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Cameron and the ‘Road to the Hague’ Policy

By Rizwan Ghani | Pakistan Observer* | August 1, 2010

In his anti-Pakistan offensive from Delhi, David Cameron has publicly endorsed UK (and US’) anti-Pakistan foreign policy. He said that we (UK and US) cannot tolerate Pakistan ‘looking both ways’ and being able to promote and export terror whether to India, Afghanistan or anywhere else in the world.

Cameron said Pakistan could no longer look both ways by tolerating terrorism ‘while demanding respect as democracy’ (Cameron remarks, The Guardian July 28). On the Today program, Cameron said that he chooses his words carefully and thereby rejected Downing Street’s statement that the PM was not accusing Pakistan of sponsoring terrorism. He also ignored Pakistan’s foreign office rebuttal.

Reportedly, ministers accompanying Cameron to India were briefed to not mention Kashmir (Kashmir subcontinents internal matter, The Guardian July 28). During Cameron’s visit to India, both countries will sign a deal, which will allow export of civil nuclear energy and expertise to India. The reports in the Pakistani press about America praising Pakistan’s positive anti-terror role is nothing but use of good cop bad cop policy by the west.

Cameron has chosen Delhi to take on Pakistan. Instead of demanding apologies or clarifications, Islamabad should scrap President Zardari’s upcoming visit to UK. Hopefully, Zardari would not want to meet a British PM harboring such disdain for Pakistan. Next, Islamabad must support British Muslims that are demanding the holding of a public inquiry into the 7/7 London Drama to drop a curtain on terrorism on the world stage. It is opined that the London Drama was an inside job to help lend credence to America’s so-called war against terrorism (SWAT). Furthermore, Pakistan should take a stand for the rights of Northern Ireland and [against] the abuse of minorities in UK.

Reportedly, Brown has refused to hold a public inquiry of the London drama. The Ripple Effect, a British documentary, raises serious questions about the UK’s claims that it was an act of terrorism. Bush also refused to order a public inquiry of 9/11. In case Cameron refuses to order a public inquiry of 7/7, Islamabad should raise the issue in the UN to protect the democratic rights of minorities within UK and to bring an end to the nexus of false accusations against Pakistan. Karzai’s statement that the West has the capability to take targets within Pakistan is a case in point…

PM Gillani has admitted that NATO is losing the Afghan war. Washington is using Cameron to scapegoat Pakistan to sell the US Afghan defeat to the American public and avert impending defeat of the Democrats in the upcoming Congress, Senate and Governor Elections. Islamabad should not be surprised to see a weakened Obama authorize a military operation against Pakistan to save his presidency.

The West is using SWAT as an excuse to justify blocking the one and a half trillion-dollar Pak-China trade route via CARS. Delhi is supporting the UK and US to win its share in the regional markets. In exchange, Delhi is opening its 1.2 billion-consumer market to the west. The direct foreign investment of $6 bn in Chennai by the the foreign automobile industry including American is a case in point.

Islamabad should therefore stand up to protect its national interests. Islamabad can avoid any military misadventures against Pakistan by securing its borders with the help of different steps including the use of obstacles, ditches, fences and walls, electronic surveillance, mines, the deployment of paramilitary forces, police, enforcing international travel agreements on both side of Pak-Afghan borders, the judiciary and help of its allies and the international media. Similarly, tell the US forces operating in Pakistan to leave (US lawmakers reject motion for pulling US troops out of Pakistan, Local press, July 29).

As part of a ‘Road to Hague’ policy, Islamabad should bring the International Criminal Court (ICC) option on the table. Based on the Chilcot Inquiry and Nick Clegg’s statement that the Iraq war was illegal, Islamabad should approach international platforms to bring Bush, Blair, Brown, Musharraf and their teams to the ICC. A strong stand to demand arrest warrants of American, British, Iraqi, Afghan leaders for their involvement in crimes against humanity will help bring an early end to cacophony of ‘do more on SWAT’ drama.

It is opined that there is a pattern in anti-state dramas including 9/11, 7/7, Mumbai, and Cheonan (sunken South Korean military ship). To expose the Mumbai drama to the world, as an observer member state of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), Islamabad should demand an independent inquiry into Cheonan to expose the alleged international conspiracy aiming to isolate Beijing in regard to the Korean Peninsula. The timing of the incident just before the 2nd Sino-US Strategic Dialogue has been questioned by the Chinese media. It is opined that the Cheonan was used to influence Beijing to revalue its currency. The US-South Korean naval exercises in China’s backyard are a ploy to justify the permanent presence of US forces in South Korea (China Daily, June 1), and scuttle the Sunshine Agreement between the Koreas. The Agreement would have allowed reunification of the Koreas on the lines of Germany. Arguably, the Cheonan sinking is one more excuse to continue the US presence in the region, just like Manila and Tokyo. Similarly, Delhi is using the Mumbai drama to keep its control on Kashmir, and in exchange, it is bringing Myanmar and Washington closer despite the poor human right record of its infamous ruling elite. Thus, Islamabad should not be apologetic on the Mumbai drama. Instead, it should stand up for Kashmir as its integral part on the line of the One-China policy.

