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Shock jock Hal Turner takes witness stand

By Mike Kelly | The Record | March 3, 2010

BROOKLYN – Shock jock Hal Turner of North Bergen took the witness stand in his federal trial Wednesday and accused the FBI of urging him to make violent statements as a way of infiltrating extremist right-wing groups.

Turner, who built an audience of neo-Nazis and white supremacists with his radio show, is on trial here on a single charge of threatening three Chicago-based federal appeals court judges. The charge is based on a posting Turner made on his radio network blog last June in which he said the judges “deserved to be killed” for their ruling in a gun control case.

If convicted, he faces 10 years in prison.

In an investigative report last November, based on FBI documents, The Record outlined Turner’s secret FBI role in infiltrating the same groups who were drawn to his radio show and blog. Besides neo-Nazis, Turner said he made contact with the Ku Klux Klan and the Aryan Nation.

In more than two hours of testimony before lunch, Turner described how he was recruited in 2003 by the FBI’s Newark-based Joint Terrorism Task Force. He said he was paid “in excess of $100,000” by the FBI during his almost five years as an informant.

After the husband and mother of Chicago-based U.S. District Court Judge Joan Lefkow were murdered in 2005, Turner said the FBI asked him to “ratchet up the rhetoric” on his radio show in an attempt to “flush out” the killer. As it turned out, Lefkow’s husband and mother were not murdered by right-wing extremists but by a man who was disgruntled with one of her rulings.

Turner’s testimony, which is expected to continue all day, marked a dramatic turnabout in the trial.

In gripping testimony on Tuesday, all three Chicago appellate court judges took the stand and said they felt threatened by Turner’s blog posting that they “deserved to be killed.”

During the first two days of the trial, while prosecutors presented their side of the case, there was no mention of Turner’s FBI link. Indeed, U.S. District Court Judge Donald Walter did not even permit defense attorneys to present an opening statement until after prosecutors had finished introducing evidence and rested their case.

“Here’s where the case get’s very interesting,” said Turner’s lead defense attorney, Michael Orozco, in his opening statement before calling Turner as his first witness.

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    Comment by Neil | March 4, 2010

    • @Neil:
      Are you seriously suggesting Aletho is a paid FBI informant? Or are you just mindlessly prattling about with your trumped up Zionist nonsense/hasbera?

      Regarding article- good one. Turner shouldn’t be convicted of anything unless his handlers of the FBI are convicted as well. And to consider for a minute- this is just one case out of what is most likely, thousands. I cannot help but wonder how much hatred and division is perpetuated by our esteemed government “alphabet” agencies, under the guise of “flushing out the crazies”. We’re assured, it’s for our safety, of course.


      Comment by Lisa McB | March 4, 2010

      • Lisa,

        I want it to be clear that I don’t have an opinion about Turner’s guilt or innocence. I simply find it noteworthy that the sworn testimony says what it says. And yes, like you say, this is unlikely to be a unique occurrence.


        Comment by aletho | March 4, 2010

  2. The only actual “audience” Hal Turner ever had was a gaggle of his own fellow-FBI-informants. Senator Morgan of North Carolina once secured some FOIA documents showing that, of seven self-proclaimed right-wing organizations in his state, six were FBI-fronts. It is alarming that the feds can get away with this sort of “disinformation,” so many years after COINTELPRO was outlawed. Or can they? If Turner is turned loose by the jury, it will not vindicate his repulsiveness, but will signal that such illegal fed-plotting is foiled.


    Comment by conjugal | March 4, 2010

    • And I get the impression that it’s not just the right that gets this type of activity. I call it “full spectrum dominance.”


      Comment by aletho | March 4, 2010

  3. The judge’s name sounds Jewish. Perhaps the ghost of Adolph Hitler appeared before the Zionists and told them they needed a martyr. (I don’t think they should’ve listened, LOL.)


    Comment by Eric Vaughan | March 5, 2010

  4. I met Hal in NJ one time – we went to go eat – THE WHOLE TME i was there the FBI was banging the hell out of his phone. Maybe 20 times they called in 2 hours… not all the smae Agent either.

    Texas Bob


    Comment by Texas Bob | March 5, 2010

  5. Find out how Frank from Queens continues the racist program that both him and Hal Turner started. This is a perfect example of another Neo Nazi in the making. Frank from Queens is the next guy to put on your FBI watch list.


    Comment by TRUTH | March 11, 2010

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