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World Council of Churches condemns flotilla raid

Ma’an – 02/06/2010

Bethlehem – The World Council of Churches has condemned the Israeli naval raid on a Gaza-bound vessel carrying humanitarian aid in international waters before dawn Monday that killed at least 10 civilians and injured more. Several soldiers were also hurt.

“We condemn the assault and killing of innocent people who were attempting to deliver humanitarian assistance to the people of Gaza, who have been under a crippling Israeli blockade since 2007,” WCC General Secretary Rev. Dr. Olav Fykse Tveit stated Tuesday.

“We further condemn the flagrant violation of international law by Israel in attacking and boarding a humanitarian convoy in international waters. We pray for all those who are affected by the attack, especially the bereaved families,” Tveit said.

An ecumenical fellowship of churches founded in 1948, the WCC brings together 349 Protestant, Orthodox, Anglican and other churches representing more than 560 million Christians in over 110 countries, and works cooperatively with the Roman Catholic Church.

Tveit urged Israel to repatriate those detained from the flotilla and “for an immediate release of the impounded ships, and an end to the economic blockade of Gaza. It is our considered opinion that the legitimate humanitarian needs of the people of Gaza be met in accordance with international humanitarian law. We further call the UN Security Council to mandate a full investigation into the assault.”

Tveit concluded: “The deplorable events which occurred yesterday off the coast of Gaza remind us yet again of the pressing need for an end to the Israeli military occupation of the Palestinian territories. The World Council of Churches reiterates its commitment to work for just and lasting peace in Palestine and Israel.

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  3. Boy, that’s like having a headline that says; “Whores on 42nd. St. in NYC are SCREWIN FOR VIRGINITY THIS WEEK ONLY!!”

    Any organized religion is truly a sad sack to even try to redeem themselves here or anywhere. As far back in time as is recorded, no matter what faith you want to look at, it was always acceptable to kill anyone who wasn’t your religion because they were all ‘non believers’ and or ‘infidels’ or whatever you want to call them. And I mean, ALL religions, excepting perhaps one, and that is BUDDHISM, which is more of a philosophy of life than it is a ‘religion’ per se.

    On the next flotilla going to Gaza, whenever that is, I’d like to see every single one of these WCC members on those vessels, putting their lives on the line, or they should forever keep their war mongering, murder condoning yaps shut forever! How many centuries have the churches goaded people on to murder others? How many centuries will it continue to be preached from the bully pulpit’s of every church in the U.S., and England, and Spain, and the rest of the world that selectively likes to quote scripture that says that killing is just fine if you do it for JEEZUSSSS!!!! (or allah, or beelzebub, or whomever..yaweh…)



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