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Iran’s declaration on nuclear swap deal

Iran, Turkey agree on nuclear swap deal

Press TV – May 17, 2010

Tehran has agreed to a draft proposal whereby Iran will ship its domestic low-enriched uranium to Turkey in exchange for 20 percent enriched uranium in return.

After several hours of intense negotiations on Monday, the trilateral meeting between Iran, Brazil and Turkey ends with Tehran agreeing to send some 1,200 kilograms of its 3.5 percent enriched uranium over to Turkey in exchange for a total of 120 kilogram of 20 percent enriched uranium, Press TV reported.

Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki read the ten-point detailed deceleration on the nuclear swap deal at a press conference held in the Iranian capital Tehran.

1. We reaffirm our commitment to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) and in accordance with the related articles of the NPT, recall the right of all state parties, including the Islamic Republic of Iran, to develop research, production and use of nuclear energy (as well as nuclear fuel cycle including enrichment activities) for peaceful purposes without discrimination.

2. We express our strong conviction that we have the opportunity now to begin a forward looking process that will create a positive, constructive, non-confrontational atmosphere leading to an era of interaction and cooperation.

3. We believe that the nuclear fuel exchange is instrumental in initiating cooperation in different areas, especially with regard to peaceful nuclear cooperation including nuclear power plant and research reactors construction.

4. Based on this point, the nuclear fuel exchange is a starting point to begin cooperation and a positive constructive move forward among nations. Such a move should lead to positive interaction and cooperation in the field of peaceful nuclear activities replacing and avoiding all kinds of confrontation through refraining from measures, actions and rhetorical statements that would jeopardize Iran’s rights and obligations under the NPT.

5. Based on the above, in order to facilitate the nuclear cooperation mentioned above, the Islamic Republic of Iran agrees to deposit 1200 kilograms LEU in Turkey. While in Turkey this LEU will continue to be the property of Iran. Iran and the IAEA may station observers to monitor the safekeeping of the LEU in Turkey.

6. Iran will notify the IAEA in writing through official channels of its agreement with the above within seven days following the date of this declaration. Upon the positive response of the Vienna Group (US, Russia, France and the IAEA) further details of the exchange will be elaborated through a written agreement and proper arrangement between Iran and the Vienna Group that specifically committed themselves to deliver 120 kilograms of fuel needed for the Tehran Research Reactor (TRR).

7. When the Vienna Group declares its commitment to this provision, then both parties would commit themselves to the implementation of the agreement mentioned in item 6. The Islamic Republic of Iran expressed its readiness to deposit its LEU (1200 kilograms) within one month. On the basis of the same agreement the Vienna Group should deliver 120 kilograms fuel required for TRR in no later than one year.

8. In case the provisions of this Declaration are not respected, Turkey, upon the request of Iran, will return swiftly and unconditionally Iran’s LEU to Iran.

9. We welcome the decision of the Islamic Republic of Iran to continue as in the past their talks with the 5+1 countries in Turkey on the common concerns based on collective commitments according to the common points of their proposals.

10. Turkey and Brazil appreciated Iran’s commitment to the NPT and its constructive role in pursuing the realization of nuclear rights of its member states. The Islamic Republic of Iran likewise appreciated the constructive efforts of the friendly countries Turkey and Brazil in creating the conducive environment for realization of Iran’s nuclear rights.


Al-Manar reports:

Turkey sees “no need” for further UN sanctions against Iran after this deal, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu told reporters. “This agreement should be regarded positively and there is no need for sanctions now that we (Turkey and Brazil) have made guarantees and the low enriched uranium will remain in Turkey,” he said.

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  1. Sounds great. I can’t wait to see this press release on the
    American main stream media…… NOT….

    Comment by Fred54 | May 17, 2010

    • Haaretz has covered it. I guess that they are allowed to hear about these things in Israel but not the in the US.

      Comment by aletho | May 17, 2010

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  3. This whole thing never was about nuclear anything, it was always a concocted reason to go after Iran after the establishment of their Oil Bourse which won’t trade in U.S. Dollars. That’s what this is about. Has nothing to do with any sort of nuclear threat, it’s all about creating an ‘excuse du jour’ to attack Iran for Israel, just exactly like what happened when Saddam decided to do the same thing with his OIL.


    Comment by SHILLARY CLINTSTONED will probably DENOUNCE THIS TOO | May 17, 2010

    • Actually Shillary (great name), Iran’s oil bourse is pretty much just symbolic, and besides, the Iranians only established it because of the fact that they were already being excluded from trading in so many Western venues.

