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Mottaki: US, Britain behind region’s acts of terror

Press TV – March 8, 2010

Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki has charged that the United States and Britain are engaged in spreading terrorism in the region.

“The United States and Britain and their forces in Afghanistan and Pakistan are encouraging acts of terror in the region,” Mottaki said in an address to a regional conference in Tehran.

“Foreign (military) bases in our region have not been set up for stability and security purposes and military cooperation but are aimed at interfering in internal affairs of regional countries,” he added.

He warned regional countries to exercise vigilance making sure that “deals with foreign forces will not threaten regional security.”

The Iranian minister urged US officials to define the meaning of terrorism, saying, “They should speak about their links with terrorists, violation of rights in the name of human rights and their reason for keeping silent about the killing of human beings.”

Referring to the recent capture of the terrorist leader Abdolmalek Rigi by Iranian intelligence forces, Mottaki questioned reasons behind the presence of the terrorist leader in the US military base in Afghanistan.

On February 23, the leader of the Jundallah terrorist group was on a flight from the United Arab Emirates to Kyrgyzstan when he was tracked down by Iranian security forces.

Rigi and one of his deputies were captured after Iranian security forces forced their plane to land at an airport in the Persian Gulf city of Bandar Abbas.

Iranian security forces said he was at a US base in Afghanistan 24 hours before his capture.

In his confessions, Rigi revealed details about his ties with some intelligence agencies such as the CIA and said that he had closely cooperated with the security services of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Mottaki addressed arrogant powers, saying, “They are fomenting terrorism in the region while chanting anti-terrorism slogans. The Islamic Republic has long ago given warning against this danger.”

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  1. One must presume then – from recent Islamic Republic of Iran Presidential and Foreign Ministry statements, that neither of these sections of the Iran government agree with the content of the US Public Law 107-243 “Authorization for the Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002”, as the stated reason (among others, in that document) that the Republic of Iraq was “a threat to peace and stability in the Persian Gulf region”. If indeed this presumption is correct, then one awaits an Islamic Republic confirmation of such position.

    That the Islamic Republic did not view in Autumn of 2002 that the Republic of Iraq was a threat to peace and stability in the Persian Gulf Region. Further it would be interesting to be informed on which of the Persian Gulf littoral states actually did believe Iraq was a threat, because I am unable to logically figure this out!


    Comment by Eric Lindblad | March 9, 2010

  2. One knows that “terrorism” is resulting from the abuse of the distinction between US Public Law legislative bills and US Private Law legislative bills, that, in Public Law bills one should not be able to identify private beneficiaries.

    The mentioned in previous comment Public Law 107-243 is an example of a falsely labeled Public Law bill, where those interested in regime change in Iraq, were perceived as private beneficiaries of such bill’s enactment, but in fact where the bill had no basis in the US general public’s welfare or circumstance.


    Comment by Eric Lindblad | March 9, 2010

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