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The Agendas Behind the bin Laden News Event

Paul Craig Roberts | | May 5, 2011

The US government’s bin Laden story was so poorly crafted that it did not last 48 hours before being fundamentally altered. Indeed, the new story put out on Tuesday by White House press secretary Jay Carney bears little resemblance to the original Sunday evening story. The fierce firefight did not occur. Osama bin Laden did not hide behind a woman. Indeed, bin Laden, Carney said, “was not armed.”

The firefight story was instantly suspicious as not a single SEAL got a scratch, despite being up against al Qaeda, described by former Pentagon chief Donald Rumsfeld as “the most dangerous, best-trained, vicious killers on the face of the earth.”

Every original story detail has been changed. It wasn’t bin Laden’s wife who was murdered by the Navy SEALs , but the wife of an aide. It wasn’t bin Laden’s son, Khalid, who was murdered by the Navy SEALs, but son Hamza.

Carney blamed the changed story on “the fog of war.” But there was no firefight, so where did the “fog of war” come from?

The White House has also had to abandon the story that President Obama and his national security team watched tensely as events unfolded in real time (despite the White House having released photos of the team watching tensely), with the operation conveyed into the White House by cameras on the SEALs helmets. If Obama was watching the event as it happened, he would have noticed, one would hope, that there was no firefight and, thus, would not have told the public that bin Laden was killed in a firefight. Another reason the story had to be abandoned is that if the event was captured on video, every news service in the world would be asking for the video, but if the event was orchestrated theater, there would be no video.

No explanation has been provided for why an unarmed bin Laden, in the absence of a firefight, was murdered by the SEALs with a shot to the head. For those who believe the government’s story that “we got bin Laden,” the operation can only appear as the most botched operation in history. What kind of incompetence does it require to senselessly and needlessly kill the most valuable intelligence asset on the planet?

According to the US government, the terrorist movements of the world operated through bin Laden, “the mastermind.” Thanks to a trigger-happy stupid SEAL, a bullet destroyed the most valuable terrorist information on the planet. Perhaps the SEAL was thinking that he could put a notch on his gun and brag for the rest of his life about being the macho tough guy who killed Osama bin Laden, the most dangerous man on the planet, who outwitted the US and its European and Israeli allies and inflicted humiliation on the “world’s only superpower” on 9/11.

When such a foundational story as the demise of bin Laden cannot last 48 hours without acknowledged “discrepancies” that require fundamental alternations to the story, there are grounds for suspicion in addition to the suspicions arising from the absence of a dead body, from the absence of any evidence that bin Laden was killed in the raid or that a raid even took place. The entire episode could just be another event like the August 4, 1964, Gulf of Tonkin event that never happened but succeeded in launching open warfare against North Vietnam at a huge cost to Americans and Vietnamese and enormous profits to the military/security complex.

There is no doubt that the US is sufficiently incompetent to have needlessly killed bin Laden instead of capturing him. But who can believe that the US would quickly dispose of the evidence that bin Laden had been terminated? The government’s story is not believable that the government dumped the proof of its success into the ocean, but has some photos that might be released, someday.

As one reader put it in an email to me: “What is really alarming is the increasingly arrogant sloppiness of these lies, as though the government has become so profoundly confident of their ability to deceive people that they make virtually no effort to even appear credible.”

Governments have known from the beginning of time that they can always deceive citizens and subjects by playing the patriot card. “Remember the Maine,” the “Gulf of Tonkin,” “weapons of mass destruction,” “the Reichstag fire”–the staged events and bogus evidence are endless. If Americans knew any history, they would not be so gullible.

The real question before us is: What agenda or agendas is the “death of bin Laden” designed to further?

There are many answers to this question. Many have noticed that Obama was facing re-election with poor approval ratings. Is anyone surprised that the New York Times/CBS Poll finds a strong rise in Obama’s poll numbers after the bin Laden raid? As the New York Times reported, “the glow of national pride” rose “above partisan politics, as support for the president rose significantly among both Republicans and independents. In all, 57 percent said they now approved of the president’s job performance, up from 46 percent.”

In Washington-think, an 11% rise in approval rating justifies a staged event.

Another possibility is that Obama realized that the the budget deficit and the dollar’s rescue from collapse require the end of the expensive Afghan war and occupation and spillover war into Pakistan. As the purpose of the war was to get bin Laden, success in this objective allows the US to withdraw without loss of face, thus making it possible to reduce the US budget deficit by several hundred billion dollars annually–an easy way to have a major spending cut.

