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  1. The only useful role these MOSSAD elements get to serve in Amerika, is to ‘divide’ and hence ‘conquer’ the malleable, and barely able to think for themselves population, with constant attacks and paranoia and fear mongering of virtually every dark skinned or ‘apparently different’ human being that lives in the rest of the world. They like to demonize COMMUNISTS because in the good ole ‘bad’ days of “DUCK AND COVER”, Amerikan’s were trained from a very early age to believe that COMMUNISTS were hiding under their bed, on their shores, and borders, waiting in great hordes of flesh eating, liberty swallowing, hammer n sickle toting gangs of murderous souls intent of destroying Amerika right down to mom’s apple pie and innocence.

    Unfortunately, the whole gig was to shovel all of Amerika’s financial wealth over to the Military Industrial Complex, and the growing and out of control Central Intelligence Agency to protect the Pentagon. The only way the dumbed down by FLOURIDATED WATER and INANE TELEVISION CRAP pumped out by predominantly zionist jewish producers, was to convince every single Amerikan that it was, in fact, UNAMERIKAN to even question authority or the Pentagon or the war efforts in Vietnam/Indo-China.

    But, guess where the war profiteer’s were sitting all this time? In London. In Evelyn De Rothschild’s study, smoking a big fat meerschaum pipe and watching smoke rings float up to the gold encrusted gilded ceiling.

    It’s always been for the purpose of PROFIT, this A.D.L., and S.P.L.C. ‘divide and conquer’ and ‘hate muslims’ or in fact, HATE EVERYONE WHO’S A FOREIGNER schtick of the Rothschilds. That’s the most effective anesthesia for them to use while they’re in your pockets, picking them and you BLIND.

    Now that everyone except a few cro-magnon proto humans still evolving from salamanders in the south, like Mike Malloy, who think that A.D.L. and S.P.L.C. are ‘good people’, most of the world has figured out that these guys are just extensions of the Israeli MOSSAD or zionist secret service…on U.S. soil. For all practical purposes, they should re-build the PENTAGON and call it the HEXAGON, to show the true masters who OWN AND OPERATE IT are in Israel.

    It’s that simple. ADL+SPLC=MOSSAD OP. Toss in F.B.I. and C.I.A. to that list, as they are the de-facto enforcers of the ROTHSCHILDS on U.S. soil. Their sole purpose in life is the enslavement and paranoia and terror mongering that’s needed to keep you ready and willing to fork over your last red cent of your earnings to the PROFITEERS in London, formerly known as BAUER.

    Comment by THE REAL GOAL OF THE A.D.L. AND S.P.L.C. AND B'NAI BRITH | August 1, 2010

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