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BBC Proves Jessica Lynch “Rescue” Story Was A Hoax

US Soldier Jessica Lynch Rescued in ‘Dramatic’ Special Operations Mission

US Special Operations forces rescue captured Private Jessica Lynch from Saddam Hussein Hospital hospital near Nasiriyah (see March 23, 2003). According to the Pentagon, the rescue is a classic Special Forces raid, with US commandos in Black Hawk helicopters blasting their way through Iraqi resistance in and out of the medical compound. [Baltimore Sun, 11/11/2003] The Associated Press’s initial report is quite guarded, saying only that Lynch had been rescued. An Army spokesman “did not know whether Lynch had been wounded or when she might return to the United States.” [Project for Excellence in Journalism, 6/23/2003]

‘Shooting Going In … Shooting Going Out’ – Subsequent accounts are far more detailed (see April 3, 2003). Military officials say that the rescue was mounted after securing intelligence from CIA operatives. A Special Forces unit of Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, and Air Force combat controllers “touched down in blacked-out conditions,” according to the Washington Post. Cover is provided by an AC-130 gunship circling overhead; a reconnaissance aircraft films the events of the rescue. One military official briefed on the operation says: “There was shooting going in, there was some shooting going out. It was not intensive. There was no shooting in the building, but it was hairy, because no one knew what to expect. When they got inside, I don’t think there was any resistance. It was fairly abandoned.” [Washington Post, 4/3/2003] CENTCOM spokesman General Vincent Brooks says he is not yet sure who Lynch’s captors were, but notes: “Clearly the regime had done this. It was regime forces that had been in there. Indications are they were paramilitaries, but we don’t know exactly who. They’d apparently moved most of them out before we arrived to get in, although, as I mentioned, there were buildings outside of the Saddam Hospital, where we received fire—or the assault force received fire—during the night.” [New York Times, 4/2/2003]
‘Prototype Torture Chamber’ – According to a military official, the Special Forces soldiers find what he calls a “prototype” Iraqi torture chamber in the hospital’s basement, equipped with batteries and metal prods. US Marines are patrolling Nasiriyah to engage whatever Iraqi forces may still be in the area. [Washington Post, 4/3/2003]

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  1. Those who enjoyed this article might also enjoy reading Jessica Lynch’s Wiki page after I mention that Elizabeth Smart was apprehended on March 12, 2003 after being made to walk around in Islamic-like robes and veils by a pervert who like to dress like Osama bin Laden. They stayed in a cave. On March 23, 2003, Jessica Lynch and Shoshana Johnson had the worst luck possible with Johnson horried face being featured on a POW video. This was the first time women were allowed in combat and I figure something didn’t like that because it might make more people think about how serious the consequences of war might be. By April 11, 2003, American ground troops had finally taken control of Baghdad, Iraq.


    Comment by Eric Vaughan | May 6, 2011

  2. the Jessica Lynch story reminds me of the Lee Greenbutt ‘Proud to be an AmerdeKan’ blaring again, almost like the fandango Bush I did in Kuwait in 1991. I was expecting to see plastic babies hurled out of ten story hospital windows, then the incubators, then Jessica Lynch striding with her tits hanging out of her camo bdu’s, about ready to do more porno for fellow army personnel there.

    America has lost it’s ability to do crap like this and get away with it. Back when this happened, I’d venture to guess that the still SHOPPING TILL THEY DROPPED crowd who followed Bush II’s orders to max out their credit cards to KEEP MERKA STRONG (strong like an unwashed asshole maybe..that kind of strong..) was still lackadaisically watching the Schlock N Awe campaign going on over and over in rerun after rerun after rerun.

    Between watching scores of innocent Iraqi’s die in Baghdad, and then watching Fallujah get pasted because a couple of beltway bandits got hanged from a bridge, I was pretty sure that it just couldn’t get worse than this.

    but it did.

    Last time I checked, little blonde Jessie Lynch was posing with her chi chi’s airing out to dry with her bdu bottoms on, for other army personnel, and the homeland was still cheering about MA and APPLE (ROAD APPLE) PIE.

    I think the next ruse after this O’bummer fake capture of a 9 plus year rotting corpse that he never could find in Tora Bora, will turn into something like U.S. soldiers bayonetting Iraqi’s or Somali’s or maybe Syrians and Pakistani’s, while singing ‘Proud to be an AmerdeKAN’ by Lee Greenprong.

    this endless series of bizzaro world shit just gets more surrealistic by the second.

