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  1. America needs leaders who put America first, second, and third!

    Comment by denmason | May 1, 2010

  2. Americans including most of their Politicians are not only short sighted, but easily manipulated puppets of the Zionist Entity known as Israel. Fools learn the hard way but learn they will.

    Comment by B.Benhamid | May 1, 2010

  3. That “we” is not me! Who is that “we”? Maybe 4% of the population composed of TPTB and their stooges? With maybe 5% of the population, like me, saying NO F#$KEN WAY! And the remaining 90% of “we” completely uninformed and oblivious. Oh, and that picture gives me the creeps!

    Comment by sam | May 1, 2010

  4. US: We are owned by Israel at UN

    Comment by flek | May 1, 2010

  5. these politico’s who swore an allegiance and fealty oath to Israel, don’t all have the wonderful luxury of owning private business jets to ‘escape’ the coming bloodbath that will ensue once American’s finally wake up off of their couch’s and are unable to pry their clicker’s out of their feckless, proxy murdering for Israel, assholes..

    when that day comes, and the fat lady sings, I wonder how many of these scummy and filthy Israeli serving politicians will be able to pack up and move to safe (as if the world won’t also see them as the pariahs they indeed are!!) havens and escape the hastily built gallows?

    they don’t realize that no amount of money will be able to protect them when their time comes. It’ll be shoved into their filthy lifeless mouths when they’re dangling on ropes wherever they can be strung up.

    a day of reckoning is approaching for them. Those who cannot flee, but are going to be stuck to face the music and pay the piper for what they have done to this nation.

    their time is rapidly approaching.

    Comment by when the balloon does go up, or the fat lady sings.. | May 1, 2010

    • I assume that the scenario you present is just that, a scenario, and that we prefer that other scenarios be realized.

      Comment by aletho | May 1, 2010

  6. When is the last time a dictator or a tyrannical regime ever voluntarily quit being evil, or gave up on suppressing and harming the people they allegedly exist to govern?

    When is the last time an intrinsically ‘evil’ group of individuals saw the ‘light’ and ceased doing harm to other human beings?

    When is the last time you saw anyone in the world’s governments ever truly ask that Israel and it’s nuclear weapons, be disarmed and the land given back to the Palestinians whom it was stolen from?

    yep, alternative scenario’s are desired over the other one, but you know what, Aletho? You and I both being ‘idealists’ and ‘dreamers’ doesn’t stop the evil that men do to each other, and wishful thinking is not going to make dictators and mass murderers stop their murdering and killing of innocent men, women and children around the world. They do it because they can, and nobody, not you, nor I can stop them by using a ballot box, or wishful thinking.

    They are pushing their luck, and though we both prefer a different scenario, for sure, they are making a John F. Kennedy quote much more relevant and real by the minute:

    “those who make PEACEFUL revolution impossible, make VIOLENT revolution likely..” (loose quote)

    they’re digging their own graves, and hoisting their own hangman’s nooses up over whatever branch or limb or lamp pole they can be dangled from. They are the ones who are making it all too necessary to use the less desirable method, Aletho. You know it, and I know it, don’t we?

    Comment by they won't give up power voluntarily | May 1, 2010

    • Knowing that a less than ideal scenario is likely does not mean that the internet is the appropriate venue for its promotion. This site does accomplish certain things without promoting violence.

      I don’t claim to have the answers and avoid prophecies about the future. Your contention is certainly supported by an analysis of history, perhaps it would be best to frame the discussion in histroical terms.

      Comment by aletho | May 1, 2010

      • Nobody is promoting anything here, Aletho. I’m just telling you that thru history, there has never ever been one single example I can find anywhere in written archives, that shows that the one basic human flaw that can’t be evolved out of us, which is ‘greed’, simply compels a certain class of people on this ball to do unbelievably nasty things to those who are less able to defend themselves from the onslaught, be it financial, or other forms of ‘tyranny’, for sure. In light of that, we do have an alternative to violence, and that is for every single person to sit down and ask themselves, while looking in the mirror perhaps to make the point that much more stark and important to them; ‘what am I willing to do today to ensure that the evildoers amongst us do not prevail??”

