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Poll: Kashmiris want independence

Press TV – September 12, 2010

About two thirds of the people in Indian-controlled Kashmir seek independence, while six percent want their region to join Pakistan, a recent survey shows.

According to a poll conducted by the Sunday edition of the Hindustan Times, 66 percent of the respondents in Kashmir wanted “complete freedom (for the entirety of Jammu and Kashmir) as a new country.”

Only six percent of those polled wanted a “complete merger of the entire Jammu and Kashmir in Pakistan.”

Kashmir has recently been rocked by violent pro-independence protests. The demonstrations started after security forces killed a teenage protester in June.

Some 70 Kashmiris, including children, have lost their lives during three months of unrest. Thousands have been killed in volatile Indian-administered Kashmir since 1989.

The new poll shows that most Kashmiris blame the Indian government for the current wave of unrest in the region.

On Sunday, Indian security forces enforced a strict curfew in much of Kashmir, a day after a massive rally was held in protest of Indian rule.

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  1. If you just consider Indian Kashmir, then Anti-India Protests are only going on in the ‘Kashmir Valley’, Mind it ‘Kashmir Valley’ is only 16% Land Area of ‘Total Indian Kashmir’. Most of Terrorist Activities are concnetrated in 4 Districts of only this Small Kashmir Valley like Kupwara,Baramula,Srinagar and Anantnag because these are areas lie close to Pakistan. Most of the Terrorists come from Pakistans Punjab Province and they are not Local Kashmiris, but Madrassa Intoxicated Hate Bombs from poor and illiterate Families.

    Moreover Muslims of Poonch and Rajouri Districts are strongly pro-india. Mostly , Gujjars and Bakarwal Muslims inhabit Poonch and Rajouri DIstricts are they won their Scheduled Tribe Status after a long-struggle in 1990 under Chandrashekhar Government. They have nothing to do with Pakistan or Independent Kashmir. Come on any Pakistani argue with me over this ?

    Coming to Kargil District, the Shia Muslims inhabiting this Vast District are strongly Pro-India and majority of them wants along with Huge Leh/Ladakh DIstrict to become a Union Territory and they dont care about Pakistan or Independence. Because Shia Muslims are well-aware what Fate awaits them in Pakistan if they go there. Every other day you hear NEWS on TV Channels abour Sunni Muslims blowing up SHIA Mosques in Pakistan. You dont see that in India ? Right ? Buddhists of Huge Leh District and Hindus and SIkhs of Jammu are Pro India, everybody is aware of that

    So only 4-5 Districts, and that only in Kashmir Valley which is only 16% Land Area of Whole Indian Jammu and Kashmir are disturbed.

    I would challenge if someone would argue with me over these Facts.

    Why our Media doesnt show this aspect. Things is most Journalists I see on TV can do little more than Babble English. THese under-educated Airheads, Bums need to read Historical Books and Documents and take SUrveys and highlight truth. What they do is just go to Srinagar and report that well Kashmir is disturbed. Why their is no Unrest in Poonch,Rajouri,Jammu,Udhampur,Kathua,Kargil,Doda,Leh,Ladakh ??? Why you ignore 85% of Land Area and just go to Kashmir Valley wheich is only 15-16% of Total Kashmir ???

    Again these under-educated English rattling Journalists/Anchors dont even know about Demographics of Kashmir and start reporting about Kashmir. Obviously they seriously missed their History and Current Affairs Classes in College. I am from Himachal and I still know so much about Kashmir, but Journalists and News ANchors dont even care about their level of Education and Knowledge !


    Comment by Rohit | February 15, 2011

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