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  1. If I’m not mistaken Slick Willie(when prez) tied up an airport waiting to get his hair cut. These people will be clueless when the gates are stormed.


    Comment by robertsgt40 | January 25, 2010

    • What’s even “funnier” is that Hillary accepts the Margaret Sanger award named after the American Adolf Hitler inspiring genocidal maniac whose number one goal was to eliminate the “negro population” and other “misfits”, “morons”, “feeble minded”, etc. And her “opponent”, B.H.O. voted AGAINST something called “The Born Alive Infant Abortion Protection Act”…ummm


      Comment by RR | January 26, 2010

  2. Your article is very disturbing. As you may know, the media in the US is not saying anything about what you describe… which is no surprise. I have emailed everyone I know the link to this article. The actions of the US is disgusting to say the least.

    Dennis Mason


    Comment by denmason | January 25, 2010

  3. On top of that, they (the Gov’s) are already fighting each other for who is gonna get the contracts to ”rebuild” the country.

    Haiti for sale.


    Comment by Awaken | January 25, 2010

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  5. Here we go again. Bush pulled the same prank in Katrina. The Clintons and Bush’s are Illuminati and have worked together for decades since the Clintons were CIA agents when Bush Sr ran the CIA. The Illuminati practice magic, a large part of which is illusion. Their rulers are the Rockefellers in the US and Rothschilds rule the world.
    Was this earthquake triggered by HAARP? Venuzela’s leader and others suspect it was. This group must be exposed.

    PHOTO. Bush’s Staged New Orleans Photo Ops
    September 5, 2005

    Bush and Clinton have bright dreams together serving the global masters.

    Barabara Bush says Bill Clinton is “like a son”

    ‘It’s just like professional wrestling. Clinton and I were never enemies…Bill has been working for us since before our operation in Mina Arkansas. (See book:Compromised:Clinton. Bush, and the CIA)
    Picture Link

    Clinton rides on elder Bush’s boat
    June 29, 2005

    Clinton To Stay At Bush Senior’s Kennebunkport Home
    June 24, 2005

    Washington Whispers

    Republican mutterings over former President george H. W. Bush ‘s budding friendship with one-time archrival Bill Clinton are growing.


    Comment by researcher | January 25, 2010

  6. “just send us da money and we weeeel make sure eet gets to those who need it the most”; George W. Bush

    well, any fool that donated money to the Bush/Clinton relief for Haiti gig, might as well have sent it directly to the Carlyle Group, thru James Baker.

    this whole thing was on the back burner, this invasion, just waiting for the opportunity to strike.

    Haiti just became another illegally annexed torture gulag for the u.s.s.a., aided and abetted by former criminal scum such as are Bill and Hillary and Goorge W. DOUCHEBAG!



  7. thanks for sharing information like this.


    Comment by david murray | January 26, 2010

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