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  1. I admire such guys who will tell the truth no matter what. He is a man of truth; he is my hero. May God give him more courage and power against the evil of Zionism.

    Comment by Elias | January 17, 2011

  2. sabrotsky is disinfo, like everyone at VT. His job is to waste your time differentiating between good jews , and bad jews (zionists).
    Meanwhile 911 was ordered by Rothschild and executed by Jews and USA traitors. Sabrotshky job to maintain the myths of ‘planes’ and ‘we were attacked’, both essential to the official war on terror. folks, it was a media hoax

    Comment by al | May 15, 2011

    • yeah, the VT differentiation between the ‘good jews’ and ‘bad jews’ is a form of Stockholm Syndrome where the zionists want you to crawl into bed with them and feel all warm and fuzzy about the sexual intercourse you are about to engage in with a ‘corpse’ per the Talmud that says that necrophilia is just fine and killing young children is also just as good a deal. The truth is, there is only one kind of jew out there in modern times, and it’s the necrophilia condoning, goyim killing ones that are zionists to the core and support Israel at any and all costs.

      so I have to concede the evidence does suggest that VT is pushing the concept that in the world there are ‘good jews’ and there are ‘bad jews’ like in the Wizard of Zio, I mean, OZ. where Dorothy was getting the same bullshit story from
      the good witch after the house fell on the bad witch.

      is there a chance that a very infinitesimally small number of jews in the world are not evil diabolical murderers? yes, if you believe that in a bucket of rattlesnakes, there is a small number of them you can thrust your hand into and not get a fatal bite from. in truth that’s correct, but only the dead snakes in the bucket pose no threat to you.

      jews are the same thing. more or less. differentiating between alleged good ones and bad ones is a form of creating an illusion that all rattlesnakes are not necessarily venomous. in fact that is correct, in that by some form of freak chance, one in a thousand may be without fangs perhaps, but is still in possession of the poison sacs over it’s eyes that inject venom that can kill you. anyone who foolishly believes that by laws of averages it’s safe to thrust one’s hand into a bucket of pissed off rattlesnakes without chance of serious injury should also espouse that in jewish society there are perhaps jews that won’t kill a goyim just for the sake of it, per their teachings that goyim can be and shall be killed because they are all lesser beings or more or less just animals.

      if you cannot see the difference between clever disinformation about the overall selling of the ‘lie’ that in-fact it is plausible that unskilled arab hijackers carried out the attacks on 9/11, as believes Sibel Edomonds, self horn tooting whistle blower who’s stuff more or less lends credence to the 19 arab hijacker story, which is preposterously nuts, then you may also concede that incompetence and ignored warnings caused the deaths that day, not intentional acts of
      treason by Sibel Edmond’s F.B.I., and the C.I.A., and North American Air Defense and the F.A.A., with mossad help, which is more truthful than the bullshit story that 19 arab hijackers somehow got lucky and defeated it all that day just by sheer luck alone and even managed to breach laws of physics in making buildings implode into their own footprints
      after sustaining only moderate damage to the upper floors, with one of the three buildings not severely or moderately damaged at all.

      the tactic is called ‘manufactured PLAUSIBILITY’ and the way it works is, once you get the proverbial foot in the door
      by putting out some undeniable truth, then you can sell outrageous lies.

      VT will allow many of it’s contributing editors to do the Boiling Frogs Sibel Edmonds bullshit, routinely, where the goal is to sell the 19 arab hijacker crap to you.

      whether it’s whistle blower ‘Sibel Edmonds’, who, in fact, has shown open distain and in fact, contempt for 9/11 truth people with her public statements, or Alan Sabrosky taking you down the road of ‘yes we were attacked’ by muslim extremists, you’re truly in a realm called DISINFORMATION for sure.

      the zionists who carried out these attacks via the MOSSAD that day, desperately need you to buy into the fact that
      these 19 arab patsies actually could have pulled all of these rabbits out of their hats and gotten lucky that day by
      somehow defeating NORAD entirely.

      nobody but a fucking idiot could possibly buy that bullshit story under any circumstances.


  3. I never believed the 9/11 psyop as being anything other than that in real time that morning. That the US federal government was involved was beyond any reasonably doubt to a moral certainty! I had just read ‘Body of Secrets’ which exposed ‘Operation Northwoods’ and within 15 minutes knew it was an updated version unfolding before my eyes and ears in a spectacular TV extravaganza.

    I expressed my conclusions immediately on public access TV in Los Angeles, discussed it with all my friends forthrightly, several are from Jewish families, but none of them overtly Zionist. Everyone who cautioned me to wait for awhile before speaking out so boldly, were worried about my personal safety by agents of the Bush Jr. regime.

    After months of concentrated study via the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs ( ) and discovering a history that I was ignorant of, authors unknown to me, and gaining a perspective, without which, I might have had a mental-block to analysis by Alan Sabrosky, or even the content of my post here Aletho News.

    Dogmatic diatribes is the politics of oral gratification and is not consciousness raising, but detrimental to reasonable dialog that aids and abets the Zionist war criminals and their useful idiots who are speaking out of ignorance (ignoring the obvious) and thinking the worse of those who done their homework, spoken their minds, lost friendships, and suffered from being maligned along with being misunderstood.

    You can check my frequent post on Aletho News before rendering judgment, I stand to be corrected where I misconstrued something, failed to mention a salient fact, or made a mistaken attribution, misquoted someone, and where I just vented my frustrations in a rage of rightest-indignation!

    And, I post by my real name, Bill Mitchell, not a different rhetorical monogram time and again. There is no valor in that, it is tantamount to posting behind a mask, in drag, and certainly not beyond the NSA to trace, so it is from your peers on this blog, it is craven conduct!

    Comment by Bill Mitchell | October 15, 2011

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