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Fukushima troubles affecting other nuclear plants

NHK World | March 26, 2011

Japanese electric power companies that operate nuclear power plants are facing difficulty in either restarting nuclear reactors in their checkups or transporting nuclear fuel to the power plants.

Municipal governments that host nuclear power plants are urging plant operators to freeze expansion projects and to review safety measures.

Hokuriku Electric Power Company has indicated that the firm has difficulty in rebooting two reactors at its Shika plant in Ishikawa Prefecture without the understanding of the prefectural government and residents. The reactors were taken out of operation for either mechanical trouble or regular inspection.

In western Japan, Kansai Electric Power Company has decided to postpone transporting nuclear fuel to one reactor at its Takahama plant in Fukui Prefecture from France.

The company cites difficulty in ensuring the fuel’s safe delivery because the government is busy handling the aftermath of the March 11th disasters and can’t provide the necessary safeguards for transport.

Kyushu Electric Power Company has delayed restarting its two reactors at the Genkai plant in Saga Prefecture.

Ichiki-Kushikino City in Kagoshima Prefecture, southwestern Japan, says it will ask Kyushu Electric to freeze planned construction of a new reactor at its Sendai plant until the safety of the plant is guaranteed. Most of the city is within 20 kilometers of the nuclear power plant in neighboring Sendai City.

Fukui Prefecture in central Japan has urged Japan Atomic Power Company, which runs Tsuruga Power Station, to do all it can to ensure safety of its plant.

The plant operator replied that it has just installed portable emergency power generators for its two reactors.

The company has also revealed new safety measures costing nearly 250 million dollars, including a plan to add pipes that supply water directly from a fire truck to one of its reactors and its spent fuel pool.

The reactor is a boiling-water type, the same as those at Tokyo Electric’s troubled Fukushima plant.

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Israel, right or wrong

By Paul Balles | MyCatbirdSeat | March 26, 2011

A staunch defender of anything Israel does, the Washington Post’s Richard Cohen feeds Jewish paranoia, distorts Palestinian history and attacks Israel’s critics.

“If I were an Israeli, I’d be worried. If I were an Arab, I’d be insulted. If I were a critic only of Israel, I’d be ashamed.”

Thus concluded Richard Cohen in the Washington Post (Monday, February 28, 2011)

What Cohen would be worried about is what he perceives as anti-Semitism in the Arab world, fuelled in WWII by the Muslim cleric Haj Amin al-Husseini, the grand mufti of Jerusalem.

According to Cohen, al-Husseini “the titular leader of Muslim Palestinians, broadcast Nazi propaganda to the Middle East, recruited European Muslims for the SS, exulted in the Holocaust and after the war went on to represent his people in the Arab League.”

Cohen not only faults Arabs for their support of al-Husseini, but for Cohen’s conclusion that “The Arab world is saturated by Jew-hatred.”

This is a propaganda line that serves no other purpose but to instill fear in Jews everywhere.

Voices like Cohen’s–and there are many–have a much greater impact on Israelis and their worldwide supporters than any biased statements made by a single Muslim cleric.

But then Zionists in America feed their own paranoia by deceiving themselves and distorting reality in their image twisting house of mirrors.

Cohen says “If I were an Arab I’d be insulted.”

To Cohen, an Arab should be insulted by al-Husseini seeking support from the Axis of Germany and Italy prior to WW II.

In 1941, al-Husseini sought a public declaration of support from the Axis nations for: 1) Arab independence from British and French rule; 2) the freedom for the independent Arab nations to unite in some form; 3) and for the elimination of the proposed Jewish homeland in Palestine.

Why should those goals give cause for anyone except an Israeli to suggest that Arabs should be insulted?

Instead of putting al-Husseini’s mission to save Palestine for the Palestinians into proper perspective, Cohen attempts to distort history.

Al-Husseini also sought military and financial assistance for an Arab uprising that he promised he could unleash, though only in conjunction with the Axis declaration.

Finally, Cohen crows “If I were a critic only of Israel I’d be ashamed.”

If American supporters of Israel were more critical of Israel when Israel deserves it, there would be little call to complain of the crimes committed by Israelis.

