which detracts markedly from the important point the site appears to be here to make.
    putting the armenian genocide under british responsibility is ridiculous, as is the pearl harbour matter.. so much international politics is seamlessly joined, for example post ww1 the americans told the british to rip up their non-aggression pact with japan, or the americans would enter into an arms race with britain that they could never win.. the brits did, the japanese democratic government lost face and the militarists were let in, the root of later confrontation with america.
    american and british invasion of russia? well actually, post revolution, this was not the russian state. the bolsheviks killed most of the members of the legitimate parliament. stalin and lenin invaded europe in 1919, an invasion surprisingly cut off in the bud when repulsed by the polish. the germans surrendered at the end of WW1 on every front except the polish, because they were certain the russians were coming.. see? not so clear.
    lenin in plague of nations spoke of stealing the ukrainian flour…
    stalin was waiting to join the axis and carve up the southern pacific states when hitler invaded..
    these were chaotic times when everyone thought they were going to be over-run. he had just lost a million russians in the finnish campaign because he couldnt be bothered to train them.
    etc etc..
    this ‘Churchill knew Singapore was indefensible’
    no he didnt, it was very very bad military planning. singapore was taken by clever japanese exploitation of british military stupidity.
    by all means voice an argument, but making these sweeping statements does your case no justice.


    Comment by huge | April 25, 2010

  4. Churchill and Roosevelt were also instrumental in enabling the jewish post-war program of getting rid of White people through mass immigration of non-Whites and the state-backed promotion of “assimilation” which is ongoing to this day.

    Not that “humanitarian” “anti-racists”(anti-Whites) care about that though.

    Those figures are all over the place.


    Comment by Mantra man | August 23, 2010

    • Mantra man, I know you’re an ignorant, Nazi prick and therefore incapable of keeping your opinions to yourself but please try your best.

      Having said that.
      The numbers that Gideon Polya posted are all over the place and so are many of the conclusions. The British Raj certainly oversaw the mass extermination of Indians through easily-avoidable famine, by intentionally diverting the food supply or simply by massacring them. But I have never heard of a number anywhere near 1.8 billion


      Comment by laws | October 12, 2010

  5. LOL – if Churchill is a saint, Hitler is innocent too!


    Comment by jackdabrit | January 6, 2014

  6. Churchill Terrorist killed 7 Million Indians in India between 1940 — 1947

    Winston Churchill was the Biggest war criminal of the world.

    Altogether, he killed more than 22 – 25 million people in the World.

    Churchill Nazi was the Curse of God upon Humanity.

    We hate Dirty Churchill, who spent his entire life in killing and carriying out the Churchill-Cide (Churchill Genocide) of the others.



    Comment by churchillnazikilled22millions | February 20, 2017

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