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The Source of America’s wars, Neocons Zionists

Rys2sense | October 27, 2010

Whose interest are we spending trillions of dollars on wars and bankrupting America for? Certainly not America’s interests.

It’s not a blame Israel chorus (Alex) or some abstract group. It’s facts. The pre-war hype that led to war with Iraq was not generic corporatism. The lies specifically came from a zionist cabal in the DOD.

It wasn’t oil companies faking Niger documents it was Ledeen and Franklin. It wasn’t weapons companies lying about witnessing a transfer of anthrax in a meeting that didn’t even happen, it was Woolsey Barns and Schmit.

It wasn’t security companies lying about WMDs or spying on the US it was AIPAC It was the god damn Israeli moles Perle, Kristol, Fieth, Frum, Abrams, Libby, Wolfowitz, Kagan, Goldberg, and Grossman.

This is not some vague blame game. We have very specific facts as to who did what and it WAS the Israelis and this IS Israel’s war.

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  1. Great concise indictment naming-names. Bravo!

    But what of the higher-up folks with veto and “green light” power in NYC, Israeli and Washington, D.C.?

    Looking a photo of Netanyahu with Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, who was the only republican in Clinton’s cabinet and was seated again with George W. Bush cabinet after 9/11. He was also seated in the Washington Cathedral for the memorial service for victims of 9/11.

    Likewise, we can not ignore David Rockefeller or his left and right ball, Brzezinski and Kissinger, respectively. And what of the bigtime Zionist in NYC, Hank Greenberg, Larry Silverstein, Bloomberg, Ron Lauderberg, and I am sure there were others in England and France.

    9/11 was a greater fraud than the rigged presidential elections of 2000 and 2004, to put and keep, George W. Bush in office to be the dummy for Cheney who was the CEO of the USG Inc under the usurpation of the richest, most powerful mobsters and mass murderers in the world, and who might be willing to do as Israel has threatened, “to take the whole world down with them.” Easy for old dickless men that no one ever loved, and have none to give to anyone, and therefore psychotic, dangerous, and conscienceless.


    Comment by Bill Mitchell | August 1, 2011

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