Israel stands in constant denial of any wrong-doing, whether the wrong happens to be killing by the Stern Gang, apartheid treatment of Palestinians, murders in Gaza or illegal Jewish settlements.

If the rest of the world attempts to pass a resolution finding Israel guilty of wrong-doing, the US, under Zionist control, vetoes it. This has happened 36 times in the past four decades

Jews who criticize anything that Israel does, no matter how horrendous, have been dubbed “self-hating Jews”.

Major U.S. Jewish organizations, from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) to the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations are committed to defending Israel whether right or wrong.

“Any time you engage in an activity critical of Israel you are trying to destroy the state of Israel,” Jeremy Ben-Ami, the president of J Street, said.

Israel isn’t even able to accept criticism by Zionist Jews. Judge Goldstone is a case in point. He was severely faulted for identifying wrongdoing by Israel in Gaza even though his investigation was thorough and fair.

While Israel continues with apartheid practices, illegal settlements, and attempts to get the US to bomb Iran, its blind supporters promote anti-Semitism.

It’s time for reflection and self-criticism. Thinking like Richard Cohen’s only increases fear by Jews and disdain by others.

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Israeli army destroys home in Jordan Valley

26 March 2011 | International Solidarity Movement
Settlers erect tent 10 metres from family

Yesterday afternoon the Israeli army destroyed the home of the Nabel Daraghmeh family who have been living in the Ein Al Hilwe region of the Jordan Valley for over 15 years. Three days previously, a group of armed illegal settlers descended in the middle of the night on the area where the family had their tent, setting up their own tent only metres away. In the following days the settlers intimidated and threatened the family of six, ordering them to move their home and leave the area. According to Jordan Valley Solidarity, the settlers threw rocks towards the family’s cattle pen, urinated outside their tent and water-tank, and made as much noise as possible, preventing the family from sleeping. They also put up a fence around the family’s tent and cattle pen preventing them from being able to bring their cattle in at night. The Daraghmeh family legally rent the land from the Lutheran Church, however the Israeli army ordered the family to dimantle and remove their home from the land, eventually destroying it themselves by force.

Settlers erect fence around family’s home

Ein Al Hilwe is located just below the illegal settlement of Maskiot which houses 28 familes. In the past years the villagers of Ein Al Hilwe have suffered from ongoing attacks from the settlers. Five days ago settlers tied a rope around the neck of a young horse belonging to villagers and attached the rope to the back of their truck, lynching the horse in front of a group of children. Two weeks previously a woman from the village was also attacked whist attempting to take water from the well.

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Iranian reporter forced out of France

Press TV – Mar 26, 2011

Iranian journalist Kamran Najafzadeh

An Iranian journalist has been forced to leave France due to restrictions imposed on him by the French government over his so-called “controversial” reports.

“After 18-month of journalistic activities, in a joint meeting of the French Interior and Foreign Ministry they came to the conclusion that ‘the IRIBNews reporter has crossed red lines and has stirred hatred in French public opinion,’” Kamran Najafzadeh said upon his arrival in Tehran on Saturday.

Commenting on restrictions imposed on him by the French administration, Najafzadeh said, “They told me you cannot go to the Elysee Palace… then they told me you are not allowed to go to the French parliament,” Fars News Agency reported.

“If I return to France, I will once again reports on the Louvre Museum and I will ask how they (the French) acquired these antiques? I will once again report on the Eurodif nuclear plant which 10 percent of its stocks belong to Iran and I will ask where Iran’s share is?”

Tehran holds a 10 percent stake in the Eurodif nuclear plant, which makes it entitled to some of the plant’s output. France’s largest provider of nuclear equipment and services AREVA, however, announced in 2009 that it had not delivered any enriched uranium to Iran.

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Resistance factions do not call for war, Ashkenazi calls for shelling populated areas

Palestine Information Center – 26/03/2011

GAZA — The recent firing of mortar shells at Israeli targets by the armed wing of Hamas, the Qassam Brigades, was in retaliation to the escalating Israeli army crimes against the Palestinian people, Abu Obaida, the Brigades’ spokesman, said.

He added in an interview with the Panorama TV program on the Hiwar network Friday that there is a practical calm in Gaza, and the resistance factions only retaliate against Israeli attacks.

