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Awarta man mauled by police dogs resulting in injury

Palestine Information Center – 16/03/2011

NABLUS — A Palestinian man was injured on Tuesday in the flashpoint village of Awarta near Nablus after he was mauled by a dog let loose by Israeli police, sources told the Palestinian Information Center.

An elderly man was beaten by Israeli armed forces in the same town after refusing to comply with a recently enforced curfew.

The northern West Bank town of Awarta has been under fire since the killing of a family of Jewish settlers in nearby Itamar five days ago.

The Israeli Occupation Forces have partially withdrawn from some neighborhoods there by noon Tuesday, and have gathered at the village’s main entrances and closed off roads and key junctions with sand barriers. But it is still carrying out intense house-to-house searches with some houses having been searched three times so far. They turned back ambulances that arrived to transport kidney patients and elderly to the hospital.

There has also been a sharp food shortage because of the curfew.

Meanwhile, Jewish settlers have been throwing stones in the village amid threats and anti-Arab slogans as police stand and watch.

Bulldozers have entered the village and torn down the walls of one home there.

Sources said that the army has begun digging up vast areas of farmland in the northeastern part of the village paving the way for two new pre-fabricated homes, which are commonly used by settlers in outposts.

The curfew has caused Awarta’s schools to close, stopping studies for 1,642 students taught by 102 teachers. Their access to the school has been cut off. Other schools in Nablus province have been partially closed due to settler violence.

March 16, 2011 - Posted by | Illegal Occupation, Subjugation - Torture

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  1. Well, sorry to say (for the inhabitants of the villages), but the longer the occupation lingers on, the more war-crimes and breaches of international law and the Geneva Conventions are added to the already long list of crimes and breaches by Israel!
    Preventing ambulances to access an are for patient transport is a breach of the Geneva Conventions, causing starvation is a war-crime, and using dogs to wound civilians is a wartime too….
    When will there be a comprehensive list of ALL war-crimes and breaches of the Geneva Conventions by the Israeli state and army created? So that all the atrocities will be able to be published to the World, the media and the authorities? So that nobody any longer can say they are incidents and not structural?
    And so that the media all over the world no longer can say they weren’t told and informed!
    And so that no parliament can claim to have not received any information about the war-crimes perpetrated by the Israeli army!


    Comment by Adrian Masters | March 16, 2011

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