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Standing With Private Bradley Manning

By KEVIN ZEESE | July 24, 2010

Those who oppose war and militarism need to stand with Bradley Manning, the 22-year old Army private, who believed he saw war crimes being committed by the U.S. military and shared the information so the American public could know what the armed forces were doing. The most famous leak from Manning was the “Collateral Murder” video shared on the website. The video he reportedly leaked showed an Apache Helicopter attack by the U.S. military killing a dozen civilians and wounding two children.

Manning allegedly leaked hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables and emails that have yet to be published. He said that the documents showed horrible “crimes” and his goal in releasing them was to “hopefully [spark] worldwide discussion, debates, and reforms, if not . . . we’re doomed as a species.” His goal was for “people to see the truth… regardless of who they are… because without information, you cannot make informed decisions as a public.”

Now Manning is being held in custody in a prison in Kuwait, without access to private legal counsel facing 52 years in prison. The video he allegedly released started a much-needed discussion about the horrible truth about the killings that U.S. wars entail. He should be a national hero similar to whistle blowers like Daniel Ellsberg who exposed the truth of the Vietnam War. He deserves the support of the American people. Indeed, people like him should be getting medals and promotions, not people like General Stanley McChrysal (Cheney’s Assassin) and James N. Mattis (“sometimes its fun to kill people”).

Thankfully, the peace movement is starting to speak up for Private Manning. We need to see a massive campaign of support for Bradley Manning. Courage to Resist, Veterans Against the War (IVAW), Veterans for Peace and Courage to Resist, along with my organization Voters for Peace, have spoken out in support of Manning. So, people can now take action to support Manning. Here are some options:

– Write President Obama, with copies to to Attorney General Eric Holder and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates calling for the release of Private Manning and allowing him access to civilian legal counsel. Click here to act now.

– Sign the petition at World Can’t Wait in support of Manning. Click here now to act.

– Visit and sign their petition, write to Manning and let him know you appreciate his courage and doing what you can to release him.

These wars, fought with corporate mercenaries are killing civilians at very high levels and undermining U.S. security. Secrecy allows illegal actions to continue – in our name. The importance of citizens like Manning becomes more evident when the behavior of the corporate media is noted. For example, The Washington Post’s David Finkel reportedly had possession of the Apache helicopter video two years ago but never released it to the public. Wars are able to hide behind the protection of a media that is too willing to not report their crimes. This is one example of many of corporate media cover-up that show the need for others to force transparency so the public knows what is being done in its name.

Let President Obama know you want to hear the truth. What is the U.S. military doing? Are prisoners being held without charges? Is torture continuing? How many civilians is the U.S. military killing? All these actions by the U.S. military are undermining our security. They are creating enemies for all of us.

Stand with Private Bradley Manning. Help to work for his release. He is a hero, not a criminal.

July 24, 2010 - Posted by | Militarism, Solidarity and Activism

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  1. “Our” government was supposed to abide by the constitution. The constitution does not sanction letting a group of people hijack our military and our economy to use for their ambitions. Our defense is supposed to be for our defense. Defense cannot mean having the right to go around the world overthrowing governments, murdering people, manipulation elections and controlling the press for someone’s new world order.

    Soldiers (used to) pledge to defend the constitution. That is what Manning is doing when he reveals those who have subverted our constitution, defense and our government to their own ends.

    I remember when Abu Ghraib was made public how sanctimoniously the press said that soldiers were obligated to not follow illegal orders. They praised the whistleblower then for having the courage to not stand silently by knowing crimes were being committed. What hypocrisy, for what they said then was only to deflect from the corruption from the top.

    Our government, like Israel, intends to keep blaming its critics, the whistleblowers and all who oppose it rather than consider it needs a course change. We need to restore the rule of law and adherence to the constitution. 9-ll didn’t change.


    Comment by G Street | July 24, 2010

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