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  1. Both Zionists are from the same stock ‘The Trash Bin ‘
    What this heartless, gutless lot is doing to the indigenous
    Palestinian Arab people has already been done to the native tribes of North America. Millions have been murdered or starved to death to make room for the tricky, sneaky and conniving newcomers.
    We cannot expect much from the average American to open his mouth or show any rage when he watches the fascist Israelis on TV doing harm to the Palestinian people. Most Americans are on medication and have lost feelings for their fellow human being or care less what happen to them. The day will come when severe suffering will come upon the evildoers and their wicket ways will be destroyed.
    The indigenous Tribes of North America as well as the indigenous of Palestine may one day tell the story to their siblings about a crazy murderous species that existed on the planet and has gone for good..


    Comment by B.Benhamid | June 18, 2010

  2. The treason of the Us corrupted Government: senators and congress have sold it souls to vile Israel(AIPAC$$). The propaganda of the tube, news, and movies, have sealed the fate of many of many Americans. Brain washed by GMOs, water & milk. Most Americans (I know), have a motto they live by: It is happening over there, I can ignore it, it doesn’t effect me. But some of us, are human Americans, and are really concern by the genocide of humanity, being done constantly by these illegal wars…killing on both sides. 15.2 million Indigenous Native Indians were killed by chemical and biological means, so the settlers of America, could steal the land and reap the profits of the natural resources. At present day, with the past numbers of these indigenous Native Indians it has reach a higher number, by the so-called free medical program, or other meaning sub-human medical torture. Not forgetting the fact of black slavery at beginning of America, was controlled by the zionist/jews black market. Yes I am a very angry, American.


    Comment by Lydia | June 19, 2010

    • Lydia, Very well put in words and spot on.


      Comment by B.Benhamid | June 20, 2010

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