        We can have a massive, global strike of the working class, non oligarch class of peoples, for a prolonged period of time, which would bring the very greediest amongst us, to their knees, financially. This would be done by denying them the labor and the usery and the continued parasitic bleed on humanity.

        We can have massive numbers of people march on and circle the world’s government buildings, and demand a list of changes that make it possible for the lesser endowed amongst us, to be able to be left in PEACE, and allowed to exist without threat of death from drone strikes, or aerial bombardment, or wars foisted upon them by large, overwhelmingly powerful nations such as the United States, and the puppeteer of that nation, Israel.

        We can have massive global demonstrations, peaceful ones, where the PEOPLE do not ask, but DEMAND the power’s that be to CEASE AND DESIST the violence and the killings and the wars at the expense of the lesser peoples of the Earth.

        or, we can wait for the bough to break, and the people, out of total, utter ‘backed into a corner’ frustration, violently take to the streets and burn their cities and hang their oppressors for pushing just a little too far.

        So many choices, Aletho. But history has borne out the fact that time after time, the oppressors do not stop until they are, in fact, STOPPED by the PEOPLE.

        and the entire global population of the ‘lesser endowed’ is, finally, getting mighty sick of getting the dregs thrown at them, and being told to just eat their gruel and be quiet and subervient.

        the rich, overwhelmingly powerfully oppressive people, who are in the minority, are about to find out that the global population has pretty much had it with the dictatorships, and the oppression, and the suffering.

        Be it in Afghanistan, or Palestine, or Iraq, or wherever it may be, the PEOPLE are, in fact, fighting for their own sovereign right to exist IN PEACE, and to hell with those who would impose slavery and endless war upon them.

        The day is coming when the oppressors are about to experience quite the ‘come uppance’ so to speak. They’re pushing their luck just a little bit too far, and the PEOPLE who would rather just exist and live in a world without war and famine and blight, have finally figured out that the only way to achieve that, is to fight for what you believe in, and never, ever surrender unto SLAVERY for whatever the reason.

        The wealthy oligarchs and corrupt, greedy politicians who impose the wars and the killing on the majority of the earth’s population, are about to find out that there is a limit to the patience of those who put up with this for so very very very long. There is a limit, and they’re about to find out where that is.

        Comment by and so, I close it with | May 1, 2010

        • wonderful exchange, both of you :)

          Comment by sam | May 1, 2010

          • Sam, Thanks!

            it’s time for people globally to coalesce and form up and understand that the way we build a better world is to actually give enough of a damn about the urgency of that, and the dire straits we’re in due to tyrants and mass murderers and genocidal maniacs with power, and begin to dismantle their power structures for them.

            we can do it peacefully, and now is a good time to begin that task of GLOBAL PEACEFUL URGEENT ACTION COALESCENCE AGAINST TYRANNY. It has to be now, or the violent method will be the inevitable outcome, per Kennedy’s speech.

            thanks for tuning in. Aletho is a good host. He cares, as do I. And I think both of us think more than enough ‘dying’ has already happened.

            Millions of us n the streets, now, hand in hand, black, white, yellow, it doesn’t matter….the enemy MUST BE DE-FANGED and DISEMPOWERED NOW.

            this is our moment, and we must sieze the day and build the coalitions and start KICKING ASS peacefully, but be prepared for the possibility we may have to fight to beat them, and they must know we’re prepared to do that.

            Comment by time for coalescence of significant resistance to the tyrants | May 1, 2010

  7. Just one more example of the sycophantic actions of the US as each official tries to outdo the previous statement on Israel by grovelling in public forums.
    It is almost as though there is a cumulative build up of AIPAC points (by way of money) for the most outspoken Israeli supporter.
    How can the world expect any decent action by the UN when it knows that the US will veto any action designed to bring some reality to the Middle East. The practice has been the undoing of not just the US in the eyes of all other countries but it has reduced the UN’s credibility to almost zero.
    It really is time for this costly social club to be wound down as it appears that there will never be any worthy vote by a majority of nations while the power of veto exists.
    It is an anachronism in 2010 and something of a joke, particularly when it comes to the countless UN resolutions ignored by Israel in concert with its puppet the US, over the years.
    I really don’t know how it has lasted this long.

    Comment by rexw | May 1, 2010

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  9. Shame@Usapolitician.ISR

    Comment by Shame | May 2, 2010

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