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German people in unprecedented rebellion against government

1,000 injured in nuclear protests, police at breaking point

By Jane Burgermeister – November 8, 2010

Like the Roman legions vanquished in the Teutoburger Wald in Lower Saxony in 9 AD, the 17,000 police officers that marched into the woods around the nuclear storage facility in Gorleben in northern Germany on Sunday morning looked invincible. Police personnel from France, Croatia and Poland had joined in the biggest security operation ever mounted against protestors against a train carrying nuclear waste to a depot in an isolated part of  Lower Saxony’s countryside. Helicopters, water canons and police vehicles, including an armoured surveillance truck, accompanied an endless column of anti-riot police mounted on horses and also marching down the railway tracks into the dense woods. Tens of thousands of anti riot police clattered along the tracks, their helmets and visors gleaming in the morning sun, and wearing body armour, leg guards and carrying batons.

But by Sunday night, those same police officers were begging the protestors for a respite.

Trapped in black, icy  woods without supplies or reinforcements able to reach them because of blockades by a mobile fleet of farmer’s tractors, the exhausted and hungry police officers requested negotiations with the protestors. A water cannon truck was blocked by tractors, and yet the police still had to clear 5,000 people lying on the railway track at Harlingen in pitch darkness. The largest ever police operation had descended into chaos and confusion in the autumn woods of Lower Saxony, defeated by the courage and determination of peaceful protestors who marched for miles through woods to find places to lie down on the tracks and to scoop out gravel to delay the progress of the “the train from hell.”

The police union head Reiner Wendt gave vent to the general frustration when he issued a press statement via the DPA news agency last night saying the police had reached exhaustion point and needed a break. Behind the scenes, a battle seemed to be raging between the police chiefs, tucked up in their warm headquarters urging more action, and the exhausted officers on the ground.

The police on the ground won out. The Castor train – called a “Chernobyl on wheels” because it has been carrying 133 tonnes of highly radioactive waste to an unsafe depot – was stopped in the middle of the countryside and NATO barbed wire was placed around it. Lit by floodlights and guarded by a handful of police, the most dangerous train on the planet was forced to a halt after a 63 hour journey across France and Germany.

The defeat of the legions at Teutoburg marked the end of the attempt by the Roman empire to conquer Germania magna. And the failure of the biggest ever police operation two thousand years later in the woods of Lower Saxony to tame women, elderly people and school children protesting the government’s nuclear policy, could well also go down as a turning point.

The Berlin government can no longer rely on the discredited mainstream media to control the way people see issues. Too many people recognise it to be a tool of propaganda. The government now needs to resort to brute force to bludgeon through decisions that enrich corporations and banks and impoverish everyone else. But the police forces  at its disposal are simply not sufficient given the scale of the protests now gripping Germany. Only 1,500 police reinforcements could be mustered on Morning from the entire territory to deal with road blockades by thousands of protestors aiming to delay the transport of the nuclear waste on the final leg of its journey.

The police officers were exhausted after shifts of 24 hours or more, often without any food or just a cappuccino and snack bar, and they had nothing to look forward to but more of the same drudgery after a night spent four to a room in a Youth Hostel.

A leading figure in a German police police union Bernard Witthaut today even lashed out at the government for trying to drive through unpopular policies using the police.

“Whether in Stuttgart or in Wendland today my colleagues are simply not getting out of their anti riot gear because of the wrong decisions by the government,” he said.

Many police officers also expressed sympathy with the protestors’ aims.

The question now is: how long can the use of police to bludgeon protestors continue when the protests are reaching this scale? How long can Germany be governed by a semi authoritarian regime using brute force when the force at its disposal is so small? The German army cannot be deployed on this kind of mission without sparking even more outrage. A false flag terrorist operation will hardly wash when the people are so fed up with the government lies and the media lies. EU soldiers will find it hard to deal with the Germans. The German and EU secret police cannot infiltrate all of the protestor’s organizations when there are simply so many.

The German people as a whole are on the march.

“Citizens in rebellion,” shouted a TAZ headline.

“Civil war in Wendtand,” fumed Bild.

NGO chief Kersin Rudek spoke for many when she said:

“We have lost faith in the government until they prove that their politics is for the people and not for the corporations.”

She talked about the “anger” among people at the “arrogance of the political class.”

As in the Stuttgart 21 railway protests, it was people from all walks of life,  a genuine grass roots movement, that arrived in Wendland to protest the decision by the CDU/CSU/FDP government to ignore a legally binding deadline to phase out nuclear power. Against the wishes of the majority, Bilderberg Chancellor Angela Merkel announced this autumn that 17 reactors would continue for another 12 years at gigantic cost to the tax payer in subsidies.

The tax payers of Lower Saxony even have to foot the bill of  50 million euro for the police operation to protect the nuclear waste – and not the electricity companies making a fortune from the extravagant energy source while the government keeps investments in ground-breaking new renewable energy technologies such as the third generation solar cells at a negligible amount.

As in Stutggart, the police used savage force against peaceful demonstrators reinforcing the impression of a government out of control and refusing to respect the basic democratic right of people to hold protests without being beaten to a pulp. Videos of the Castor transport on Sunday show police beating people with their truncheons, punching them and throwing them to the ground. Police also used tear gas, pepper spray and water canon.,1518,727706,00.html

One clip shows a police officer using his fist to punch a man lying on the railway track in the head.

About a 1,000 people were injured, it is reported. 950 people are reported to have suffered eye injuries due to pepper spray and tear gas, according to a spokesperson of “Castor schottern”. Another sixteen protestors suffered broken bones. There were 29 severe head wounds. Two people had to be taken to hospital.

One person had to be taken by helicopter after suffering multiple bone fractures after being trampled by a police horse.

But as in Stuttgart, the people did not give up in spite of the risk of savage beatings at the hands of the police. They insisted on their civic right enshrined in the constitution to hold peaceful political protests.

More than 50,000 people from all parts of the country and all walks of life attended a rally on a field close to Dannenberg. Thousands then marched through the autumn woods, splitting into small groups to descend into the valley, break through police lines to chain themselves to the rails or remove gravel from the  tracks to delay the train.

According to Spiegel, 7,000 people alone took part in the road and railway blockades.

An armoured police car was set on fire by masked men but it is not clear if this was an agent pravocateur acting to discredit the protestors. A video shows a man able to walk up to the armoured car and set it alight unhindered.

The overwhelming number of protestors were peaceful.

In spite of the sub zero temperatures and ground frost, up to 5000 protestors  lay down on the railway tracks at Harlingen late in the evening and refused to move. Supplies of hot tea, food and blankets were brought to them by mobile kitchens. Fires were lit to help stay warm.

The police worked from midnight until 7 am to clear protestors blocking the track, dragging many to an open air “prison concentration camp” where people were forced to sleep in fields surrounded by police trucks.

This morning, the protestors have regrouped today and thousands are reported to be preparing to block the transport by road of the nuclear waste from Dannenberg to Gorleben.

The organisers of the protest kept journalists and the public informed using live tickers, press releases and at Infopoints so that the whole country could follow the events outside the mainstream media. Radio Wendland is also broadcasting updates on the incredibly heroic resistance of so many people. At great personal risk, tens of thousands of people gave an example of courageous and peaceful non-violent resistance that will surely go down in history.

If this is the resistance for Castor and Stuttgart 21, just imagine what will happen when Germans finally grasp the scale of the banking scam being carried out by their “elite.”

The CDU/CSU/FDP government has already hit record lows in the polls and after Sunday’s savage police operation against peaceful protestors, support for them is sure to plummet further.

The feudal lords without a feudal army to push through their agenda of robbery are facing the end of the road now that their media propaganda apparatus based on the Springer and Bertelsmann empire is falling apart and their strategy of divide and rule through a false left/right political paradigm is no longer working.

A new freedom and power was born in the woods of Wendland. And it belonged to the people who have had enough of the arrogant authoritarian political class.

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  1. All science is due its day of reckoning.


    No one does.

    The moral imperative of life is to live a life that detracts not at all from the lives available to those who will follow us into this world.

    This moral imperative says it is immoral to gamble where the wager is some possible detriment to the world. That is the very nature of science.

    Immanuel Kant was good, but he was immoral. Immanuel Kant did not know of the moral imperative of life.

    The moral imperative is categorically true.

    And the moral imperative gives rise to something called Categorical Knowledge that will displace scientific knowledge exactly as scientific knowledge has displaced superstition.

    The belief in the efficacy of science is a superstition.

    Comment by Don Robertson | November 9, 2010

    • where can I learn more of these ideas?

      Comment by Steve Hudson | November 9, 2010

    • Legality has replaced Morality. The Talmud rules.

      Comment by wilson | November 11, 2010

    • That’s ridiculous. There is nothing wrong with science, the problem is the abuse of power be it by scientists, politicians or religious practioners of any faith. The problem is not belief but dogma and you Don have just stuck your foot firmly in the dogma camp. Superstition is the science of yesterday but the science of today and tomorrow is not superstition, it’s quantifiable knowledge as far as our ability to quantify is. Science is as close to an ideal practice as any practice can be as long as it is not abused and it is seldom scientists themselves who are guilty of this abuse but more often than not dogmatists who will manipulate anything to pursue their own agenda.

