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9/11 revisited: 21 problems in official narrative

By Paul Balles | Gulf Daily News | February 26, 2011

In March 2004, publication of David Ray Griffin’s book The New Pearl Harbor, challenging the official story of 9/11, sparked widely different reactions.

Then in 2008, Griffin published The New Pearl Harbor Revisited, an update of his original study in which he said: “The expose of what happened on 9/11 has shown virtually every dimension of the official account of 9/11 to be false beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Forget about conspiracy theories. How can we allow falsifications lapse into history without demanding the truth?

It’s past time to demand honest answers to the questions generated by the official story.

Based on his continuing studies, Griffin compiled 21 reasons to question the official story about the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Here I have summarized his 21 points that challenge the official stories:

1. The official story has Osama Bin Laden behind the attacks. However, the FBI “has no hard evidence connecting him to 9/11”

2. Alleged hijackers who regularly drank heavily, went to strip clubs, and paid for sex could hardly be devout Muslims

3. Claims that passengers on airlines made mobile phone calls to relatives have been contradicted by the FBI

4. The FBI also contradicted Ted Olson’s claim that his wife phoned him twice from American Airlines flight 77.

5. Reported evidence for Muslim hijackers shows clear signs of having been fabricated.

6. The story that incriminating evidence was found in alleged hijacker Mohammed Atta’s luggage was a revision of the original story.

7. Planes showing signs of in-flight emergencies are normally intercepted within about 10 minutes. The military’s failure implies something prevented this standard procedure.

8. Then Vice-President Dick Cheney, while in the bunker under the White House, apparently confirmed a stand-down order prior to the strike on the Pentagon.

9. The 9/11 Commission removed a report from video records of its hearings about when he entered the shelter conference room.

10. The commission’s time-line for Cheney contradicts what he told “Meet the Press”.

11. Hani Hanjour, who could not safely fly even a single-engine plane, could not possibly have executed the trajectory reportedly taken by American Flight 77 hitting Wedge 1 of the Pentagon.

12. Wedge 1 would have been the least likely part of the Pentagon to be targeted by foreign terrorists.

13. Claims by Pentagon officials that they did not have the premises evacuated because they had no way of knowing an aircraft was approaching it were false.

14. Why would the Secret Service allow President Bush to remain in a Florida classroom for 30 minutes after news of attack?

15. On the first anniversary of 9/11, the White House started lying about Bush immediately leaving the classroom.

16. The official explanation of the destruction of the Twin Towers and WTC 7 (a nearby building that also collapsed) contradicts all prior history: steel-frame high-rise buildings have never collapsed except when brought down by controlled demolition.

17. Firemen, emergency medical workers, police officers, city officials, WTC employees and TV and print journalists reported explosions going off in the towers and WTC 7.

18. The destruction of the towers can only be explained in terms of powerful explosives. The fires could not have come within 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit needed to melt steel.

19. Then New York mayor Rudy Guliani allegedly falsified stories about knowing the WTC buildings were going to collapse. His fire chiefs didn’t expect them to come down.

20. The National Institute of Standards and Technology has repeatedly postponed its report into the collapse of WTC 7.

21. The official story about 9/11 is rejected by growing numbers of professors, physicists, architects, engineers, pilots, former military officers and former intelligence officials.

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  1. Without a false flag operation of this magnitude, Congress would not have approved an attack on Afghanistan and Iraq.
    The destruction of the WTC was planned many months prior to 9/11 and now they should concentrate on the players who carried out this crime. It must have Israeli and CIA fingerprints written all over it.


    Comment by B.Benhamid | February 26, 2011

  2. Items 7 & 8 is the double-barrel shotgun in this synopsis.:

    7. Planes showing signs of in-flight emergencies are normally intercepted within about 10 minutes. The military’s failure implies something prevented this standard procedure.

    8. Then Vice-President Dick Cheney, while in the bunker under the White House, apparently confirmed a stand-down order prior to the strike on the Pentagon.

