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Iranian reporter forced out of France

Press TV – Mar 26, 2011

Iranian journalist Kamran Najafzadeh

An Iranian journalist has been forced to leave France due to restrictions imposed on him by the French government over his so-called “controversial” reports.

“After 18-month of journalistic activities, in a joint meeting of the French Interior and Foreign Ministry they came to the conclusion that ‘the IRIBNews reporter has crossed red lines and has stirred hatred in French public opinion,’” Kamran Najafzadeh said upon his arrival in Tehran on Saturday.

Commenting on restrictions imposed on him by the French administration, Najafzadeh said, “They told me you cannot go to the Elysee Palace… then they told me you are not allowed to go to the French parliament,” Fars News Agency reported.

“If I return to France, I will once again reports on the Louvre Museum and I will ask how they (the French) acquired these antiques? I will once again report on the Eurodif nuclear plant which 10 percent of its stocks belong to Iran and I will ask where Iran’s share is?”

Tehran holds a 10 percent stake in the Eurodif nuclear plant, which makes it entitled to some of the plant’s output. France’s largest provider of nuclear equipment and services AREVA, however, announced in 2009 that it had not delivered any enriched uranium to Iran.

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