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Charles Lindbergh’s – September 11, 1941 Des Moines Speech

On September 11, 1941, (same day as the Pentagon’s ground-breaking ceremony) Charles Lindbergh appeared in Des Moines, Iowa, to speak on behalf of the isolationist America First Committee. The famous aviator criticized the groups he perceived were leading America into war for acting against the country’s interests.

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    Comment by NEIL | March 13, 2010

  2. STFU Jewboy.

    Comment by Falesteeni@NEIL | March 13, 2010

  3. I totally believe Charles Lindbergh thought that the Jews were behind the murder of his baby. He was supposed to beforehand. His father was a far right senator from Minnesota so that would’ve been the source of a great deal of his learning. His air cartage company gave him the funds needed to pursue a political career should he ever have the motive and it would later go on to become American Airlines.

    All in all, I have to believe that something wanted to trot out an American Hitler to bring the terror of Europe to American Jews, who were mainly leftist at the time. I think this kind of plotting was from the minds who brought us the march on Skokie. (Not that smart though, because 13 years after that provocative baby murder, Germans would be deploying rockets in warfare.)

    Comment by Eric Vaughan | March 13, 2010

  4. Hey, aren’t you aware that Lindbergh was a Nazi and a racist? Posting such things makes all the rest lose credibility. It is a disgrace. Why resuscitate such mummies? Let them rot in oblivion! They aren’t a model for the progressive struggles of the peoples against oppression. Only self-deluded ignoramus may expect any brightness or inspiration from them.

    Comment by Enrique | March 13, 2010

    • Enrique,

      I’ve read a lot of different writers from the 1930’s era and I think it’s safe to say that all could be castigated as racist by today’s measure. I’m sure that Roosevelt or Churchill would come off worse, and I’m sure that they wouldn’t have made the speech we can hear Lindbergh giving.

      Comment by aletho | March 13, 2010

  5. I am definitely of the opinion that the Pharisees (otherwise known today as Jews) were behind the death of Charles Lindbergh’s baby. The Jewish Pharisees were in control of the US in the same way then as they are today. Remeber, it was Our Lord Jesus Christ who called these people, the Pharisees-the Jews of today, liars, hypocrites, and sons of the devil (seed of the serpent). Anyone who doubts this is calling Jesus a liar.

    Comment by chestergimli | March 15, 2010

  6. One may note that Charles A. Lindbergh Sr., the Minnesota congressman, was pressured to withdraw from his placement on the WW1 era U.S. War Industries Board, that is, the U.S. govt. entity established to coordinate the logistics for U.S. manufactured & industrial goods to get by rail, or lorry, to the ports cities, for shipment overseas to the English war effort, that Lindbergh Sr. was pressured to resign from such entity, wherein at the time he was an outspoken opponent of militarism, noted is that Samuel Bush then came on the War Industries Board.

    The congressman, author of “Banking and Currency and the Money Trust” of 1913, “Why Your Country is at War” (1917), with its somewhat Socialist critique of militarism, and of banking monopoly, noted is congressman Lindbergh was a vocal opponent of the illegal Federal Reserve’s establishment, one can hardly consider congressman Lindbergh as “right-wing”, though he was affiliated with Midwestern ‘insurgent Republicans’, as Robert LaFollette, for a time, he in the 1920’s ran on the Farmer-Labor ticket for the Minnesota governor’s seat.

    The plates of these two (above mentioned) books were both ordered destroyed by the U.S. government. In 1923 Congressman Lindbergh published “The Economic Pinch”.

    Comment by Eric Lindblad | March 16, 2010

  7. does not anybody find it unusual that
    the 9/11 attacks are on the anniversary
    of Lindberg’s speech?

    That a cruise missile hit the Pentagon
    on the anniversary?

    Oh it’s a just A COINCIDENCE………..

    Comment by kim | September 25, 2010

  8. Notice Lindberg mentions false incidents
    to get us into war.

    Pearl Harbor was only months away.

    That makes Lindberg a ‘Prophet’

    Comment by kim | September 25, 2010

  9. Prophetic speech. All to clearly right today, in view of Israel/911 etc.. But the people of the US are waking up. Better late than never. For the US to survive, Israel must be distanced, and this will, is, happening. See McNamara on war crimes against Japan, Mossad and 911.

    Comment by doris780 | February 14, 2011

    • sorry but McNamara cannot be trusted.

      Comment by kim | February 15, 2011

  10. Are you listening Obama supporters? The jewish bankers are behind the candidates for both major parties, and those candidates do the lying bidding of their greedy masters and create unnecessary wars for profit, and to advance the Jewish agenda of Eretz Israel

    Comment by Lindbergh was Right | January 22, 2012

    • There are a few Military Industrial Complex weapons dealers and more than a few non – Jewish collaborators in the mix as well.

      Comment by aletho | January 23, 2012

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