      The Zionists really are committed to having a vast technological superiority over their neighbors. Note that Iraq’s scientific scholars and institutions were targeted.

      Saddam Hussein only sold oil in euros as a symbolic measure also, and again, Iraq had been marginalized and sanctioned long before the decision was finally taken.

      Comment by aletho | May 17, 2010

  4. If Shillary can’t come up with a good reason other than the incessant bleating about ‘nuclear threat’ that Iran is truly not, though it’s neighbor, with 300+ nuclear warheads, outside the auspices of the NNPT, is…then what would be the reason for going after Iran then, if not for the vast oil resources they sit on (how dare they have U.S. and British oil under their sand, by the way!!).

    it’s about ‘oil’ and ‘energy’ control and hegemony, because in truth, most of the world knows Iran is not a nuclear threat and it won’t likely emerge in the future as one, either.

    On the other hand, tiny, artificially kept on 3 billion dollar a year ‘life support’ Israel, that has absolutely nothing to offer the oil burning world whatsoever, in the form of oil reserves beneath it’s sand, which by the way, would also then be harboring U.S. and British oil under it, if that were to be proven true, which to date it has not been.

    So, Aletho, ‘why’ all this bellicosity and bullsh*t over Iran?? We know it’s not truly about the nukes. Also, we know it’s not about Iran being a pending military threat to anyone in the region, either. So it’s got to be strictly about the vast oil reserves they sit on, and the one’s they don’t sit on, but to some extent, control, via the access in and out of the Straits of Hormuz. And, the fact that OIL and GAS reserves in the CASPIAN SEA BASIN are known by the oil coveting U.S. and Britain, are, in fact, quite HUGE, and if Afghanistan can’t be bombed into submission (as it indeed cannot be) then the U.S. and Britain have to get their trans CASPIAN BASIN gas pipeline in somewhere, don’t they???

    It’s all about the OIL and GAS, even if it’s not all in that damned sand that is harboring the U.S. and Britain’s oil under it, in Iran, is it not???

    respectfully waiting your reply, Aletho. Thank you!

    Comment by ALETHO, then what 'THREAT' does Iran pose to merit this HAPPY HORSE MERDE????? | May 17, 2010

    • Oil is a cheap and freely traded commodity.

      Israel demands dominance through a monopoly on destructive power. Nuclear technology, civilian or not, is being made off limits to those whom the Zionists don’t dominate.

      While Israel may in fact know that Iran has no current nuclear weapons program, it still wants to preclude Iranian technological advancement. Sort of like slave masters not wanting the slaves to learn to read and write.

      Ultimately, land and water are what has value, not abundant commodities.

      The Caspian basin energy is already being piped to China and the Mediterranean:

      Comment by aletho | May 17, 2010

      • Good points! I think that our only point of slight disagreement, is with the ‘qui bono’ thing here. We have a country that sits quite strategically in a zone that the U.S. and Britain most assuredly want to control, possibly for the control of the oil and gas (which, by the way, may be on the declining side of it’s life-cycle due to ‘peak oil’ being behind us in the latter portion of the 1970s) reserves in the area of the Caspian Sea Basin. Having said that, though yes, oil and gas are being freely traded, the new discoveries bin is starting to look a little bleak, and even IF the ‘peak oil is past us’ turns out to be yet one more manipulation and charade to drive up the price, OIL and GAS reserves are being divvied up by the world, and China is making deals the U.S. has no control over, except to be possibly fueling China’s need by providing China with an abundant market for it’s cheap crap it makes, at Wal Mart’s all over the world. They should, by the way, call that corporation; ‘China Mart’ because of who provides it with a significant portion of the goods it is hocking all over the world.

        In any case, I still think control of the Caspian Sea Basin is the ‘raison d’etre’ for the Iran invasion, and ultimately, Israel sees itself in the driver’s seat there in the region with it’s 300+, uncontested nukes in it’s storage in the Negev desert somewhere.

        Israel is still the primary beneficiary, via their owner, the ROTHSCHILDS, who get to funnel all of those shekels right into their financial institutions that bought all that OIL and GAS out there. That’s where Israel comes in, it’s strictly a Rothschilds thing, all the way around.

        America, sadly, is the ‘stupid’ f*ck stick of Israel, being used repetitively as the stick that taunts everyone out of their zone of comfort, into open, bloody warfare.