      Comment by sardonicus | November 11, 2010

    • to dear don robertson.

      I am afraid you have a very small grasp on the topic you speak of.
      Life has no moral imperative. This is a human construct you have created to deal with your inability to deal with the fundamental rules of biological existence. Morality itself is a man made concept… an opinion if you will.
      But for arguments sake, lets say I agree with your hypothesis…
      or at least heed the imposing question you ask even though it seems quite out of your intellectual reach.

      I would draw the conclusion that categorical knowledge is simply a means of expressing scientific knowledge… then again i would not expect you to be able to remove yourself from your emotional state to look at this topic subjectively.
      good luck…hey with broad sweeping generalizations like this…. you may make it all the way to benevolent dictator one day.

      Comment by Aussie guy | November 12, 2010

      • I don’t Aussie Guy. You seem to have said the same thing Don said. Notice Aussie Guy is hiding behind a handle while Don is using his name. AG is on the attack from the opening sentence. Life does have a moral imperative AG, do not kill. Don’t discredit religion, well you can but I don’t. It has 10 good rules to better the human race.
        I don’t think science has a limit except for “don’t hurt anyone”. Humans have no right to use nuclear energy, the work of science isn’t done until the paper work is finished. Clearly waste hasn’t been addressed properly. nuclear waste is not to be buried to kill another day.

        Comment by Don Jusko | November 18, 2010

    • What a load of absolute crap. You send like a first year philosophy student that has smoked a bong. There is no intrinsic morality etc…and I am not sure science is not efficient, I presume you wrote your comment on a nice new macbook, in your air conditioned home etc….technology is pretty efficient,as is science, its just what we do with it.

      Comment by sam e | November 14, 2010

  2. The people of Germany are showing great courage in their protest,i support them and their actions, it is their right to demonstrate, and to make the government aware of their displeasure at the decisions made by the politicians elected by them.If the government chose to force their decisions upon the people by use of violence, and force by the police, then the people have the right to defend themselves using equal amount of force. Should the government choose to continue with its policy of violence toward the people it is they who must accept the consequence of their own actions and all that goes with it.

    Comment by vanwinkle | November 9, 2010

    • The struggle is world wide. The Globalist-Illuminati(Cabalist)
      threat is the most potent force in the world acting against the principles that built western civilization. These are the forces that generated the overthrow of the English in the 1600’s(staging from Holland’s Cabalist Financiers ) and established their Bank of England, which soon ensued to the Rothschild hegemony, who proudly brought about the horrors of the 20th century: World War1,the Soviet Revolution, the Great Depression, World WarII, the Atomic Bomb, its use in Japan, the subsequent Cold War, the Soviet “collapse”, and now (illegal)Derivatives. Death is too good for them, IMHO.

      Comment by Mike Redmon | November 9, 2010

      • Agreed.

        Comment by babette | November 11, 2010

    • hey Van Winkle. You are on the money. The internet has spread the history of the East India trading Co and the Bank of England oligarchs. Hopefully there will be more changing of the guard across the world into independent sovereign States governed by the people.

      Comment by Jimdownunder | November 21, 2010

  3. Very inspiring! These sparks of humanity can build to a roaring fire.

    Comment by Linda Jansen | November 9, 2010

    • …just what I was thinking Linda

      Comment by Mandy | November 10, 2010

    • we keep the momentum going across Europe and we might just see the governments finally bow to the will of the people instead of the pressure of the bankers

      Comment by magpii | November 12, 2010

  4. Thanks to all those 7000 and more brave people, accepting (not just mosquito bites!) but actual injuries like getting hit on the head, having bones broken, eyes injured, etc., and willing to get arrested when that means being taken to a prison-camp area and sleeping there on the frozen ground.

    Very courageous.

    Thanks to the writer of this excellent article, especially for pointing out the possibility that the masked men who burned the police car may well have been false flag protesters.

    Comment by Sam | November 9, 2010

    • God Bless Jane Bergermeister. Do you know of her courage – to have filed a lawsuit against the UN, the Rockefellers, and Big Pharma over their attempt to kill people with their vaccines? And her subsequent travails, caused by those who can manipulate the overseers of the “legal” system?
      See the
      Read Webster Tarpley. Read Eustace Mullins. Read Carroll Quigley’s (one of them!) “Tragedy and Hope” here: Read the explanation for 9/11 Collateral_Damage_911 here:

      Comment by Mike Redmon | November 9, 2010

    • Yea, you can tell by the mask. We have them here also. I would suppose very soon these masked man will be un-masked and handed over to the converging police, or at least put on our front lines. Beware masked man.

      Comment by Don Jusko | November 18, 2010

    • Yes. All power to Jane. Pray to send her more courage.

      Comment by Jimdownunder | November 21, 2010

  5. Comment by red porch | November 9, 2010

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  7. Thank you sharing interesting

    Comment by felsefe | November 9, 2010

  8. If Americans had half the common sense and a quarter of the balls of the German people the US would be a totally different country.

    Comment by j r | November 9, 2010

    • Many Americans have been reeling from the whole housing market catastrophe, and have barely recovered enough to even begin to face the reality of our situation. Others of us have known for many years, even decades, that something is terribly wrong, and the agenda must be stopped. It is hard to say what it will take to mobilize the American populace, but if word spreads about what is happening in Germany, perhaps more Americans will be inspired to become involved in what really matters for the future of this country, and the world!! It is time to take back what rightfully belongs to all!! All of the treasonist bastards involved should be kept on a remote island with all of the surveillance devices they have developed used against them!! We’ll give them lots of vaccines, and only feed them gmo food. We’ll block their sunlight with chemicals such as aluminum and barium, and we will put flouride in their water. We will also find out what it is about their D.N.A. that is defective and makes them want to control and manipulate others. They will have to be implanted with RFID chips, and will only receive a slave wage. Last, but not least, we will make them watch all of the horrible music and movies they have subjected us to throughout our lives. Did I forget anything?

      Comment by loveforall | November 10, 2010

      • correction…instead of chemicals, I should have put ‘heavy metals’. And…Go Germany! Power to the People.

        Comment by loveforall | November 10, 2010

      • And maybe bring the ‘ill-loo-ME! ME! ME!- naughty’ from tHeir prison-island in shifts to remove the DU contamination from Iraq…

        someone ought to do it…

        Comment by cassandra | November 11, 2010

      • Yes – you “forget” that amerika is by and large thoroughly brainwashed, and cowed. They only got where they are today by ravaging, then looting Germany after two world wars, which they instigated, along with the English and the French. They somehow want our precious gem of a planet irradiated, beats me why – though i suppose it’s a mixture of greed, and the idea that they will through monstrous technologies either be able to “clean it up” in some imagined Future, or escape into space. They love their weapons so much they’ve saturated every nation they don’t like with depleted uranium (; it looks like we’ve had it. Nonetheless – go for it Germans \^_^/

        Comment by Helmut | November 14, 2010

    • As an American, allow me to explain a couple of things. First, the Founding Fathers of the United States built a Declaration of Independence from the exact same kind of tyranny we see today. They knew it would emerge again, human nature is what it is. The instructions the Founders left was first to attempt to “Alter” our form of government. The second, if that fails is to “Abolish”.

      The U.S. Constitution instructs the citizenship to keep and bear arms against tyranny. It means the chances of “Altering” are much higher with an armed, but polite society.

      America went through a very bloody Civil War in the 1860’s. Americans are engaging in one now but it is between bondholders, investors, corporations. So far it is a bloodless war which is the way we would like to keep it.

      Finally, no movement will succeed without independent media either here in American or in Germany in fact, throughout the entire West because we are all in the same boat. The upper middle class has been busy here.

      “Altering” our government mitigates the loss of life even if “Abolish” becomes necessary. But do not mistake avoiding bloodshed with not having the will to do what is right. I view a lot of websites. The retired special ops have started going dark. What they swore an oath to what not merely a piece of paper of the Constitution, they swear allegiance to the concepts of Truth, Freedom and Justice of a Republic, not Socialist Communism or Mussolini Corporatism.

      If violence occurs, there will be no formal announcements of the first stages of it from America. Much of it will happen in remote locations overseas. And I hope to God leadership comes to their senses. Best to evolve, mitigate losses on an equal playing field economically and restart healthy grow.

      Comment by Jason Rines | November 11, 2010

      • “I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy
        of our moneyed corporations, which dare already to
        challenge our government to a trial of strength and
        bid defiance to the laws of the country.” — Thomas Jefferson, 1814

        Comment by Don Marti | November 13, 2010

    • JR, you are right on the money! Just tune into a football game
      and observe typical “Americans”drooling mustard and beer and toxic “meatless” hotdogs and screaming support for those overpaid “Goonies”on the field and “glorifying the likes of
      “Paris” Hilton and other sluts.These are the “HERO’S” of the
      American people. You would think their collapsing economy
      would bring them out of their trance but they’ve been well programmed by the media( Govt. controlled)Heaven help us! GJ

      Comment by Gail Jones | November 14, 2010

  9. One thing about the German people (and this is why the would-be controllers hate them so): since the very earliest recorded history they have proved impossible to ‘tame’. Ask Varus – who sacrificed the pride of Rome in the Teutoberger Wald when the ‘superpower’ of the day tried to colonise Germana (having found no trouble at all in conquering the French in Gaul, and little trouble in conquering the English tribes).