    Because they point to the US Military played an active role in the 9/11 COMSPIRACY! Yes, the word is real, many people have gone to jail, and are in jail for criminal conspiracy. Theory means unproven. That there was a conspiracy is not in dispute in 9/11, and items 7 & 8 point to the larger CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY by the United States Government in the planning, execution, cover-up with immediate false flag patsies provided.

    Further: ‘The first base to finally scramble interceptors was Otis in Falmouth, Massachusetts, at 8:52, about a half-hour after Flight 11 was taken over. This was already eight minutes after Flight 11 hit the North Tower, and just 9 minutes before Flight 175 hit the South Tower.

    According to NORAD, at the time of the South Tower Impact the two F-15s from Otis were still 71 miles away. Otis is 153 miles east-northeast of the WTC. That means the F-15s were flying at: 447 MPH That is around 23.8% of their top speed of 1875 mph.
    At 9:11 the F-15s finally reached the World Trade Center. Their average speed for the trip was: 483 MPH That is around 25.8% of their top speed.

    By the time the two F-15s from Otis reached Manhattan … They even could have made it to the capital in time to protect the Pentagon if they had continued to fly at only 500 mph.:

    That is most critical information, for it point to a carefully controlled conspiracy by Members of the US Armed Forces to commit High Treason by following UNLAWFUL ORDERS to allow the mass murder of people in NYC and at the Pentagon to be used for wars of aggression that have murdered millions of people since 9/11 and a fact that is unacceptable understated or not stated at all in the narrow narrative ad nauseum! The 9/11 “Movement” is divorced from any “Anti-War Movement” and no wonder neither has gone taken a real steps forward. Obama keeps invoking 9/11 as a justification for escalation and US-NATO military occupation in perpetuity! And therefore embolden to continue against meaningless internal political dissent in foreign and domestic policy, with the treat of martial law against lawful civil resistance which is not conspiracy theory, unfortunately for those in Wisconsin and everywhere in the USA for sure!


    Comment by Bill Mitchell | February 26, 2011

    • we know the reason they couldn’t possibly be intercepted on 9/11, after careful analysis of the radar scan times of the handfull of long range and short range terminal radars in the NEADS (northeast air defense sector) showed signs of digitization, after looking at the stuff released under F.O.I.A. requests. Unfortunately for those asshats, they didn’t realize that at least one of us worked on radar video recorders in the miitary and knows what digitized data looks like when you play it back. All of the radar scan intervals all became one number or another number, from the digitization, and instead of a nice smooth bell curve statistical plot, it became a stair step plot which always shows digitization. and we could also prove that the digitized video was delayed by 25.7 seconds in time to the other sectors. Why?

      I’ll tell you why: first, they recorded this EXERCISE video two years earlier. The Pentagon rented the B-757 under a little known lease with the military that says that any of the U.S. air carriers must lease aircraft to the military in times of need. Capt. Chuck Burlingame flew that attack scenario against the Pentagon in 1999. That’s where all of his ATC communications came from. That’s why the recorded data shows no aircraft upset or loss of control in the FDR data we have also analyzed, because no hijacking took place…because had it, the A/P (autopilot) would have disengaged as the crew fought for their lives as their heads were being sawed off. The pentagon attack plane’s autopilot never disengaged until the plane entered the dive later in the flight. The cockpit door parameter in the FDR data shows that never opened during the entire flight either…and it is a recorded parameter.

      We know that based on this, the reason for the 26 second delay of the NEADS video, is for two reasons; ONE: to add ‘live’ targets to the feed to prevent midair collisions. TWO: to ensure that the two drone aircraft that were flown into the Twin Towers that day could NEVER BE INTERCEPTED, as this gave the operators in the ‘two’ E-4B aircraft the time they needed to ensure those drones didn’t show up in the radar pictures.

      All of the radar data of that day was entirely composite video. Never before Sept. 11th., was the radar data for the NEADS sector delayed by 26 seconds, and never after that. So why was Sept. 11th. so special they absolutely had to delay the feed of this radar video to the other enroute centers???

