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  1. ‘The Past Is Prologue’ is inscribed on the frieze of the National Archive Building in Washington, D.C.

    19th Century parasitical imperialism is the template for the encroaching the 21st Century New World Order.

    Tens of millions will be deliberately starved to death and genocide perpetrated by biological weapons and environmental warfare using HAARP.

    Elections were an irrelevancy then, as they have been since then in the formulation and implementation of overt and covert geopolitical monetary manipulations as Fidel Castro outlined about the Bilderbergers this week.

    We are living in a world ruled by Plutocracy, not democracy or even in its diluted form of republics.

    It was this imperial plutocracy that is responsible for the psyop of 9/11 following on the heels of its US-led NATO Crimes Against Humanity in the former Yugoslavia.

    It is this same cabal of predatory capitalist that threaten all the world by aggressive encirclement of Russia and China.

    Arch war criminals dictate policy, as with Zbigkniew Brzezinski the de facto president of the United States, with his puppet prince Barack Obama under the sway of Israeli Mossad agent Rahm Emanuel.

    Had Spartacus won the slave revolt, evolving the world to a state of political and economic equality, what might things have been like for the past 2,000 years?

    We must start formulating what things should and should not be like “After The Revolution” if we are to ever get there and not concentrate on lamentations without addressing solutions needing public debate and resolution by direct popular vote, without the nullification’s of “special interest” or elites presumed to “know-better” what is best for the rest of us, better than we can decide ourselves.


    Comment by Bill Mitchell | August 20, 2010

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  3. Madame,

    Why delivery system on military be the intention to America & NATO if the economic is the reason world need a peace?


    Comment by thanaif | August 23, 2010

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