    German folks have had a gutful with attempts to generate multi-generational guilt for WWII; they are also sick of carrying the French (whose economy is almost third-world once you strip out government subsidies: France is a basket case whose government finances are dodgier than Jacques Chirac’s corrupt dealings).

    This could – quite literally – embolden those who have had enough: it could be October 1989 again. It only took 6 weeks for Communism on Europe to completely disintegrate: let’s hope that Euro-fascism goes the same way, and as quickly.

    jr – your point on Americans is well-made: five generations of flag-worship and allegiance-pledging (and other indoctrination programs that would make Goebells proud) have hollowed out the American mind. Jefferson would probably have emigrated rather than try to lead the current Yank rabble.

    Comment by GT | November 9, 2010

    • My ancestors have been in the U.S. since the mid 1600’s, from Norway, France, Denmark, & Ireland. I would just like to represent America and say that yes…many of us have been ‘hollowed out’ as you say (television, flouride, pharmaceuticals, public fool system, etc./Project Paperclip, on and on)…but, there are many others of us that are acutely aware of the global corporate/banking domination taking place. And, we are aware of the lies. Please do not lump all of us together and assume that we are all brainwashed idiots. There are other people here like myself that are simply trying to provide for our children, and live our lives. It is my deepest belief is that all people are generally good…and it’s those few ‘bad apples’ that try and ruin it for the rest of us. Luckily, we are many, and they are few!!

      Comment by loveforall | November 10, 2010

      • P.S. This is a very inspiring story, and I will be passing it along to my fellow countrymen.

        Comment by loveforall | November 10, 2010

    • Loveforall, I think you need to get yourself an education. Rome had no trouble in conquering the English tribes? Do you mean the ancient Britons who lived in Britannia? The Germanic tribes who went into the making of the English came after the Romans left Britannia, though some of those Romans were actually Germanic, having been recruited into the Roman army for their fighting skills. England and the English didn’t come into being until the Germanic tribes settled in what they called Englalond (England) which was named after themselves – themselves being ‘Englisc’ and ‘Angelcynn’ (English and English nation respectively). The Romans certainly didn’t conquer we English, as they had already left when we arrived!

      Comment by Mike | November 11, 2010

      • Well said,saves me from having to say it.
        I hate that shit,always mixing up English and british as they were the same.

        Comment by Andy | November 11, 2010

      • Apparently there has been a misunderstanding…I was referring to your last comment in response to jr (whom I replied to as well), about “…five generations of flag-worship and allegiance pledging…have hollowed out the American mind.” Perhaps you can find more constructive ways to vent your frustration than insulting others? My ‘education’ is just fine, thank you very much! I am simply trying to reach out my fellow humans in an attempt to bridge the gap. No such luck this time.

        Comment by loveforall | November 11, 2010

        • Otherwise, I am in agreement with everything else that you stated. Peace.

          Comment by loveforall | November 11, 2010

      • the Normans sure kicked yer asses, though ;-)

        Comment by hubris | November 14, 2010

        • the Normans were twats

          Comment by Helmut | November 14, 2010

    • I don’t know GT. Your post is like a bad sandwich. It looks good on top but the bottom is decayed. There are those out their that would like to divide and conquer the nations. I think America will stand with the Germans’ ideal. It sounds like it’s us Yanks and Germans against you rabble.

      Comment by Don Jusko | November 18, 2010

  10. This story is fascinating, it shows what happens when a relatively few committed individuals decide to degrade the State’s ability to do whatever the fuck it wants. In this case it was a train full of nuclear waste, stopped in its tracks despite over a division’s worth of state drone-thugs (that's 3-5 brigades – or 10-20 battalions, if you prefer). Ahhh, Germans, when they decide Enough, they fucking deliver. Feels good man. It’s not October 1989 in East Germany, but it’s pretty fucking close: the political class is on notice. No wonder the Red Sea Pedestrians have had for several centuries a visceral hatred for Krauts; Krauts are very unhappy being treated as livestock, and are up in ways that would make the US’s Founding Terrorists proud. It’s no surprise that the Krauts never capitulated to Rome the way the Frogs did under Vercingetorix; even the Poms capitulated and were occupied, whereas Germania Magna never was. (And yes Washington, Jefferson et al were terrorists: they used violence as a means of overthrowing a duly-constituted government that they didn’t like to get foreign troops to fuck off out of their country. Sounds a lot like Taliban, yeah?).

    This story will get no traction whatsoever in the mainstream media because it shows just how weak and vulnerable the state’s droog-squads are; remove compliance and they fucking fold like weak bitches. The comparison to Varus’ experience in the Teutoberger Wald is apropos: the best of Rome’s droogs were slaughtered like pigs by Herman the German and his insurgents.Isn’t it funny how history repeats? The two major incidents that showed Rome’s decaying power, were the total destruction of Varus’ legions (9AD), and the slaughter of the forces led by Crassus at Carrhae (in Parthia – today it’s Turkey, but it’s a geographical stone’s throw from Iraq). The mainswamp media in Straya will also ignore the strange story of a rogue missile launch off the coast of California last night, how weird was that? The US Department of Death has no explanation, and there were no warnings to civilian aviators or yachties meaning it was not the US DoD who launched.

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  11. The Germans have learned the hard way that going quietly without protest leads to facism and oppression. A lesson most Americans will soon be learning themselves.

    Anyone who condemns protest and civil unrest owes an apology to all the germans killed by the allies.

    You can’t blame people for being too obedient 60 years ago but expect them to be obedient now.

    Comment by Jay | November 9, 2010

    • Keelhaul operation (6 mln dead civilians) conducted by allies makes atrocities conducted by Nazis (sponsored by some wall street bankers) relative equal.
      War is always a tragedy. But tragedy on massive scale was introduced first by financing from wall street banking.

      Comment by SC | November 11, 2010

  12. Gut gemacht!

    Comment by identalias | November 9, 2010

  13. Wishing you all a warm, cozy and delicious food-filled holiday season

    Comment by araba yarış oyunları | November 9, 2010

  14. so it wasnt the same crew who did the damage to thee oil rig.
    This just confirmed it.

    Comment by Ld Elon | November 9, 2010

  15. Great article and comments. It warms my heart to see the unity among so many from all different countries fighting the same enemy. Kudos to our German brothers and sisters in the war for liberty!

    Comment by Rick | November 9, 2010

  16. This protest was clearly effect. Yet the issue is can it be sustained and its fervor directed at other issues, namely the Rohchild-Rockefeller Cartel’s FINANCIAL LOOTING of EU national treasuries and implementation of security policies
    initiated by EU members’ BOUGHT politicians and so-called political leaders.

    EU nations will surely have to protect their Freedom, Justice and Liberty on their own because US citizens are BOUGHT COWARDS bought with the Wealthy elite’s Infotainment News, Dancing with the Stars and Fast Food! Americans have lost their Persent to elitist ‘Outsourcing’ and their Future to Endless Resource Wars, Video Games & Racism!
    Good Luck Germany, France, Greece & Ireland…

    Comment by JosephConrad | November 9, 2010

    • God bless u Joseph.sooner or later some people even american citizens having no alternatives,will be forced by nature to jump through the fire-walls.

      Comment by kostas | November 10, 2010

  17. wow, big, big news. thankx Aletho!!!!

    Comment by sam | November 9, 2010

  18. Inspirational

    Comment by LibertyTreeBud | November 9, 2010

  19. We are right there with you!!!

    Comment by Eileen H | November 10, 2010

  20. We in The United States salute your strong German determination to take a stand. As an American citizen I can tell you that many nations feel as you do. In unity we will all realize that the “Internationals” are guilty for conspiracy against humanity. All citizens unite to have the right to keep your traditions, nationalism and fidelity to our Mother and Father lands. The enemy are cowards and our police are traitors for not defending their people. A great storm is on the horizon. Viva humanity at its best. We all have one thing in common. We want what our creator and nature intended us to be. Proud, strong and warriors. Let us all come together to protect what is ours.

    Comment by Diogenes | November 10, 2010

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  22. Was this covered by the bbc or cnn?

    If the english had the mindset(and balls perhaps) and the americans had the brains and balls to do something like this, the world would be a very different place, a much better place, obviously.

    Comment by d | November 10, 2010

  23. I salute your courage and I hope it spreads world wide.

    We here in Ireland will have to take a similar stand against the Banksters.

    Comment by Dolores | November 10, 2010

    • The Rothsdchilds own most of the uranium mining worldwide, directly or indirectly through stock ownership.

