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NATO soldiers suspected of arson on Cretan synagogue

Greek authorities trip up psy-op

By Ein Katzenfreund | Aletho News | January 28, 2010

In the last weeks unknown persons lit the local synagogue on fire twice and caused major damage. On January 20th, the Wall Street Journal reported on these incidents. Fortunately, soon after this suspects were arrested. The Austrian Standard reported on the 22nd that two Britons and a Greek were arrested and an American suspect is on the run.

However, a tiny  detail has been left out of the reports on the arrests. The two Britons do not seem to be, as the Guardian says, “nightclub waiters”, but Special Forces trainers at the US military base in Souda Bay, the two American suspects are apparently US Marine Corp while the arrested Greek national supplied goods to the NATO base.

It is unclear yet whether the soldiers who allegedly carried out the arson attacks on the synagogue were doing this as part of their job. But since it is known that the CIA, MI6 and NATO forces have been guilty of numerous false-flag terror attacks in the execution of Operation Gladio, and knowing the political shift to the left in Greece recently, the suspicion that the synagogue arson is a new edition of Sheepskin operations can not not a priori be ruled out as unfounded.

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  1. That is very strange. Thank you for the article. In Woodstock, Onario, Canada, a little girl by the name of Victoria Stafford was murdered just as Passover fell. Ironically, April 8, 2009, was the third anniversary of the 8 Stafford Line slayings. On Remembrance Day, 2009, a group of Nazis spraypainted a swastika on the little town’s cenotaph just before the ceremonies. (I won’t even get into the disguise the female abductor choose – an aboriginal friend of the family.)

    I think in both stories, persecution stories got a little help from their friends.


    Comment by Eric Vaughan | January 29, 2010

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  3. That above scenario or the different one of four sayanim and their katsa handler with the formal cover of their employments in the event of being caught.


    Comment by michael mazur | January 29, 2010

  4. A “tiny detail” left out of your absurd “story” is the *source* of the slanderous statement that the American suspects are “Special Forces” trainers from a US Military base. No such allegation has been reported anywhere else that I know of. But this is, no doubt, due to some sort of conspiracy.

    Of course, who else but the U.S. “Special Forces” would destroy a synagogue? Surely, not Fascists, Neo-Nazis, Anti-Semites, conspiracy theorists (like you), Arabs, terrorists of a variety of stripes, Iran, Palestinians or Moslem extremists. They all love the Jews!

    Idiots like you could do no harm if the rest of the world was capable of even minimal brain activity. Unfortunately, lots of people believe whatever nonsense they read.

    You probably also think that the CIA destroyed the World Trade Center.

    Thanks for the thoughtful journalism.


    Comment by Keith Rothman | February 16, 2010

    • Kieth,

      I have not read the Greek language source that is cited in Katzenfreund’s article but I suppose that you are contending that US Marines are NOT Special Forces.

      And also that it was really “conspiracy theorists, Fascists, Neo-Nazis, Anti-Semites, Arabs, terrorists of a variety of stripes, Iran, Palestinians or Moslem extremists” that did it.”

      Of course it must have been done by a lone culprit or it would in fact be a conspiracy.

      You didn’t really think your comment through very well.


      Comment by aletho | February 16, 2010

  5. Lots of devious misinformation going on here re. these criminal arson attacks. Aletho and Michael Mazur are obvious candidates for MENSA. Trying to blame the bombing on the evil imperial powers of NATO and the US. A little too obvious, but a good trick for young players. The interesting perpetrator is the 24 y.o. from Iraklion who was aided, inspired and supported by people from afar. His identity is now known, poor boy…Ditto his foreign connections.

    Through dylsexia we will salary raw.

    G-d loves truth !


    Comment by Adam Neira | July 16, 2010

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