The spokesman stressed that resistance factions do not call for war and seek to spare the people its repercussions, charging Israel with starting the aggression.

Israel is trying to picture the resistance as the one starting violence and that its aggression was in retaliation, which is totally false and the vice versa is correct, Abu Obaida added.

He accused Israel of spreading rumors about resistance arming itself with advanced weaponry to the extent it said the resistance has acquired pilotless planes.

Israel is trying to drive a wedge among the Palestinians in a bid to weaken resistance, which is the factor uniting the Palestinian people, Abu Obaida said.


Ashkenazi calls for shelling populated areas to kill resistance fighters

Palestine Information Center – 26/03/2011

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM — Israel’s former chief of staff Gabi Ashkenazi has called for killing Palestinian resistance fighters in the Gaza Strip using all means even it entails shelling populated areas.

Speaking at a ceremony in Paris, Ashkenazi was quoted by the Hebrew radio on Friday as saying that the Israeli army should chase and liquidate Palestinian resistance fighters in Gaza at any price “even if they are present in civilian areas”.

Shifting to Iran, the former chief of staff opined that Iran should be blocked from attaining nuclear weapons. He added that no option should be ruled out in this attempt.


Israel deploys air defense system ‘Iron Dome’ near Gaza

Palestine Information Center – 26/03/2011

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM — The Israeli army is to deploy the mobile air defense system the “Iron Dome” in areas adjacent to the Gaza Strip on Sunday, a Hebrew press report said.

Yediot Ahronot said the deployment of the system to start on Sunday was in anticipation of further deterioration of the conditions on the “Gaza front” as calls are escalating for launching a large scale offensive against the besieged coastal enclave.

Two of the Iron Dome’s systems would be initially deployed, the paper said, noting that it would not be practically operational for months.

However, heads of local councils surrounding Gaza doubted the Iron Dome’s ability to ward off the danger of rockets fired from the Strip as it would not cover all those areas in the first stage.

The army announced that the Iron Dome, which is designed to intercept very short-range rockets up to 70 kilometers in all-weather situations, would not be able to cover and protect all settlements surrounding the Strip.


Israeli artillery shell blasts factory in Gaza

Palestine Information Center – 26/03/2011

GAZA — Artillery shelling by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) at dawn Saturday started a huge fire in a soft drinks factory in the Gaza Strip and inflicted major damage to the facility.

The PIC reporter said that an artillery shell slammed into Al-Sattar factory east of Zaitun suburb in Gaza city causing a big explosion in the petrol tanks inside the factory.

He said that fire fighters controlled the resultant massive fire after two hours, adding that civil defense squads participated in the effort.

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Over 400,000 join London anti-cuts march

Press TV – March 26, 2011

Hundreds of thousands of British opposed to the coalition government’s budget cuts are marching in London streets, chanting for an alternative to the government’s austerity cuts.

Tens of thousands of teachers, council staff, nurses, students, National Health Service (NHS) officials and many others who are angry at the public cut plans, mounting rates of unemployment, tax rises, pay cuts and pension reforms are partaking in the demonstration.

About 800 coaches were planned to get people from across the country to London to participate in the rally, which is considered the biggest public reaction against the government’s spending cuts since it took office in May 2010 following the general elections. The protesters began marching from Victoria Embankment to Hyde Park.

Hundreds of people from North East traveled to London on Saturday morning to join the London protest. Demonstrators from Aberystwyth to Aberdeen and from Penzance to Perth also arrived in London to denounce the spending cuts along with the Londoners.

British Education Secretary Michael Gove claimed that he could understand people’s anger, but “the difficulty that we have as the government inheriting a terrible economic mess is that we have to take steps to bring the public finances back into balance.”

Unite union’s General Secretary Len McCluskey said the coalition government has exaggerated about the level of the deficit.

Describing his economic plan, McCluskey said, “Our alternative is to concentrate on economic growth through tax fairness so, for example, if the government was brave enough, it would tackle the tax avoidance that robs the British taxpayer of a minimum of £25bn a year.”

Around 100 legal observers are monitoring the policing of the protest, and there are more representatives from other human rights groups on hand to offer advice to demonstrators.

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