      Comment by Brigitte in Paris | November 11, 2010

  24. And who owns 70% of the uranium deposits? Corperate governance=fascism.

    Comment by Andy | November 10, 2010

  25. There’s a lot of foolish people posting here, glamorizing anarchy. Of course, you people haven’t actually experienced anarchy. While all of you romanticize the idea of taking down the state, I suggest you go to Somalia and see what a stateless society looks like. Without government, humans behave collectively like sociopaths. And I doubt many of you posting here are very well equipped to deal with an environment like that.

    Comment by John McPherson | November 10, 2010

    • Your a dolt. You really think these people want anarchy? No! they want limited government and their personal rights. To suggest people are romanticizing about eliminating government is just your uneducated way of thinking. Do some research, start with ZEITGEIST II ADDENDUM. We are slowly but surely being stripped of our personal rights by corporations, who are taking over the government for their own profits and agendas. WAKE UP.

      Comment by Dave | November 10, 2010

    • This is not about Anarchy. I suggest you start reading Truth In Money by Thoren and Wagner and Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins so that you’ll be enlightened. People throughout history has lived and survived just fine without government, it is called self responsibility, it is called moral value, it is called small government, self determination, you can even call that Anarchy. For after all, Anarchy got its bad press in recent times only. There are different ways at looking at it. “Another type of anarchy, one which serves an example, a beacon for personal and cultural self-transformation. Being a very independent, individual free-thinking can lead to either form of anarchy” from Anyway, these protesters are not Anarchist, why do you associate protest to Anarchy? Say all members of your family are MURDERED because you tell the truth about government injecting Syphillis in an experiment, then the whole community went out to support you in protest and the result was the termination of that government. Is that Anarchy for you?

      Comment by Francis Tanseco | November 10, 2010

      • That’s not “anarchy”, that’s chaos; look them up.

        Comment by Helmut | November 14, 2010

        • by the way: government and the media deliberately “confuse” anarchy with chaos, to make you think that rioting with attendant scenes of carnage is somehow anarchic – looking up these terms will make this clear

          Comment by Helmut | November 14, 2010

    • i suggest u read some of the somali history, they have a corrupt govt imposed on the people by the west. its all in the game plan to turn this world upside down so that they can impose a one world govt, for the rich. before we removed their elected govt by force and terror, they were not in the state that you talk of today. foolish people like you believe that you know more than others. do you know why there are so many somalian pirates now? because the fisher man found out that their govt allowed we the west, to use their fishing waters to dump their nuclear waste in. and when their govt refused to stop it, the fishermen took it upon themsleves to stop it. They have the right to protect themselves from OUR inhumanity to the world and you call them uncivilized? sthere is always 2 sides to a story, and u cannot rely on MSM to tell us the other side, but u can rely on MSM to make sure that “YOU” think of them as uncivilized.

      Comment by Helen from Canada | November 11, 2010

    • I didn’t read any comments glamorizing anarchy, but I’ll take anarchy over slavery anytime.

      Comment by j r | November 11, 2010

  26. I’d advise you to pay this around widely, and, esp; to your elected government – as, you do NOT want this coming to a town near you soon ;)
    your tax dollars working against you, this really sucks !!!
    (read the comments on article, and, on you tube)

    a real eye opener

    Comment by susan | November 10, 2010

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  28. I didn’t know germans are so opened minded to see through the thick curtain of lies and deceptions at the hands of their government and act upon it. But they are… and brave and curageous… thumbs up for people such as these… I love you, my dear german friends!!!

    Comment by Teodor | November 10, 2010

  29. Some strange looking trains in Ely station last year when I caught the train back from my repossessed home to london,Trains were grey and enormous passing on the other side at midnight looking like a nuclear convoy.I know Sizewell is close and waste the road was extended specifically now as the A14 for transport link to molesworth cruise missile site and sellafield.Any information on strange events in East Anglia?

    Comment by Stan Ayers | November 10, 2010

  30. Excellent article thank so much for posting.

    Comment by Rick | November 10, 2010

  31. Suspected Agent provocateurs need to be approached by several and have their masks/ hoods removed and their photo taken. Someone else must have thought of this by now but i don’t hear/see chatter of it anywhere on the net in relation to the recent provocateur interventions across europe and the united states these last few years…


    sorry for the comes with good intention


    Peace Simon

    Comment by Simon | November 10, 2010

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  33. Let the Spirited awake.
    Let the awakened take action.
    Let there be freedom.

    Comment by Josh | November 10, 2010

  34. There is LOVE in rEVOLution. Well don to you guys. You are all an inspiration. I am one with you all on this. Let our genuine spirit for PEACE prevail and our LOVE of PEACE be the light that will guide us all. Let the LOVE flow so that we can touch the Police’s heart to tell them that we are not doing this only for our own sake but for theirs too and that of their family. Rebellion worldwide is imminent and the NWO proponent are so scared to shit. In David Icke’s words, “We are many, they are few”. And all we want is PEACE and not the control of those Illuminati’s and Corporations and Corporation owned Government. The bell of rebellion is all over the world now and can be heard everywhere now.

    Comment by Francis Tanseco | November 10, 2010

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  36. I’m looking for full shares, shares, thanks to

    Comment by Royal Tube | November 10, 2010

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  38. We must never forget (forgive) that 666 million of the chosen ones were gassed in shoa by the Goyim cattle… Fascist protests of this kind are only anti-semitism…

    Comment by Ariel berger | November 11, 2010

    • And what exactly is your point Ariel Berger ?????? This is not about an alledged past, its about the future of the world, freedom and real democracy and choice for us and our children and our childrens children. By the way the only real semetic people in Palistine/ israel are the palistinians, so talk of this article or protest as being anti semetic, ” YOU HAVE NO ARGUEMENT ” !!!!!

      Comment by Victor Mace | November 11, 2010

    • so what does this have to do with jews? it has been proven that there was no gasing, yet u continue to use this lie as some sort of shield. in other words most of these people were not even alive during WWII, and i bet u were not either, stop living in the past and try to fit into the future. otherwise u will suffer along with the rest of us. u r not the chosen people, God had forsaken you. read a book once in a while will ya. as for these people they not only fight for themselves but for all people. only u would find a way to bring up something that more christians died in as if they did not count. fucking jews no wonder no one likes them.

      Comment by Dukke | November 11, 2010

    • the “600 million” figure was bumped down to about half (a sloppy revision) because the poropaganda machine couldn’t corroborate it; and remember that lampshade displayed to the world, claiming the Germans turned innocent Jews into lamp covers, soap bars, etc? i grew up with this as a kid… it was revealed to be a lie in the 50’s, the Israelis admitted that inspection found it to be pigskin. And so it goes.

      Comment by Helmut | November 14, 2010

  39. Rember people. Evolution, not revolution. Revolution means to end where you started…

    Comment by Tobie | November 11, 2010

  40. Fascinating. So the “little” people can still beat the system.
    Also fascinating to read the police’s unwillingness to use force, sympathizing as they were with the people.

    At the same time though, we should have no illusions as to what will transpire if the govt. really wanted people controlled.

    Brutal, thuggish ruthlessness is a hallmark of tyranny. It will be that way again as we progress to “end game” time.

    The rules can and will be changed on the fly.

    I suggest stay at home, dive into your “self,

    And meanwhile, keep the powder dry.


    Comment by anadianant | November 11, 2010

  41. Very inspirational turn of events. Keep in mind, in the USA $80bn has been expended to the DHS to kill the victims of child molestion by Catholic et:al clergy. Administrative Captain of the Wayne Co Ohio Sheriffs Dept Charles Hardman in Ohio has destroyed hundreds of lives in this cover-up.

    Comment by Evelynn | November 11, 2010

  42. If I didn’t live in the US I would be standing beside them. IF US citizens don’t stand up for their rights soon we will be herded into camps. Tyranny only understands fear.

    Comment by Beowulf | November 11, 2010

  43. See my description in my
    youtube profile of the connection
    between the disappearance
    of the Honey Bees and the Depleted Uranium.

    Einstein said:
    When Bees disappear The Human Race will follow.

    and being there , . . give me Thumbs UP please on my
    YOUTUBE SYMPHONY 2011 (wow)

    Comment by ankhaton on youtube | November 11, 2010

  44. That’s one way to defeat New World Order cops, dehydration and starvation. They can’t eat the bullet or get by for more than 72 hours without water. :)

    Comment by TheNorthernSurvivalist | November 11, 2010

  45. “The moral imperative of life is to live a life that detracts not at all from the lives available to those who will follow us into this world.”

    This says it all.

    Over the past 50 years or so, the Survivors of State and Church Abuse (colonised peoples, clergy abuse victims, civilian war casualties, military veternas, the poor, the distressed) have been telling their stories, bringing their Evidence to the ordinary folk of the Empire Civilisation, to help them break through the conditioning the Empire Civilisation has subjected them to, and so the truth isbeing recognised, not as a ‘conspiracy theory’, but as banal, drab fact.

    The Empire Civilisation is built upon abuse. Good people do what they can to live as good a life as possible, within a system that is corrupt, but which taught us all,schooled us all into believeing it was not.

    Good people are awakening in large numbers…..

    Comment by Corneilius | November 11, 2010

  46. Ask the protestors if they like cheap energy, cheap foods from around the world, and wonderous luxuries. If they do then tell them to get the he*l out of the way!! If they don’t then protest and say hello to a second Dark Ages.

