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Bad News For Holland

By Steve Goddard | July 12, 2010

The World Cup was bad news for Holland, but that isn’t what I am talking about.

The world’s preeminent climatologist Dr. James Hansen (who is well known for quiet understatement) has forecast that Holland will drown in the next century. Looks like East Anglia is doomed too. Is that a bad thing?

If that isn’t bad enough, NASA’s Cape Canaveral, Key West, and Miami are toast!

Dr. Hansen says :

I find it almost inconceivable that “business as usual” climate change will not result in a rise in sea level measured in metres within a century.

According to the University of Colorado, sea level has been rising at 3.2 mm/yr since 1994, and has generally been slowing down over the last five years (except for the El Niño spike.)

That means it will only take 312 years to rise one metre. Which is not far off from what it has been doing for the last century.

It is imperative that we make plans to protect Holland. First step is to hire Hansen to put his finger in the dike. Second step is to teach their strikers how to kick the ball somewhere besides straight to the goalkeeper.

At least they didn’t lose a penalty shootout this year.

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  1. If wouldn’t be for the sea level rising the flavors of the climate debate would leave us clueless :

    1) Michael Rivero ( ) insists on NO climate warming what so ever ! We are cooling , he says .
    2) Alex Jones ( ) says that any change is not due to human activity .
    3) The ‘official’ story from the Climate guys is that we are warming and humans are to be blamed .
    4) It is accepted that the climate during the dinosours times was much hotter . Was it the cars the dinos were driving ?

    Fortunately the sea level has no oppinion but it just steady rises . So we should thank it for the Tip .

    See world solutions at , future shocking .


    Comment by Urod | July 14, 2010

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