      Ask yourself that. And also ask yourself why a general aviation aircraft that was in the same airspace that the ‘false target’ from the recorded video, a Piper Aerostar, never got informed by ATC that he had opposite direction traffic in his airspace. And also ask yourself why this pilot is now ‘dead’ and his aircraft destroyed in a strange and mysterious accident after he told the F.B.I. he never saw AA-77 at all that day, and he would have seen it had it truly been there.

      But it wasn’t there. Two years earlier when Burlingame flew this pentagon strike exercise for the spooks he worked for, while he was still in uniform as a Navy spook himself, his plane was there.

      and his plane did a low approach and overflew the pentagon that day in 1999, and provided the slime in the government the video recording and the partial FDR data they released to us that did not come from N644AA, the plane that never did hit the pentagon, because line personnel saw it at another airport the next day, and broken up aircraft cannot reconstitute themselves back into pristine and whole airplanes after building collisions at 460 knots. They just cannot.

      We knew these planes remained in the F.A.A. aircraft registry for more than 4 years after 9/11/2001. In any other crash, they’d been stricken almost immediately.

      One last point. The BTS air carrier schedule does not show a scheduled American Flight from any airport on 9/11/2001., neither as a regularly scheduled flight as they assert, nor as a supplemental flight flown. That’s not by accident. It’s because that flight never existed on Sept. 11th., 2001. But I can bet you that Burlingame’s ATC call sign ‘American 77’ was probably in the BTS during the exercise drill he flew in a similar American Airlines B-757 for the pentagon attack drill.

      someone has a lot of splainin to do about how an 80 ton airplane, traveling at 460 knots, could leave no body parts, no significant wing, tail, or aft fuselage wreckage after striking a building that is bereft of wing entry slots (where the wings obviously did NOT go) and is missing TWO engine penetration points from the 7 ton, way beyond that inertial mass of RB-211’s that would have made it all the way into the ‘C’ ring of the building with all that inertia behind them, had they actually been there in the first place.

      Lastly, if you look at Thiery Meyssan’s photos of the pentagon attack, taken 5 minutes after the building was hit, you can see there are still vertical and horizontal studs or stringers of the building still in place where the aircraft fuselage allegedly just entered, and a much way too small entry hole for a B-757 fuselage to have flown thru. We even have photos of FBI agents with badges in their pockets strewing weathered, corroded plane parts. Nobody has authority at any crash site to move wreckage, and furthermore, certainly with their official IDENTITY BADGES not in plain sight to let them be identified.

      You can form your own conclusions here, but no airplane hit the pentagon that day, but we do indeed have Depleted Uranium or DU at the crash site, and only one aircraft in U.S. civilian inventory uses DU in it’s structures, and that is the DC-10/MD-11 family of airplanes, and they use it in the horizontal stabilizer sections as anti flutter weights or ballasting. American 77 was not a DC-10, because had it been, it would have taken out the whole quarter section of the building, and not left vertical and horizontal stringers visible in the entry hole that grew and grew and grew like Pinocchio’s nose as the night wore on.

      See Thierry Meyssan’s pictures. Look at them real hard. and you’ll know the official story is an out and out lie, and is, in fact, HIGH TREASON.



      • I meant no designator of American 77 in the BTS air transportation database for Sept. 11th., 2001, not as a regularly scheduled flight, nor as a supplemental flight. Why is this? You know the answer, now don’t you?



  3. This material be relevent but it’s out of date and never mentions the ‘dancing

    Israeli’s with a van full of explosives
    held 70 days by the FBI or the

    nano-thermite dust found in the debris
    of the WTC building’s rubble.


    Comment by kim | March 1, 2011

  4. Nor does it mention the uranium tipped, bunker-busting, cruise-missile, attack on the Pentagon and all the radioactive readings found at the site.


    Comment by kim | March 1, 2011

  5. There’s a video of a protest folk song that questions the official 9/11 story which might interest your readers, “Let Me Tell You About 9/11,” which was recently posted on the following protestfolk channel link:


    Comment by bobf | March 13, 2011

  6. Like

    Comment by bo | June 16, 2011



    Comment by bo | June 16, 2011

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