    Ignorant fools, you know not what you do.

    Comment by Kurt | November 11, 2010

    • Kurt,

      Natural gas fired power plants produce electricity at less than half the cost of nuclear. The dark ages will come from the WMDs that France builds, not from burning clean, abundant natural gas. If it were not for France’s WMD program Areva would not even exist.

      Comment by aletho | November 11, 2010

      • Aletho,

        Glad Europe has the gas and water supplies to provide energy for itself or at least the means to trade for it under the new paradigm. :)

        Comment by Kurt | November 11, 2010

        • Kurt,

          Producers of energy are more dependent on sales than buyers are dependent on purchasing from individual sellers.

          Europe must ignore the Zionist insistence on the economic isolation of Iran. Iran is the natural competitor against Russia for supplying gas for Europe.

          With new methods, even Europe can produce plenty of gas and oil:

          Comment by aletho | November 11, 2010

          • Aletho,

            You mean in the winter Germany, Ukraine, Poland have pricing power over Russia for natural gas? At -20 who is hurt more with no gas sales to Europe? How about oil?

            China and India want Iran’s gas. Why should Europe get it? Or more to the point, HOW WOULD Europe get it?

            If Europe can produce more gas and oil at todays prices then bravo!!! But, it looks doubtful given the way your talking heads are sucking up to Medvedev.

            Comment by Kurt | November 12, 2010

            • Kurt,

              Regular supplier/consumer relationships do not utilize spot markets but rather long term contracts. If contracts are not honored the value of the supplier’s wares is quite diminished.

              Europe can import LNG from Kuwait or Bahrain and it can also choose to rely on various alternative non-Russian pipelines which transport Asian gas westward. Iran has enough gas to supply China, India and Europe. Venezuela and Canada also hold vast quantities of gas. A new LNG export facility has just been opened in B.C. for the Chinese market.

              Fracking technology has brought natural gas prices down to less than half what they were a few years ago. This technology doubled the proven reserves in North America overnight. Old fields can be brought back into production again. No doubt the same applies in Europe.

              Comment by aletho | November 12, 2010

              • Aletho,

                Wow, you are very knowledgeable on this subject. Thank you for the education. I read some of that article on your website. The one about how US nuclear plans are in trouble due to cheap natural gas. Think I am starting to understand where you are coming from. Very interesting. :)

                Comment by Kurt | November 12, 2010

    • Kurt, nuclear energy is not cheap. It’s the most expensive “energy” on the planet, sheds a mountain of radioactive waste that can kill us all and will do so in time. Cheap energy? Cheap food? No such thing. Food prices in the USA are climbing in spite of the fact that most labor in the food market is slave labor. If something is “cheap” you can bet it is too dangerous to use or is at the expense of slave labor. We are already in the dark ages ever since “nuclear energy” was developed. We need to convert to tidal energy, solar energy, wind energy–things that will not kill us or pollute the Earth and its atmosphere.

      Comment by Rosemary | November 12, 2010

      • Rosemary,

        Ask your dad if he can afford $20 a gallon gasoline, $2 or $4 a kWh electicity, $10/loaf bread, $10/litre milk… He will say, “Ahh it would be tough.” But thats just because he doesn’t want to scare you. You see once a person can’t even afford the basic necessitites of life then they understand the difference between cheap and expensive. Your “slave labourers” understand and they are happy to have a job that provides them with something because their alternative is having nothing. But don’t worry the great men of the world will find a way to produce more for us despite our foolish actions (like this silly protest).

        Oh and stop listening to that Green crap you fool teacher is spewing.

        Comment by Kurt | November 12, 2010

        • Kurt,

          Why wait for ‘great men’ to ‘produce more’?

          Energy is abundant.

          Nuclear’s purpose is primarily its association with the production of or capability to produce weapons of mass destruction.

          The poison is real Kurt, just take a look at the Chernobyl victims at the left.

          Comment by aletho | November 12, 2010

          • Aletho,


            31 countries operate nuclear plants and only 7 (8 or 9) have nukes.
            If it is primarily for nuclear weapons why dont the other countries have them?

            Israel doesnt even have a nuclear plant but it likely has nukes

            So you must believe that Iran wish to build a nuclear plant is in order to build a bomb not for energy. So you would want to destroy their plant then?

            Comment by Kurt | November 12, 2010

            • Kurt,

              Japan, for example, has nukes for both energy independence and rapid breakout WMD capability (Japan has all the components to put together ballistic missile delivered nukes).

              The US, having the world’s pre-eminent navy and most of its energy imports coming from Canada and Mexico does not need such energy independence but it does has an active weapons program and the PTB are trying to get the private sector to build a new generation of nuclear power plants to replace the current plants that were built during the cold war..

              I can’t say what motivates the Iranians to want nuclear power plants, perhaps sheer pride of mastery. I do know that the IAEA has found no evidence of a weapons program. The same can not be said about France. Areva is both state owned and managed in association with France’s WMD complex.

              Comment by aletho | November 12, 2010

              • Aletho,

                Yeah okay your idea makes a lot of sense. The nuclear powers need reactors to produce weapons grade plutonium. They need it bc the plutonium has to be replaced periodically. The expense is huge so the powers try to spread the costs out over their vassal states.

                All the nukes are actually controlled by one group.

                At some point in the future this group allows a minor nuclear war and gets all nukes placed under UN control (which is really just their puppet). This leads to the one world peace keeping force and NWO (that is from Battle Station by Ben Bova 1987. Others talked about and wrote similar things prior to that).

                It is plausible. But why hasn’t it happened yet? Why do we hear this same thing every few decades. Is it perhaps just a cover for something else? Something deeper, something so big that it would tear civilzation apart.

                Comment by Kurt | November 12, 2010

                • It seems to me that Russia and China still maintain their strategic independence as far as military issues are concerned.

                  Power and domination seem to be a compulsion with more than a few people.

                  Relinquishing the most terrible power known in history seems to be an end that few have even truly considered.

                  Comment by aletho | November 12, 2010

  47. I am very proud & impressed that these German people overcame 17,000 police PEACEFULLY…what a great example they have set for the world.

    Comment by Maiden PEI | November 11, 2010

  48. Rothschild’s Estate’s and Industries must be surrounded, protested and confiscated. These bastards have murdered 100’s of millions of people over the last several centuries. It’s time to end their dynasty. In American, they murdered Abraham Lincoln, John Kennedy, and Martin Luther King and many others who got in their way. Kennedy was going to sink the Federal Reserve Bank (The Rothschild Bank). They tried to murder president Andrew Jackson because he refused to renew the Rothschild’s, Second Bank of the United States charter. Jackson’s last dying words were,”I killed the bank…” While we’re on a role the Rockefellers need a good fifth avenue ass wiping. They have as much blood on their hands as the Rothschilds. Are you reading this Nathan?!!! One last word, DON’T COUNT THE AMERICANS OUT!!! The likes of US Congressman Ron Paul, The newly elected Senator Rand Paul, and those of the TEA Party are up in arms. The Americans are one big powder keg about to blow. The American arm of the Oligarchy is in deep shit and they know it. For those of you who don’t know what TEA Party means = Taxed Enough Already. One last thing – WARNING: These bastards will stop at nothing to maintain their power. They will go as far as to murder all of us if they have it within their power and I suspect they do. You know what I say to that?! Fuck you Rothschild Bastards pulled the trigger!!! My hat goes off to the German People!!! Long Live Germana…

    Comment by Clayton Jones | November 11, 2010

  49. Okay…wow?

    Comment by Banderman | November 11, 2010

  50. Those Germans don’t know how to tame the elderly, women and children. The German authorities should of asked the israelis to help, those tracks would of been cleared in no time along with a good solid removal of most of the forrest by White Phospherous and Napalm and the world would of cheered them for the israelis would of been acting in self defense, just like shooting peace activists in the back.

    Comment by Jack Harris | November 11, 2010

  51. Now that you have stopped the radioactive waste stop microwaving your brain day after day with a cell phone. Wake up! Now they’re selling the phones to colonised peoples, clergy abuse victims, civilian war casualties, military veterans, the poor, the distressed, and the disenfranchised. In ten years we will all have an acoustic neuroma. It’s time to lay down in the streets everywhere until the last cell tower is torn down or at least Udo Lindenberg is no longer singing.

    Comment by Rex | November 11, 2010

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  53. excellent ! finally, someone (thousands) fed up enough to actually Do something ! Maybe this IS the begining of the end of corporate madness ?

    Comment by bruce | November 11, 2010

  54. The people have been propagandized to always protest peacefully. If the police are brutal – be brutal in return. Police are traitors in every society – always backing the government, no matter how criminal its actions.