    Seriously, does anyone out there have a shot of thorazine I can borrow…I think that I might have accidentally stumbled upon some really bad Fukushima fallout that just is not letting up. This nightmare is never going to end, is it?

    Is it?



  3. Television is – and has always been – a Weapon of Mass Distraction.
    The power of TV-imagery was the driving force behind the 9/11 deception.

    Whenever a major news event is reported by the mainstream media, it will invariably be illustrated with photographs or videos in order to convey to the public some visual impressions of the event. Undeniably, the imagery connected with any given news story enhances our emotional relation to it. The way we relate to news imagery has an almost hypnotic effect on our psyche: we have come to consider the visuals of any given news story as proof of that news story’s authenticity. This is truly a ‘weak spot’ of our brains’ readiness for critical-thinking. Thus follows, unfortunately, that to challenge the authenticity of a catastrophic event shown on Live TV is way beyond what most people are willing to contemplate. However, the time has come for everyone to call television by its most appropriate, military-sounding name: “Weapon of Mass Distraction”.


    Comment by simon shack | May 7, 2011

    • Love your work Simon. Thank you!


      Comment by Vinsin Vula | December 15, 2011

  4. Social engineering has been going on in the world for some time. Edward Bernays and Ivy Lee had predicted that by means of conditioning, at about the year 2000, the majority of the population would no longer be able to discern a theatrical event from reality. The process of anomie was described by Marx as the general disassociation from social awareness because of over exposure to a stimulus which did not represent a real working interaction within a functional community (geimenschaf). What we see today is an incessant bombardment in movies, television, radio, and magazines telling the people of America what to think. The destruction of the world trade center was by all means a planned event. The rescue of lynch also bears the marks of a fabrication. People cannot wake up because they have been directed into holding to a pattern of predetermined reaction to stimulating key words and phrases. This trend will probably accelerate as the economy continues to degrade in accordance with planned sequences. Please try to raise awareness where possible by forming groups and doing your own research. Do your best. Strive to be happy.


    Comment by Arthur Cabral | September 22, 2011

  5. People are so completely idiotic. Let me explain something — I know one of the Navy SEALs that was key in this operation. It was NOT a fabrication. A little too much hype after the rescue, sure. Not real? Get real. Not everyone is schemeing, dishonest and there is no one world order. To suggest this is to dishonor some of the best men in our country and military, who sacrificed their well being to rescue one person.


    Comment by sea shack | March 1, 2013

    • ‘To suggest this is to dishonor some of the best men in our country and military, who sacrificed their well being to rescue one person.’

      Shack.. you won’t convince ANYone on this news blog of your ‘explanation’. I could go on and give you rebutts on each comment, but I won’t waste my time.. you are either naive or ignorant.. either way, I don’t buy it.. u.s. military is the worlds worst nightmare, and the soldiers that enlist are complicit with the destruction of the earth. I have to say you need to direct your first sentence directly back to you. Do some research or just shut up.
      The whole world is crumbling from the evil actions of satanic egos.. it will all be over soon.


      Comment by Spiritwoman1213 | March 1, 2013

  6. Lady, you need to eat a Snickers or something… stat. What gives you the right to pass judgement on the entirety of the U.S. military? Do you know the hearts and minds of each and every one of our service members? Unless you’re God, in which case you’ll have to forgive me, I’m going to assume the answer is no. Also, next time you are conducting your so-called “research”, check out that recent slice of world history that occurred circa 1945. If that was any indication, maybe you will rethink your uneducated assertion that “soldiers who enlist in the US military are complicit with the destruction of the earth”… unless of course, the world ends before you get a chance to. Better eat that Snickers while there’s still time, dear :-)

    And by the way, I’m just having some fun on a Saturday night. Don’t get angry.


    Comment by sea shack | March 2, 2013

    • I don’t get ‘angry’ shack.. not one of my habits. I’m made of tolerance and patience. I hope you enjoyed your ‘fun’. I’m closer to God than any inhabitant of this evil place, or in Heaven.. and unless you know what I know, which is, for certain you don’t.. you’ll find out what HE has in mind sooner than later. God gives me the right, in answer to your first is our responsibility to ‘know’ evil…in answer to your next question. I will leave you to your ignorance for now,… I don’t like you and don’t have time for drivel.


      Comment by Spiritwoman1213 | March 3, 2013

  7. […] believe that people still believe the official propaganda of the USSA…  Recall the Jessica Lynch hoax, for example, or how war criminals programmed an unsuspecting public to blame Iraq for 9/11 […]


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