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  1. Institutionalized apartheid!
    Equal to the apartheid-policies and regime of South Africa!

    The world must recognize the fact that the state of Israel is steering towards total indifference of human values and norms, and must come clear with what the world community wants to do about the deterioration of worldwide accepted and implemented values and norms!

    With this path the state of Israel is ending in the darkest hole ever, given the examples in the past, and the knowledge of what has happened with regimes that followed this path of darkness, exclusion, oppression and suppression!

    No one can stand by idle and look on, the world community must act, act against what is happening in the state of Israel!

    Israel has no external enemies, the state of Israel is its own enemy!

    Comment by Adrian Masters | August 26, 2010

  2. And the world is looking the other way, letting such a sick and hateful group of fascist do whatever they please. Haven’t we learned anything from past history, or is all this hate coming from the same type of people whom are responsible for past and present chaos and death around the world in the first place?
    To be so disgustingly rotten and still claiming to be part of the human race is simply satanic and must be rejected by any means necessary.

    Comment by B.Benhamid | August 26, 2010

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