If this is the agenda, then more power to it. However, if this was Obama’s agenda, the military/security complex has quickly moved against it. CIA director Leon Panetta opened the door to false flag attacks to keep the war going by declaring that al Qaeda would avenge bin Laden’s killing. Secretary of State Clinton declared that success in killing bin Laden justified more war and more success. Homeland Security declared that the killing of bin Laden would motivate “homegrown violent extremists” into making terrorist attacks. “Homegrown violent extremists” is an undefined term, but this newly created bogyman seems to include environmentalists and war protesters. Like “suspect,” the term will include anyone the government wants to pick up.

Various parts of the government quickly seized on the success in killing bin Laden to defend and advance their own agendas, such as torture. Americans were told that bin Laden was found as a result of information gleaned from torturing detainees held in Eastern European CIA secret prisons years ago.

This listing of possible agendas and add-on agendas is far from complete, but for those capable of skepticism and independent thought, it can serve as a starting point. The agendas behind the theater will reveal themselves as time goes on. All you have to do is to pay attention and to realize that most of what you hear from the mainstream media is designed to advance the agendas.

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  1. Am I missing something here? I mean, first the fuckers release a series of ‘3’ photos, one is one recycled from a release years ago that clearly now when compared to a live shot of Bin Laden, flipped horizontally, matches perfectly, proving it too was a PHOTOSHOP job.

    Then the Puppet announces that he won’t be providing photos because “That’s spiking the football and we don’t want to do that..” and then out comes several more photos of deceased men laying in huge pools of blood somewhere in the Third World, presumably Pakistan but with this other bullshit, you can’t be sure it’s even on that continent with absolute certainty.

    I’m having a big problem with this whole thing from the standpoint that first, it’s so poorly executed (no pun there) and carried out, that Keystone Cops, let alone, Navy Seals, would have done far better at keeping the story straight. Second, someone sane in that room where they staged yet another photograph of the president and Robert Gates and Hillary all trying to look riveted by a blank screen with nothing on it, as NO LIVE FEEDS FROM THE MISSION OCCURRED, per CIA disclosures yesterday, should have realized that this would all collapse like a cardboard shack in a Pakistani rainstorm. It has.

    SO now what? They can’t retract the clearly PHOTOSHOPP’d photos they released, one of them from BLACKHAWK DOWN, the movie, and another of an Iraqi sniper killed sometime in 2003 by the U.S. Military in Iraq. They can’t retract the bloody and senselessly gory photos of the dead males on the floor laying in huge pools of their blood with their eyes open. They can’t retract the late night schlockery of a president lying to the entire world about a mission that never was anything more than a staged political re-election campaign event.

    So now what?

    Am I to believe those fake numbers that took this puppet’s approval ratings out of the QAEDA and up into positive ranges?

    I don’t think so. And I don’t think the world thinks so either.

    Listen, when the United States decides that it can gratuitously lie and then float outrageously faked photos, and perhaps some violent ones, as an effort to garner brownie points for the sitting president, I have to disconnect from that nation. Any country that takes pleasure, as the United States does, with it’s senseless DRONE MURDERS and other violence it wreaks across the earth, and then ghoulishly displays it while chortling to itself, is a sick, degenerated and wholly disgusting place. It’s a place that Vincent Price couldn’t describe to us in a nightime horror film introduction.

    It’s a place where the people who put up with that shit surely have lost their fucking souls.

    and that, I’m afraid, is too sad for words.

    Comment by TOO SAD FOR WORDS | May 5, 2011

  2. when you look at the photo with them all sitting at their laptops, look at the smirk on Gate’s face.

    now, remember that Gates is secdef. SecDef has the power to make deals with the Pakistani ISI on a level the president has little or no idea the dynamics of.

    of all the people in this room, the only face in the room smiling is Gates. Why is that?

    it isn’t out of jubilation of getting OBL. he knows OBL died in 2001.

    he just knows he just got rid of Obummer’s ass.

    look at Obummer’s face. don’t you think there is the hint of ‘oh shit, have I been CORNHOLED!!!’ on it?

    look real hard at it. I think you can see it.

    it’s very prominent. and it’s very real.

    Shillary with her mock “OH NO” look? equally as incriminating.

    this photo should go down in history as the one that articulates with crystal clarity the day that TWO PEOPLE in that room POLITICALLY ASSASSINATED the president of the United States to make damned sure he couldn’t be the nominee in the 2012 race.

    look good and hard at Gates. take a good look at that facial expression. it’s not bemusement because the photo is being staged. IT is out of knowledge that they just sunk this puppet’s ship and the puppet is going to drown.

    that’s what this look is.


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