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Israeli forces demolish wells, sheds near Hebron

Ma’an | 11-02-2010

Hebron – Israeli bulldozers demolished five water wells and three small storerooms, confiscated electric generators and water pumps in Idhna, a town west of Hebron.

Abdullah Al-Asoud, whose irrigation systems were destroyed in the demolition raid, said the area affected was in agricultural lands near the separation wall.

The farmer noted that the other residents whose wells were affected, had filed petitions with the Israeli court challenging the demolition notices. Since the suits were in progress, Al-Asoud said, farmers were surprised to see demolition crews Thursday morning.

Al-Asoud noted that while the wells and irrigation systems were ripped up, fields planted with crops were destroyed.

The mayor of Idhna, Jamal At-Tamzi, said that the municipality will work in cooperation with the Palestinian Authority to reconstruct the agricultural projects and the wells in the area. He called the demolitions part of a continued attempt to displace farmers and discourage them from working and producing on Palestinian lands.

The affected farmers. At-Tamzi said, relied on the produce from the lands for their livelihoods and now have nothing with which to support their wives and children.


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  1. And the Christian Zionist Idiots are fully supporting the criminal acts against the Palestinians since they believe, they, the converted Ashkenazim are the true Chosen the Bible is referring to.
    Keep barking up the wrong tree until you turn blue.

    Comment by B. Benhamid | February 12, 2010

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