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Guyana recommits to peaceful resolution of border issue with Venezuela

GINA – July 10, 2010

GEORGETOWN, Guyana — Prime Minister Samuel Hinds said Guyana looks forward to working with Venezuela in resolving the border issue under the aegis of the new mechanism employed by the ‘Good Officer Process’ of the United Nations Secretary General aimed at assisting both countries to find a solution.

Hinds was speaking at the 199th Independence Anniversary of Venezuela on July 8.

The Prime Minister said the commitment to the principle of comity among nations, non-interaction in the internal affairs of sovereign states and the peaceful coexistence of all nations remain the cornerstone of Guyana’s foreign policy.

“We are pleased Venezuela is one of the countries promoting adherence to these standards which is gaining not only expressions of support but growing commitment from the international community.”

Prime Minister Hinds stated that President Bharrat Jagdeo is expected to visit Venezuela on the invitation of President Hugo Chavez and it is hoped that the discussions will provide added political impetus to the development of relations between the two countries.

Guyana eagerly anticipates the convening of the Fifth Meeting of the Guyana/Venezuela high level bilateral commission which has the potential to provide the drive for a more improved programme of functional cooperation, the Prime Minister said.

Venezuela and Guyana signed a rice trade agreement on October 21, 2009 in which Guyana would supply the oil-rich nation with 10,000 tons of white rice and 40,000 tons of paddy. To date over 17,000 tons of paddy has been delivered.

In the energy sector Guyana continues to benefit from the Petro-Caribe agreement with the provision of credit on preferential terms for the purchase of fuel.

Prime Minister Hinds mentioned that the partial financing of fuel purchases under the Petro-Caribe agreement has enabled the government to create a foreign exchange fund from which the latest power generating station of the Guyana Power and Light (GPL) was financed.

That station has been providing a very much needed 20 megawatts of new, reliable power.
Venezuela has also partnered with Guyana in advancing the welfare of vulnerable groups with the construction of the Rehabilitation and Reintegrated Centre at Onverwagt, West Coast Berbice.

When completed the centre would accommodate 200 males and 100 females in separate dormitories and would include medical, recreational, kitchen, conference and dining facilities as well as production mechanism for those desirous of gainful employment.

In relation to agriculture, the Venezuelan Government has aided in improving the life of the underprivileged through the provision of funding from the ALBA Food Fund.

“That assistance, which seeks to further develop and improve the quality of smaller agri producers, including diary producers is timely. It would inevitably contribute to the strengthening of the agri industry thus enhancing food security and helping Guyana increase its potential to export agricultural produce in the region and further a field while at the same time enhancing the livelihood of the poor in rural Guyana,” Prime Minister Hinds declared.

He noted that Venezuela continues to play a vanguard role in the promotion of programmes that would bring direct benefit to the people of South America and the Caribbean especially those in small economic and vulnerable groups within the hemisphere.

“July 5th symbolizes not only the birth of the independent nation of Venezuela but also the celebration of the dreams and aspirations of the regional era for a free and independent hemisphere,” the Prime Minister added.

Today that vision is what gives member states of the continent the determination to further the cause for deeper and closer relationships among Caribbean and South America countries aimed at promoting integration and cooperation among member states, he said.

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