The West has been blaming Beijing for its human rights record. Islamabad should demand the SCO freeze its trade relations with the UK, USA and other NATO allies for human rights violations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kashmir and Palestine by the occupying forces. According to international law, every nation has the right to defend itself against occupation forces. The SCO and international human rights platforms should demand accountability for gross violations of human rights and international conventions in occupied countries. Next, call for arrest warrants of leaders involved in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir and Palestine, on the lines of the Darfur genocide warrants, for millions of deaths and gross violations of human rights and international conventions. Beijing must exert its moral and diplomatic influence to help end crimes against humanity, illegal wars, and the abuse of state machinery by states to quell legitimate resistance for upholding UN Resolutions.

Beijing refused to host Robert Gates following the US-Taiwan arms deal to protect its One-China policy. The respect of Pakistan’s sovereignty, nuclear status, resolution of Kashmir as per UN Resolutions and right to protect its economic interests and independent foreign policy should form the basis of its relations with rest of the world including the US and UK. The provision of nuclear technology, military equipment and sale of trainer aircraft to India are unacceptable to Pakistan. These pacts undermine Pakistan’s security, geo-strategic and geo-economic interests. They also undermine the balance of power in the region and are part of propping up India against China. Islamabad needs to review its pro-UK, US and non-NATO ally policy.

Finally, Pakistan has to review its foreign policy, as non-NATO ally its support for America’s SWAT to protect its economic, trade and security interests in the region. Cameron’s use of ‘we’, signing of nuclear and military deals with India and refusal to raise the Kashmir issue are cause for genuine concern for Pakistan. Pakistan should push for bringing to book the perpetrators of war crimes, crimes against humanity and gross violations of international laws and conventions. London will try to spin its way out of Cameron’s anti-Pakistan remarks, but without [spin] who would believe the UK while the Indo-UK nuclear and military deals are intact and there is no progress on holding a public inquiry of the 7/7 drama. Similarly, Beijing should play its role to help hold an independent investigation of the Cheonan sinking so that the world also sees the truth of the Mumbai drama.

* With additional editing by Aletho News for Western English readers.

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  1. Nice fantasy this is, seeing Blair and Shillary’s boyfriend, and George W. Bush, and hell, even George H.W. Bush, ‘punished’ for war crimes. But it won’t ever happen.

    And the reason it won’t ever happen, is that the Powers That Be, globally, are bought and paid for and under total control of the fomenting bastards at the heart of it. Uh huh. The British Crown kisses the Rothschilds ring, and so do all of the other world’s leaders. There’s no International Criminal Court in the Hague, only a skeleton crew of evidence destruction personnel who, 24/7, man up shredding machines and who are trained to retain not one thing they see as they feed it into the shredder.

    Ah, I know, you think me to be a tad pessimistic. I am. For good reason. Look at all of the major, and I do mean, MAJOR WAR CRIMES thru human history. Has a single one been punishable in any court? No, I didn’t think so.

    We now live in a world where the extremely wealthy amongst us, one tenth of one percent, who own EVERYTHING, are able to exterminate us, at will, and get away with it. They don’t face any serious threat in any known Court, under any known Law, which they control, or circumvent, as needed.

    Next time you see another Tony ‘the poodle’ Blair costume behind bars, instead, imagine yourself, behind bars. The bars, by the way, are in your mind. They’re there because you fail to see that thinking outside the box about what indeed Rule of Law never ever was, and you all fail to grasp that the only way that Rule of Law ever could be established, is that as one man put it; “The last King be strangled by the entrails of the LAST PRIEST..”

    there’s no Justice, Rule of Law, or retribution except for the proletariat class of who we are. Those are the only standing penalties in the world, at large. The ones that nickel and dime us nearly to death while ignoring crimes that truly should be punished, but will NEVER BE PUNISHED.


  2. I am an eternal optimist and its only a matter of time “the wheels of justice may grind ever so slowly but they do grind ever so thoroughly”.

    We mustn’t forget to throw in little Johnny Howard Australia’s then PM, and the other coalition of the dummies into the ICC paddy wagon.

    Comment by lydia | August 2, 2010

    • you’re right! unfortunately the karmic whip has nothing to do with any judicial process. might be pretty naive to think the way I do about this, but in the long run, somewhere down the road, there is truly a form of reckoning that occurs, whether you or I or anyone else is privy to that. Sometimes it comes in the form of afflicting the niece of the scumbag with a form of venereal disease that renders her infertile, or it causes a brain tumor to develop in the wife’s head, or the grandchildren die in a carbon monoxide filled home someday for no apparent reason. Now and then when I hear of a real shitbag getting diagnosed with a quick killing cancer, I tip up a glass in a toast to the forces in the universe that made that happen, and tell whomever; “vengeance may not be mine, but oh my how good it is when I get to watch it in motion..”

      Comment by in the grand scheme of things, Time Wounds All Heels.. | August 3, 2010

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