    Comment by James | November 11, 2010

  55. You can’t win this war, the present war WW3 that started with 911, that is a war to kill all the civilian populations of the world, with vaccines, planned accidents and man made natural disasters, as well as new weapons that are sprayed into the air that kill all life, new hybrid soldiers about to be unleashes that will slaughter everyone in their path. The powers that be have the mark of the beast-technology to turn humans into robot slaves-machines-Look at history-only nations that slaughter and destroy other life receive technology-it is in exchange for souls-when you kill rob rape torture and destroy in war-satan gets gets you-it destroys your souls. The new wars are all about soldiers killing maiming raping torturing imprisoning and robbing civilians-of water-food survival needs-these are the army the powers that be want-only soldiers will be left alive-to be given the mark of the beast-to continue to serve the powers that be as their willing compliant obedient slaves-only they will take the mark with no questions asked-those aliens at Roswell were such slaves-who tried to go back in time to warn you. All life on earth will soon end-only technology and satan’s hell will take those left(robots) to his kingdom-God has lost the battle on earth-there is no love/compassion/forgiveness/empathy/equality in all things in humans-who revel in destruction of life-punishment revenge sadism and cruelty and want inequality on earth especially economic-they want unequal chance to survive-capitalism/money. The earth belongs to all equally=those who hoard wealth steal the wealth that belongs to others and they belong to satan-the rich who you all envy-are collectively satan’s puppets-separated from God and love forever-through them he has turned you from evolving into angelic beings-and made you regress backwards into more predatory sociopathic beasts-soulless and godless creatures who deserve the fate you will now receive=death

    Comment by Jen Chen | November 11, 2010

    • Now I remember why I am not a member in ANY organized religion. I advise for you to read the actual literature you are preaching from cover to cover and get back to us.

      Here is my religion: Mankind is coded to evolve and make the world a better place. Do this and you will live a satisfactory life. Do not do this and someday expect to reap what is sown.

      You dare condemn all of mankind to death and say it is deserved? Even the Malthusians do not make such claims.

      I seek reguge in the concepts of Truth, Freedom and Justice because we call know what THOSE things mean rather than make-believe half reptilian/unicorns storming the earth raping women.

      Comment by Jason Rines | November 11, 2010

  56. WOW…Germany people, I am so proud of you. We will defeat the governments of this world. They are all corrupt and complicit in illegal affairs. And soon it will be the root of the problem, the elitists who sit in their mansions and direct the affairs of the world against the people.

    Comment by dogismyth | November 11, 2010

  57. seems to me that this govt should be forced to act on the demands of the people and not the corporations. the people are right to protest, it is their country and not just the politicians and their corporate scum. obviously those officers are ignorant as to what is really going on. or to scared to act on it. either way the germans are in trouble if they think they can rely on the police to protect them. revolt is the only answer and it has to be done soon. not just in germany but in every coutnry. especially here in the west.

    Comment by Helen from Canada | November 11, 2010

  58. Man we Americans are falling behind everything protests no nothing here anymore unlike the good ol days.

    Comment by IH8zionists | November 11, 2010

  59. German People are not playin’ around.
    For those about to rock – we salute you

    Comment by NadePaulKuciGravMcKi | November 11, 2010

  60. Wow
    Nice balls, Germany! Way to go.
    We could learn a lot from you. I wish Americans had the nerve to get out there and fight the overlords.
    Poor little jackboots, had to sleep in a hostel…
    Too bad for them, they should go find a productive job, put down the baton…

    Comment by Tim | November 11, 2010

  61. That is not a protest against the jew-mafia. It is protest against nuclear power stations and their dangers. It is more the ingrained ‘cleanliness’ health-issues, environmental-protection and so on.

    there have been equal protest (and brutal police action) against that nuclear waste in the 70’s, 80′ and 90’s. It is a continuation of those protests.

    The new thing is that the government brought in foreign police force to control germans. That is a new low for the government and will hav implication how germans see the progress in the EU.

    The former governments of Germany pacified the protest, with false promises and lies. It will work again.

    The current german government (since 1949) is a puppet organisation of the Allies (of for that Jews). They will do whatever their masters say. So it might be that Merkel is the fallguy in the game to pacifiy the people but the system as such will not be changed. The heading is clear: Abandonement of national state in suprastates like the EU. Basically a non-democratic commercial entity lead by commissars (I am not kidding, they are called like that).

    This supranational organisations will pit foreign police people (and finally military force as suggested by Merkel) against the natives. That is the new trick/step.

    Americans beware of any supranational treaties like NAFTA and others. What you see in Europe is the plan for the US too. You will have mexican police subdue the white people of the US.

    Comment by Ake | November 11, 2010

    • No different than Hessians and Prussians in America in 1776. Some of us are away of far more advanced plans to quell dissent than foreign thugs terrorizing a population.

      But please stop with the Jew thing. That is so 1880’s propoganda. As Napolean learned, financeers hold no national loyalty and are of all races these days.

      I am of German descent. If I can let it go so can you. Besides, the people of Israel themselves are most displeased with the corruption the last forty years seen on a global basis.

      Begin to understand the Central Bank model of mandraking. Forty years of it from West to East. But the interesting twist is China is not fully Ponging back as the bankers expected.

      I can’t say I blame them, the 1990’s banker miscalculations of accelerating advances for a global Chinese currency peg were massive and the risks immeasurable. China is now overheating, so the announced peg in 2013 will no doubt be a continuation of the stick policy of supply-side economics. This isn’t going to end well. Take care of one another.

      Comment by Jason Rines | November 11, 2010

  62. Ah yeah

    This protest are mostly organized by greens (environmentalists) and lefties, they are in general in locksteps with the illuminati agenda, at least they get massive financial support from the political class, which in turn is controlled by guess who.

    They don’t fight capitalism anymore, as that is mostly jews, but they are subverted to fight the rightwing which is the only part which fights the jew-agenda.

    So from the organizations there is not much to expect but hopefully some more people waking up about what is really going on.

    Comment by Ake | November 11, 2010

  63. The is the far political left in another stupid pointless effort against common sense. Germany is full of leftists who’s scientific education seems to have ended in the third grade.

    Comment by Adrian | November 11, 2010

    • Adrian,

      Given your comment, it seems that they must have learned that there is no safe or responsible plan for dealing with nuclear waste in the third grade.

      One wonders how many years of elementary schooling you folks that ignore this reality have completed that you never learned this fact.

      Comment by aletho | November 11, 2010

  64. das war nich das ende …..
    die schwachköpfe im bundestag werden sich noch wundern
    ich gebe diesen leute noch ein bis zwei jahre bis sie sich aller spätestens ihrer art von regieren stellen werden müssen (Konzerne Lobbyisten natürlich eingeschlossen )

    aber trotzdem sind sind sie hier in Deutschland verglichen mit Frankreich noch relativ zahm

    Comment by Marc Schatton | November 11, 2010

  65. The German people, more so than any other people, know tyranny when it rears it’s ugly little head. These brave people are a shining example of what EVERYONE in the world should be doing right now against globalist regimes.Let me ask all of you this. If the globalists win, and you’re still alive, what will you be telling your kids you did to stop the globalists?

    Comment by jeanette3654 | November 11, 2010

  66. You Germans have all the fun! Well done and I am sorry for what the German people have had to endure for the last 60 years. I am so proud as an Australian to see that justice in Europe will be done and those responsible for the subterfuge are brought to heed…!!!

    Comment by Tony | November 11, 2010

  67. Folks let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water. Monopolies are the problem not corporations. Commerce and trade are good things until whomever monopolizes any given service or product. The answer is to bust up the monopolies like the IMF or the American Federal Reserve. Freedom is the issue folks and when people are free they prosper. However, when the likes of Rothschild, Warberg, or Rockefeller, who hate liberty; monopolize energy, transportation, mining, food production and so on then the people suffer great injustices and burdens. The founders of the America had a great distain for monopolies and warned against allowing them to exist. Thomas Jefferson was the most vocal about guarding against monopolies. If Jefferson somehow was brought back from the dead he would be appalled over cabal that has hijacked our liberties. He once wrote, “Every twenty years its necessary to revolt in order that the blood of tyrants and patriots may fertilize the “Tree of Liberty.” Good day

    Comment by Clayton Jones | November 11, 2010

  68. O mon Jesus, pardon nous now peches;
    Sauve nous de feu de l’enfer;
    conduit tous les ames au Ciel–
    specialement celles qui ont la plus besion
    de ta Misericorde.

    Comment by wilson | November 11, 2010

  69. i’m german, and i’m so happy to read all these comments, it almost makes me cry! people get it, they get the point that we can’t let the facists take over in bright daylight again [behind the scenes, nazis are alive and well and they wear suits and ties, they run the fucking world if you ask me, the facism from the central banks has the nazi smell] – we must stand up against this. the media are LIARS and don’t tell shit, today the headline of the biggest brainwash paper BILD said something about fat in food, a huge headline – we have all this castor atomic bullshit going on, so many people protesting, and these fuckers can only tell us somethign about nutrition and diet??

    anyways i just wanted to thank anyone from anywhere!

    greetings from germany!


    Comment by alex | November 11, 2010

    • These “fascists” you mention, alex, are hardly “nazis.” They are Jews. Capitalism has always been under Jew control, and so was Communism, which they created when it served their needs. You need to step outside the goldfish bowl and learn about this. Try searching with Google. It’s real easy to learn, you know. All you need to do is find something you see as controversial, and then process the ideas so presented with your brain, instead of allowing your emotional aspect to ignore or shut out concepts that you feel are not so pleasant to you.

