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Guarded Israeli settlers seize new house in Jerusalem neighborhood

Palestine Information Center – 29/07/2010

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM: Palestinian sources said that Israeli settlers escorted by policemen took over a two-story house at an early hour Thursday in Sa’diya neighborhood in the old city of occupied Jerusalem.

The sources added that the house is owned by a Palestinian citizen called Suleiman Handal and is inhabited by the family of Kamal Qirsh.

One of the neighbors reported that the residents of the neighborhood rushed to confront the Israeli assailants when women inside the house screamed for help, but the policemen encircled the house to prevent them from approaching.

Fatah revolutionary council member Dmitry Dliani said the policemen tried to expel the women from the house, but the women locked themselves inside three rooms of 11 and refused to leave the house, while the settlers seized the other rooms.

Dliani expressed fears that the settlers would turn the house into a religious school because of its large area and its sensitive location near the Aqsa Mosque.

With this new takeover raid on the house, the number of buildings seized by Israeli settlers in this neighborhood rose to five.

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  1. Gotta love those law-abiding Israelis! This is the same house that the settlers tried to take over before but lost in court! I guess that the cops are for sale over there…


    Comment by JonnyX | July 29, 2010

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  3. The settlers are nothing but a pack of rabid, mongrel, hoodlums and thieves. What is galling however, is that the settlers seem able round up the police to witness as armed settlers commit glaring atrocities against unarmed Palestinians. It obvious that the Israeli police aren’t held in high regard either, for what crook would have the police witness their crimes unless of course they are content in the knowledge that the police are equally crooked.

    Israel has a reputation of not only violating but that it abuses the hospitality of numerous host countries, forges passports of citizens to facilitate espionage and murder. Such a country lacks scruples and show little or no attempt at stamping out their vile practices.

    No wonder Israel is so reviled the sooner the occupation ends the better.


    Comment by lydia | July 29, 2010

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