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Israeli diplomat flees British anti-Israel demonstrators

By Danna Harman | Haaretz | April 29, 2010

Talya Lador-Fresher, Israel’s deputy chief of mission at the Israeli embassy in London, had to be shuffled out a side door and into a “get-away” car by Manchester police on Wednesday, following a lecture she gave at the University of Manchester that was crashed by pro-Palestinian student protestors.

The lecture, on the situation in the Middle East, which was originally supposed to take place months ago, was delayed because of early security concerns at the university – but went ahead Wednesday after university officials promised Ambassador Ron Prosor that his deputy’s security would be guaranteed.

And indeed, Lador-Fresher managed to give her talk, although she was interrupted several times by students who hoisted Palestinian flags and called out anti-Israel slogans. But when she had finished speaking and was trying to head out of the auditorium, it became clear to her security that the way out was blocked by more demonstrators who had been waiting there throughout the hour-long event. The demonstrators had identified the Israeli embassy car and were surrounding it.

As such, it was decided by embassy security, together with the Manchester police, to evacuate her through a side door and drive her off campus in a police car. As she was leaving the area, demonstrators attacked the car, in an attempt, she says, to try and break the windshield. Lador-Fresher stressed that it was indeed an “unpleasant” experience which goes to highlight the decreasing lack of civility on campuses in Britain when it comes to Israel.

Ambassador Prosor, in turn, commended his deputy on “her fighting spirit” and said he expected a condemnation of such behavior from the university.

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  1. Good for them ! War criminals and Nazis should not be allowed to waltz around freely. She should have been arrested. Shame on the university for even inviting her.


    Comment by Vic | April 30, 2010

  2. ‘Lador-Fresher stressed that it was indeed an “unpleasant” experience which goes to highlight the decreasing lack of civility on campuses in Britain when it comes to Israel.’

    Hmmm, an unpleasant experience? Perhaps she should visit Gaza during one of Israel’s ‘self-defence’ attacks.

    I would like to talk about the ‘decreasing lack of civility’ in Israel when it comes to Gaza and Arabs in general but I fear I will be called out as an anti-semite.


    Comment by Mark | April 30, 2010

  3. in my opinion your article is very nice and very helpful


    Comment by | April 30, 2010

  4. It seems that such violence on a campus is all that is left for people to show their support for Palestine. The media of course, owned in the UK as it is in the US by Jewish interests, eliminates any possibility of a fair comment on anything other than the Israeli viewpoint and this fact is known to the students as well.
    This kind of activity can only become more violent as the avenues for fair and balanced reporting dry up as they have for years in the US, the very worst example anywhere in the world of biased news.


    Comment by rexw | May 1, 2010

  5. For Mark, above. Being labelled as an ‘anti-Semite’ these days is fast becoming a badge of courage.
    Wear it with pride as it shows you are aware of where the problems come from in this world, but please don’t expect to read anything of such problems in the media.
    Just for your information, Mark, read up on media ownership in the US and you will be able to relate the same level of ownership in the UK as well, starting with Murdoch, the cunning and evil Fox, mouthpiece for Israel.
    Changes on the way though


    Comment by rexw | May 1, 2010

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