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Turkey facing the challenge

Diplomatic and legal channels are supported by defense capabilities

By Sinan | Aletho News | June 18, 2010

Istanbul: After the Mavi Marmara incident politicians saw the benefits of raising your voices to Israel. But to do it effectively and succeed, you must be independent to some extent.

We can see in the last few days that this decision is already made. This kind of war is much more difficult than wars made by bombs and bullets and also incredibly risky. With patience and perseverance I hope we succeed.

War Has Already Begun

This war that has just begun is a very critical war for Turkey and we are facing major powers. The dangers Turkey will face are enormous. But without taking those huge risks there is no future for Turkey.

In critical situations like this we shouldn’t expect to find a lot of confirmed information. But if we analyze “open information” from the internet we can reach some conclusions.

The other day there were two very important security meetings in Turkish capitol Ankara. Both of these meetings were attended by military officials of the highest rank, defense industry representatives, ministers, and the PM of Turkey. These meetings lasted many hours.

If you put these two meetings side by side, we can assume that very important decisions will be made. We can also say that they are trying to realize important decisions because there are powers (local & foreign) that don’t want this to  occur.

What’s Happening?

Every time relations between Turkey and Israel/USA are in crisis, I always think how dependent our military is on the US.

As a NATO member almost all our jets, tanks, missiles, radars, electronics etc. are bought from the US. Nobody exactly knows what the software is in these war machines. And as you can guess, without the software all the weapons are worthless.

The software are usually developed by US and lately by Israel. This means you cannot use these weapons against the will of the sellers. Worse the weapons could be disabled when you need them most, during a war. Also the software can be modified, changed or disabled from US satellites.

Also it is a known fact that the inventories of the Turkish armed forces are closely monitored by Pentagon. This way the Turkish army can get inventories needed but at which cost?

It is estimated that the Turkish Army depends on the US for %70 of their weapon systems.

Turkey has decided a long time ago to reduce this dependency by developing software locally. As you can guess neither US nor Israel wanted to help or give the source codes of these systems.

What is The Purpose?

Turkish software experts can break these codes but it can easily be changed again remotely by USA and Israel. This means Turkey must develop its own software and it has already started to so.

At this stage the Italians come into the picture. Their Augusta helicopters are fitted with an independent software. And as we have heard they are also willing to share the source codes with the Turkish Military.

The purchase of 140 helicopters is planned from Augusta. Also 9 helicopters that are urgently needed in Turkey are rumored to be delivered soon. This means Turkey made a very important step to become independent.


Put the following incidents together:

  • Proposed Iranian uranium enrichment deal with Brazil and Turkey,
  • Planned oil pipeline with Russia, (Western oil companies excluded)
  • Voting no to Iranian sanctions in UN, (together with Brazil)
  • Mavi Marmara massacre
  • Recent Neo-con smear campaign against Turkey etc…

Do these separate incidents have anything to do what I have written above?

Well, I don’t have any classified documents, I can only make educated guesses, but my senses say, the answer is YES.

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  1. Once a bitch for America and Israel you will stay that bitch unless you brake free and become independent because they got you by the balls.
    America and Israel are alike, both are shrude land thieves and commit genocide and murder to get it.


    Comment by B.Benhamid | June 18, 2010

  2. Finally ….someone has the courage to stand up against
    the evil empire of zionism. Now Turkey , Iran , Brazil, Venezuela can form a coalition…( a real one)and challenge
    the big empire.


    Comment by chencho | June 18, 2010

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