        Thanks for your feedback, Aletho! I most assuredly do appreciate your answers, even if we don’t always agree!

        Comment by good points, Aletho! thanks! | May 17, 2010

        • “Control” of oil under our globalized “free” trade regime lies with those who can afford to pay the manipulated market price.

          “Peak oil” is a fraud. Proven oil reserves are much larger today than in the seventies. In fact they have risen in nine of the past ten years.

          Your intuitive assumption that “peak oil” serves as a rationale for obtaining higher prices is no doubt correct. It also served to dampen opposition to the invasion of Iraq.

          Chinese firms are the fastest growing energy producers in North America. A huge LNG facility is under construction for the export of Canadian gas to China. Alaskan oil is regularly shipped to China also. The lower forty eight are full of Chinese engineers and operators.

          Oil is really a small consideration in relation to trade in goods and services or finance for that matter.

          Comment by aletho | May 17, 2010

          • More good things come out here, Aletho! I think that we’re more on the same page than we think then. We are in agreement about the ‘peak oil’ scam, and we seem to both kind of go in the direction of there being more to this than just an Israeli paranoia trip from too much dope smoking in the Knesset, for sure! I think it’s a safe assumption to say that NEITHER OF US believes for a second that ‘nuclear’ anything has anything to do with Shillary Clintstoned’s constant harangue about Iran in violation of this, Iran in violation of that, relevant to the NNPT.

            So, we’re back to both of us ‘non zionist jews’ trying to come up with a rationale for zionist jews wanting to push the U.S. into an attack on Iran. We know it’s not for any of the stated reasons, and we both know Iran poses virtually zero threat to anyone in the region who DOESN’T ATTACK IT FIRST!

            can we ever figure out why Israel does anything? Can we?? It’s got to be more shekel grubbing, but having said that, wouldn’t it make more sense for Israel to S.T.F.U. and harp on someone else for awhile, and calm down their rabid dog, the good old U.S. all mercenary forces??

            Comment by so...Aletho..I learned more :) | May 17, 2010

            • Iran actually does pose a threat to Israel’s ability to commit aggression and expansion against it’s neighbors in South Lebanon etc… Iran and Syria both have provided financial and moral backing to Hezbollah and Hamas. Saddam Hussein had provided support and sanctuary for the Palestinian resistance also.

              If Israel did not harbor ill intentions none of these nations would pose a threat at all. The threat is only a threat to Israeli supremacy.

              I didn’t know that I could be classified as a ‘non zionist jew’. But hey, this is the internet, you never know.

              Comment by aletho | May 17, 2010

              • I didn’t mean you were a jew of any sort, Aletho, nor am I, for sure! One last question that comes to mind; “Why, exactly, does the artificial and criminal state of Israel, think that it MUST run the freaking world? It was artificially created for Baron De Rothschild after the Balfour Agmt. was stuffed down a british monarch’s throat by him, but did anyone in Britain, or in the Rothschild family think that their ‘kings x’ safe haven for global murder and domination would be guaranteed, especially since there is this one pesky detail; “Palestine”, who was aggregiously ripped off in the creation of Israel in the first place, by the British. Why does Israel think it can continue to squat and occupy land that is not theirs, and never was theirs??

                In any sane man or woman’s mind, does it make sense to subject the world to never ending chaos and destruction just to satisfy the Rothschilds?? Does it?

                I think not, and for amplification, I personally am not a jew, and I was not inferring you were either, just pointing out that neither of us is apparently a zionist or a whore for Israel, for sure!

                Comment by if you were | May 17, 2010

                • Why have any supremacists ever felt so superior?

                  It is “insane” as you state, but it seems that humanity is awash with insanity.

                  Comment by aletho | May 17, 2010

                  • So, this ‘tribe’ we know as the ashkenazi’s, or whatever they call themselves, feel they are so superior to the rest of us that, per their talmudic teachings and writings, it is indeed okay to ‘kill’ all of us Goyim, because, to them, we truly are ‘stupid, inferior animals’ for sure?

                    Do they realize how this takes ‘insanity’ to a strangely dangerous new level??

                    I have news for them, Aletho. They are the ‘stupid’ and clearly ‘inferior’ animals on this ball we live on, and if they truly feel that way, perhaps we need to find a nice asteroid for them to all live on somewhere in space, where they can’t hurt anyone here any longer..

                    Comment by it goes to this then? | May 17, 2010

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