      Comment by Mudshark Jones | November 12, 2010

  70. Notice how the article mentions the failing control of the Springer media source..

    “The feudal lords without a feudal army to push through their agenda of robbery are facing the end of the road now that their media propaganda apparatus based on the Springer and Bertelsmann empire is falling apart and their strategy of divide and rule through a false left/right political paradigm is no longer working.”

    If only in the US non-partisan/non-political dissent was understood as something vital to the direction of our country. But, the Germans have a different experience with the tradition of organization and activism. . . . The ideals of Romanticism (and oddly enough, fascism.. as well) hold that not only institutions and economies are human (corporate) products, that can be altered or destroyed, but also that ideas and values can also be subject to revision. An interesting -unlikely- reality is that Romanticism is the basis for modern liberalism; the rejection of traditional dogma is itself an unintentional promoter of our imperfect and loosely structured western liberalism (as Isaiah Berlin suggests). It allows for conflicting ideas, but honors the shared devotion to an ideal, that is behind each and every conflicting belief.

    People (some Americans (corporate), with an interest in doing so) will attempt to interpret these protests as being a sign of the German disposition towards servile group activity (the trope of group behavior) – attempting to diminish the individual choice within each individual act of protest. But, working in unison towards a shared ideal is not the unthinking process that some would like to locate within these German protests; as though the protestors are simply a blinded throng of followers devoted to a shared radicalization; a sublimated fanaticism of devotion to the fatherland – as though, they’re in love with their own moral rejection of powerful and deceptive forces. In this way, it is not, as Winston Churchill noted in 1941, a case of the “the dull, drilled, docile brutish masses of the Hun soldiery.” And, perhaps it was never this; the qualities associated with pietism can be easily mistaken for servile devotion. But, I would argue that this example of mass protest will instead act as a reminder, or perhaps even inspiration of, the belief that a nation actually belongs to the attention of it’s people – ownership and requires both an ‘aktive Widerstand,’ as well as a ‘geistige Widerstand.’ And, most importantly, this is not a dead practice.

    Germany is now home to an enormous liberal/progressive population that owes part of its strength to the nations dark history; that famous instantiation of German organization. But beyond this obvious feature, organization and activism have a moral quality and tradition that transcends the logic of that moral obligation.

    Comment by G | November 11, 2010

  71. Hail th these brave German people and may they provide an example for people everywhere and a harbing of what is to come for the pro-capitalist, anti-people governments, the corporations, the pro-capitalist, anti-people media, the banksters and others.

    Comment by Charles F Moreira | November 11, 2010

  72. Hurrah for the Germans for standing up, Hurrah for the French for fighting back!

    As an American I can say I am ashamed at the stupidity and cowardness of the people of that nation. And here in Japan noone would ever stand up to the corrupt interests ruining this country, they just cower and shop for clothing and cell phone gadgets.

    Please see my paper at this website

    The Expanding Technosphere and Its Inevitable Breakdown

    Comment by Concrete man | November 11, 2010

  73. When will the police stop helping the rich and start helping their own?

    Comment by gdfsrggef | November 12, 2010

    • Never – for without the rich, there would be no police. Anyway, zey are chust following orders lol

      Comment by Helmut | November 14, 2010

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  76. pure fission bombs …

    Google “9/11 Nukes – Radiation-induced cancers”

    Comment by David Howard | November 12, 2010

  77. Wunderbar!!!!

    Please everyone share this story as much as possible. It’s not being shown by the British media (of course) so we have to celebrate and follow by example!

    Comment by Lauren | November 12, 2010

  78. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems that the make up of the protesters are crossing political lines and join together on this peaceful protest.

    In America, our TEA Party protests have been making deep impacts and I have personally witnessed liberal and conservatives standing side by side against our out of touch and out of control federal government. This is a great feeling to see people coming together standing up for what’s right.

    The US congress took a beating in the November 2nd elections because the people are finally realizing that they have been purposely divided and deceived. They struck back through the ballot box. That beats the ammo box, but its not ruled out if the thugs in Washington don’t clean up their act. Good day.

    God Bless the Germany

    Comment by Jerry Daniele | November 12, 2010

  79. Great article, I’ll be passing this around. My hope is that this can get out mainstream to show that there is something we can do against the fascism that is being foisted on all of us planetwide. By the way, my ancestors painted their faces blue and the Romans built a wall to keep us on the other side. Up your kilt

    Comment by Don Chisholm | November 12, 2010

  80. From my American observation, this is just the beginning of what I see more happening in the mere future. However, Americans are still asleep and hibernating and have no clue as to what is happening in this world. So how long will it take before Americans wake up and stand up for their US constitutional rights!

    These so called peaceful riots will eventually evolve and become more and more aggressive as the public matches force. When the time comes the masses will bear arms and at that point it will be civil unrest and marshal law will be declared by the American government in our country.

    After some pondering about this article and video, I realize that gold is not just going up because of the dollar specifically falling lower but also because there is great instability in political systems through out the world. Gold and precious metals are not just a hedge against inflation but rather a hedge against political instability!

    I don’t see Americans protesting so peacefully when things get out of hand. Indeed, Americans are hesitating to awaken and will hesitate to respond, but when the time comes, Americans will become fierce warriors against our government! The sleeping giant will awaken once again, “Beware of the wrath of a quiet man”

    Comment by Rick | November 13, 2010


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  83. In Germany everybody gets thrown into the prison for many years who do not believe in the Holocaust-Ideology. This says everything about the political control of the JEWS and there extreme danger towards a free society. You can deny the Holocaust on the Native Americans, on the unborn children (abortion) and on the victims of second-hand smoking – no problem, but if you say that you do not believe in the so called Holocaust of the Jews than they will throw you into the prison for many years in Germany – this is how the Jewish Lobbyists are destroying the freedom of speech and destroying the lives of all the people with a different opinion.
    By the way I do not really care about how many Jews got killed during World War II because this does not matter anymore, it is the past and the past is over, and the Jews are not the centre of the world even if they think they are, and besides of it, many people from many nations got killed in World War II, especially Germans and Russians. Killing happens in all the wars, especially in the USraeli ones nowedays, and this is what we should change and this is what we can change, because it happens nowedays. Obviously the Zionists do not care about these victims at all.
    But I do care who the real enemy of any kind of free society is…! Just make some research how AIPAC controls the US-Department of Homeland Security and who wants the police state… And also make some research how the Mossad was involved in 9/11…
    And visit the best website about this issue:!

    Comment by German Thinker | November 13, 2010

    • Glad to see the German Volk becoming alive again…You have been suppressed and sucked dry FAR too long now. Please set the example to my own spineless (once proud) Boerevolk.
      Reading your letter gave me hope again…

      Comment by Boere Thinker | November 14, 2010

  84. The Americans supported the Zionists in World War II and destroyed Germany. Now the Zionists are bringing down the US after you got used and abused for their agenda, and they are enslaving you too. Whoever serves the Zionists might get a temporarily advantage but will get terrible results in a long run. And trust me, I know it from my own experiences what it means to be friendly and kind. Behind your back they will trick and abuse you in return and they do not hesitate at all to destroy your whole life if they see an advantage for themselves by doing so.
    In the old German culture friendship and loyalty was our highest value, now in the Jewish-American-Reeducation-Colony of “Germany”, this does not mean anything anymore. Our high culture of spirituality, freedom and responsibility is replaced with selfishness, feminism and beaurocracy. Thank you so much Americans for bringing this shit to us, and thank you so much for supporting the communist regime in the former Soviet Union in World War II to enable them to occupy half of Europe. We are really gratefully that the Americans brought this communist tyranny to us! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    And now you can enjoy this by yourself, because it is coming back to you. Enjoy the body scanners, the police state, the IRS taxing you to death, the government taping your conversations, the big corporations ruling your life. This is freedom folks; yes this is the freedom how the US-Americans mean it. Enjoy, have fun, relax. Everything will be fine. Be a good slave; be proud to be an American! And serve the Jews well! Eat GMO, smoke tobacco and pot, watch television, pay your taxes and build up a successfully business, so the Government can take advantage of the goods you are producing. Work hard, you are a slave!

    Comment by German Soul | November 13, 2010

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  86. How can you expect “Americans” to get involved? Dont you know there are sports to watch on the tele. Want to wake up America, take away the tv for a month or so and make us think for ourselves…yea….when pigs fly.

    Comment by Harold | November 14, 2010

  87. We are the people. The government has to serve us and follow the direction we want. If the government acts against us and plays the ruler and sells our rights and freedoms to the Zionists and their decadent big international corporations like big tobacco, the GenTech-criminals, the pharma-mafia and so on, and also steels our time and energy by a bunch of power-addicted beaurocrats, than the government needs to get replaced and the arrogant government ashools needs to get punished by the people. That’s it.

    Comment by German Culture | November 14, 2010

  88. Get a grip Germany ( I’m fesh from America, had a few biers and gonna make some waves). The Joos are trying to control everyone by graft and threats. See it for what it is and fight it. There is a valid reason why they have been kicked out of so many countries.

