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Salvadorian hit-man extradited to Cuba to answer hotel bombing charges

By Patrick J. O’Donoghue | VHeadline News | July 08, 2010

Venezuela has extradited Salvadorian hit-man, Francisco Chavez Abarca to Cuba where he is wanted for allegedly placing bombs in hotels to destabilize the tourism industry in 1997.

According to Venezuelan government reports and confirmed by Telesur, Chavez Abarca has been singing like a canary, confessing he had been hired to set up destabilizing activities in the run-up to the legislative elections in September.

The Salvadorian is said to be one of Cuban terrorist, Luis Posada Carriles’ henchmen or link-man with Venezuela.

The Venezuelan police have not revealed details about possible associates in the country only to confirm that the investigation into Chavez Abarca’s contacts continues. The Salvadorian tried to enter Venezuela last Thursday using false documents and a Guatemalan passport.

The suspect’s wife has accused the Venezuelan government of having kidnapped her husband in Guatemala and forcibly taken him to Venezuela.

Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro said terrorist bands operating inside Venezuela are being monitored and that Chavez Abarca is part of the group trained and financed by the CIA in Central America.

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  1. Wondering why some cubans are upset about having talks with Cuba… cant this lead to good things?

    Comment by pmp rita mulcahy | July 10, 2010

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