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Reagan 1, Obama 4: Killing Gaddafi Children

By Mike E | Kasama | May 1, 2011

On April 15, 1986, Ronald Reagan launched a decapitation airstrike against the head of Libya’s government. The attacks failed to kill Gaddafi.

In the wave of attacks dozens of Libyans were killed, among them a young girl who was the adopted daughter of Libyan leader Gaddafi.

It was, at the time, considered an outrage and a barbarity — both that a major power sought to assassinate heads of state, and also that the casualties might include children in his household.

Now Reagan has been outdone.

The NATO attacks on Libya have shifted to a new attempt to assassinate Gaddafi attacking his homes — and now reportedly killing his youngest son Seif al-Arab, 29, and three of Gadhafi’s grandchildren, all younger than 12.

The layers of deceit and deniability are deep:

NATO claims it is only “protecting civilians” in keeping with a UN resolution. They claim they are only attacking military targets. The Obama administration is (in keeping with “multilateralist” imperialism) claiming to act with and through its allies. And so on.

But it is important to compare Obama here with his predecessors: He has continued the Guantanamo of Bush. He has continued the Iraq occupation. He has escalated the Afghanistan war — increasing the U.S. occupation forces and expanding it into Pakistan. He has greatly escalated the use of covert assassination (meaning U.S. death squads) around the world — killing targets and whoever is near them.

And now, they have taken up the practice of seeking to assassinate government leaders of other countries that they do not like. The very notion of “self-determination for nations” is removed from the table by their imperialist logic. And now Gaddafi’s grandchildren lie dead in the ruble.

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  1. By the time his term is up this Nation will be sick and tired of this clown.

    Comment by B.Benhamid | May 1, 2011

  2. Libyans themselves are asking for the NATO strikes against qaddafi who is mass murdering them. I would like to hear/read any suggestions as to how to try and save the Libyan people. I also would like to add that Libyans were saying last night that the adopted daughter he claimed had been killed was found to be alive years later! Are you defending a criminal or are you not researching enough or both?

    Comment by Mandi Fahmy | May 1, 2011

    • Dropping bunker busting bombs into living quarters and then describing them as “command-and-control centers” is as despicable as it gets- you should be ashamed of trying to suggest that Libyans of whatever political persuasion welcome the murder of small children (“Libyans themselves are asking for the NATO strikes.”). When the bodies are produced, the usual protestations regretting the “accidental” deaths will be heard, as a hundred times before.

      Comment by Robert | May 1, 2011

      • Robert. I am not ashamed of myself because I was there and I experienced first hand how innocent civilians feel when mercenaries paid by Libyan money are about to attack and kill them and their children! What choice do we have? The West has already sold advanced weapons to this blood-thirsty criminal. I wish you guys would go into things more before you so readily judge from a distance! it just doesn’t work that way!

        Comment by nuna_nuna (@nuna_nuna) | August 10, 2011

        • “nuna”,

          The allegations that you repeat are baseless. The fact that you say “you were there” is not persuasive. The “responsibility to protect” is obviously a policy designed to accommodate aggressive wars.

          Comment by aletho | August 10, 2011

          • Which allegations that you find “baseless”, that Libyans have been ruled by a deranged criminal for over 40 years and that when they started peacefully demonstrating on February 15th (yeah, they started two days earlier than their planned Feb 17th protests) gaddafi forces used anti-aircraft weapons against them? what more do you wanna see before the world steps in to stop his crimes? or should we pat him on the back and keep him in power then hand over power to his deranged and criminal son? Do you have any idea what this criminal family has been doing worldwide with libya’s oil money vs how the Libyan people have been living and suffering? Did you publish anything about qaddafi and his sons? I’d love to see that.

            Comment by nuna_nuna (@nuna_nuna) | August 10, 2011

            • 1) The claims of “bombing protesters have been proved to be lies.

              2) The claims of “Black African” mercenaries have found no evidence to support them.

              Do you have any idea what the criminals in NATO have been doing worldwide in terms of violence crimes? And you propose that these mad killers should be granted the right to invade and occupy any nation that they and their media whores declare to be “evil”?

              Comment by aletho | August 10, 2011

    • Mandi,

      Using your logic the world would be at war without end. There are always elements in any society that are calling for the overturning of their state.

      If you feel that this type of action is particularly called for when a state is complicit in the murder of its own (as opposed to the murder of others, in which case the US would deserve invasion before any other) have you demanded an invasion of the US? After all, the US is obviously complicit in the massacre of its own people on 9/11, the attempted sinking of the USS Liberty, the USS Maine etc…

      Comment by aletho | May 1, 2011

      • Habibi ya Aletho :-) I’ve been receiving your emails and I have to say you’re a bit on the wild side for me. If the American people are abused, oppressed, detained, tortured in addition to being plundered. If the US government pays mercenaries to come and kill its own people for having peacefully demonstrated after over 40 years of one-man rule, and they ask us for help then maybe I will call for invading the US. I really don’t see your point!

        Comment by nuna_nuna (@nuna_nuna) | August 10, 2011

      • I wish you would focus your criticism a bit of filthy rich arabs who are “struggling” in the world of decadence instead of improving the lot of Arabs before you blame others for our woes! For heaven’s sake. Nobody will come to save us. We need to shape up and get our acts together in the arab world!

        Comment by nuna_nuna (@nuna_nuna) | August 10, 2011

        • “nuna”,

          I’m having trouble finding you on any of my subscription services. If you were a regular reader you would have seen many articles which expose the corruption and venality of the puppets and elites that are maintained in power by Western interests and installed by Western states.

          Comment by aletho | August 10, 2011

  3. ‘Libyans themselves are asking for the NATO strikes against qaddafi who is mass murdering them.’

    gadafi is NOT mass murdering anyone..and you must be a Libya Youth movement type, so FYI:
    The War in Libya:
    Race, “Humanitarianism,” and the Media

    Comment by brian | May 1, 2011

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