    Comment by PETER TRAKS | November 14, 2010



  90. i am impressed by the solidarity shown by so many; i have always looked out for amerikans who recognized the evil of their nation, but they are the least able or willing to help themselves, or anybody else. i live in England, where most white English still believe the lies heaped upon Germany, even though many have been disproven (e.g., the “human” lampshade, the “gas chambers” hastily, and for some reason, “rebuilt” as soon as the Russians arrived, etc.). i talk to many young black and Indian people, they of course believe what the white people here do. Now Israel can do as it likes, apeing the excesses ascribed to the Germans, as they rake in billions every year, and probably for perpetuity, in “compensation”. The looting continues.

    Comment by Helmut | November 14, 2010

  91. Go German workers! Stop the train!

    Comment by Charles | November 15, 2010

  92. Americans GET YOUR STONES. You fathers and grandfather had them…GET YOURS you fraidy woooses! Get out there and save our freedom instead of listening to idiots on CABLE and radio! DAMN FOOLS!
    This is the one of the only way to get things ……done. The other is by special forces underground fighting covertly. Our country is under siege like Europe, they expected US to act first, but we are to now follow their lead and salute them for fighting for what is right. We will not sell our country out to the ruling elite class either and corporations and turn third world. That is final…end of story. NO NWO!

    If you do not wake up to this you are truly a useless un patriotic idiot. No this isn’t Gleen Tard Beckkk talking! I am not a paid propaganda stooge…I am an AMERICAN get it!!! SAVVY? I do not need talking heads making millions of dollars to persuade a bunch of weak minds to know up from down and all around and leave them not knowing anything but silly talking points to brandish around, as if they knew a god damn thing at the end of the day!

    Comment by Art Schmit | November 15, 2010

    • Hi my dear,
      Do you really think, you can win against the NWO-Zionist-Slavery-Machinery with some stones in your hand? They will use the police and the military against you and if this is not enough they will bring in foreign troops to do the rest of the killing-job to “reduce the rebellion US-population”.
      The US-Americans made the Zionists strong with their money, weapons and so on. Germany was the only strong power being in their way, this is why they did everything they could to destroy Germany and brainwash and enslave us, the Germans. They used especially the Americans to do this dirty job to destroy our culture with different methods like controlling the media, the educational system and so on, after they succeeded against us with their anglo-american soldiers and deadly weapons, and the American soldiers are still here, occupying our land.
      Now you have destroyed what could have been your strongest and most loyal supporters and you have to face slavery like all the other people on planet earth.
      The US is falling down and will continue doing so. The Zionists will just using you totally up and then throw you away like a slave that is not usefully anymore. The US-Americans did not care about what they did to others as long as they thought it is for their own advantage, now they have to realize, that their success over us, the Germans, and bringing us down will lead into their own biggest failure and total disaster.
      But I want to give you the key-element for the success against the Zionist New Slavery World Order: The key-element is taxation. If you want to weaken the bureaucracy of the Slave-Controllers you can do it especially if you can create a big tax-avoidance and self-sufficient movement. It is not only about income-tax: Whenever you buy something than you are paying taxes, because around half of the price of everything goes to the government as taxes that is already included in the prices. The taxes are the nutrition for the parasitic bureaucrats of the Zionist-Satanist-New-World-Slavery-Order!
      If you succeed with this movement, than you might have a chance, otherwise you will continue being a slave or even a dead man soon like all the other Americans.
      Joe Bannister is the last American Hero, just google this great tax-avoidance expert! I wish you great success and best Greetings from Germany!

      Comment by German Rebell | November 15, 2010

  93. From the middle of the Pacific ocean we salute the courageous non-violent protesters for standing up for all who share the planet. The courage of your convictions will never be forgotten. Nuclear power and weapons, along with nuclear toxic waste, must be stopped to save the planet.
    Our gratitude and aloha for your non-violent resistance.

    Comment by Jim Albertini | November 15, 2010

  94. We are at a point in history where the elite will soon be in the position of being hunted. This is why we see so much violence, to the point of desperation by the illuminati.

    When most people on this planet wake up and realize that we are in the same boat instead of pointing fingers, in other words reaching critical mass, then watch out. It is sad that it most likely will get to this point before things on this planet will change for the better.

    God bless the German people for standing up to the Luciferian tyranical cabal on this planet.

    Comment by Asbjorn Erikson | November 15, 2010

  95. Good for the Germans, time to stand up to these brutes! STARVE THEM!

    Comment by Bennie Duncan | November 16, 2010

  96. Unglaublich! REVOLUTION! REVCOM.US !!!

    Comment by Richard Stark | November 16, 2010

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  98. Germans don’t want to be nuked. They don’t want to pay for the obscene profits of the nuclear power industry. They seem remarkably sane.
    Will we in the US begin to recover a sense of reality and begin to pay attention to the nefarious plans of the nuclear power industry in the US?

    Comment by B. G. | November 17, 2010

  99. […] for full article . German people are no sheeple–still able to connect the obvious dots . Massive anti government demonstrations in Germany . Germany’s integrated alternative energy policies […]

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  100. hmmm…
    it appears ‘the nuts’ really do have ‘the juice’ LOL

    Comment by susan | November 18, 2010

  101. I completely support the efforts of the German people as they speak out. Stand up for what you believe in and never give up!! You are an inspiration to all of us all over the world who need to stand up to all that is wrong in the world today.

    Comment by Paula | November 18, 2010

  102. for The iLLs aka illuminati –
    it appears: “The truth is a hard swallow”

    Comment by susan | November 18, 2010

  103. this is a ‘good crack’
    for the so-called ‘conspiracy nuts’ lol

    Comment by susan | November 18, 2010

  104. Nuclear power plants and their daily radioactive emissions into air and water are surely a major cause of the growing cancer epidemic. Many thanks to the German protesters who don’t swallow Merkel’s acceptance of this poison. We can never wear enough pink ribbons to undo the damage nuclear pollution has done to our bodies.

    Comment by B. G. | November 20, 2010

  105. Why do the USraelis do not stand up against Nuclear Power in their territory? Has it something to do with their policy not wanting to allow anybody else to have it then themselves, so they can easily intimidate everybody with their atomic bombs? The CIA created the protests in Tibet, in Iran and now in Germany. Now they are saluting us for following their agenda. We are not getting called the bad gays anymore because we are following their agenda now, and it has nothing to do because we are opposing the government. Is there somebody who could explain why there are no such protests against the Americans occupying our country and against the Usraeli Department of Homeland Security discriminating and hurting German visitors coming into the US? I can tell you why: Because the CIA is not supporting this kind of protests, they would shout it down… But not much longer anymore, because USrael is following down nowadays and is losing more and more influence all over the world! :-) We need a leader like Mahatma Gandhi, who kicks out the USraele occupiers!

    Comment by German Resistence | November 20, 2010

  106. Citizens of the world. Here is a tactic used by the soldiers of the Allies and Germans on Christmas eve to celebrate Christmas by a ceasefire. In WW1 Lay down your arms! Sing songs, swap coffee cigarettes or tea. Show pictures of your children.Tell stories and help each other. My Challenge to the world is to lay down your arms and declare World Peace this Christmas. Lay down your Arms and send our fighting men and women home everywhere. Lay down your Arms and go home.

    Comment by Dan Jeannero | November 20, 2010

  107. the denizens of the us could and should follow the example of those in germany. start with the paid servants of the one world government and abolish its leaders. life will not get better by wishing. b.sargent,west colo

    Comment by b sargent | December 29, 2010

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  109. Real excellent visual appeal on this website , I’d rate it 10 10.

    Comment by Fannie Assael | February 13, 2011

  110. Read history as written by non political agents. The REAL danger is the catholic church with the black pope. They have murdered, waged war and conspiracies for hundreds of years. They blame everything on others,hiding to do their dirty poisonings, assassinations, and drug and grand thievery. The rothshields are their slaves. OS

    Comment by Om Sairam | May 13, 2011

    • Rothschwein took control of the Vatican’s money in about 1823 or so, and have been in control of the Vatican’s money since then. So how are these catholic murderers (which they are) being the uberlieutenants of the Rotshcwein scum? From my research, it’s the OTHER WAY AROUND, albeit it is splitting hairs when a nazi bastard like Ratsdingdong is in charge of the catholic murder club that helped banroll the nazi socialists in Germany in WW2.

      Comment by WHOA!!! | June 28, 2011

  111. #114 Om Sairam
    Isabella Bonotto is my white Pope. I know your mad but I want some examples and proof for your accusations.

    Comment by Don Jusko | May 13, 2011

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  113. […] The 17,000 police officers that marched into the woods around the nuclear storage facility in Gorleben in northern Germany on Sunday morning looked invincible. Police personnel from France, Croatia and Poland had joined in the biggest security operation ever mounted against protestors against the a train carrying nuclear waste to a depot in an isolated part of  Lower Saxony’s countryside. But by Sunday night, those same police officers were begging the protestors for a respite. Read more. […]

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