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Media Scrambles as Bin Laden Story Crumbles

By Alex Newman | The New American | 06 May 2011

While the establishment media was busy parroting President Obama’s announcement of Osama bin Laden’s supposed assassination, reporting the unsubstantiated claims as if they were unquestionable facts, much of the so-called “alternative” press was far more cautious — and accurate, it turns out. But more importantly, with the new official storyline indicating that bin Laden was in fact unarmed, bigger and much more important questions are beginning to emerge.

In terms of coverage, it turns out that the skeptical approach proved far superior in terms of getting it right. Countless mainstream sources were so confident in Obama’s word that they reported many of the claims as fact without even attributing them to the President.

But the official White House narrative has been changed so many times in recent days that now it’s almost unrecognizable. There wasn‘t even a fire fight; yet this was one of the crucial elements of the original story that justified the assassination of a person the government painted as the most valuable source of information on the planet — the leader of al-Qaeda. And in reporting the statements as fact, the establishment press has officially been left with egg all over its face again.

“[Bin Laden] was engaged in a firefight with those that entered the area of the house he was in,” said terror czar John Brennan. Similarly, Obama said that “after a firefight, they killed Osama bin Laden and took custody of his body.” The next day, however, the White House spokesman admitted bin Laden “was not armed.” Trying to save face and justify the killing of an unarmed man, the spokesman added, without elaborating, that “resistance does not require a firearm.”

More than a few other important parts of the storyline have been altered, contradicted, or simply exposed as false, too. Everything from which of  bin Laden’s sons was supposedly killed to the claim that his wife was killed after being used as a “human shield” — all of it has changed for some reason or another. The transcript after Brennan’s speech was altered to change the name of the dead son. The new and improved narrative now says that not only was bin Laden’s wife not killed, but that she was not used as a human shield.

Originally the White House also suggested top officials watched the raid live through a video feed. Terror czar Brennan, for example, claimed that they “had real-time visibility into the progress of the operation.” CIA boss Leon Panetta later exposed that claim as false in an interview with PBS, saying: “There was a time period of almost 20 or 25 minutes that we really didn’t know just exactly what was going on.”

That means the “photo op” of Obama and other officials intently “watching” the operation in the “Situation Room” was almost certainly staged for the press. And almost every media outlet that ran the picture used inaccurate captions parroting the White House claims.

And there’s more. The night of the raid, one administration official told reporters that a helicopter was lost due to mechanical failure. During that same briefing, another administration official said, “We didn’t say it was mechanical.” Now they claim the crash had something to do with the temperature at bin Laden’s supposed compound.

A poorly photo-shopped image of a dead bin Laden embarrassed a large swath of the world press and several Senators, too. Shortly after newspapers and television stations around the globe ran the image, it was exposed as a shoddy forgery that had been circulating for years. Now Obama said he “decided” not to release any pictures — or any other evidence that any element of the story is true, for that matter.

And then there’s the burial issue. The Obama administration originally claimed no country would accept the body; so, it was dumped at sea — Mafia style — in accordance with what Obama alleged were Islamic traditions and customs. When prominent Muslim theological leaders repudiated that lie and noted that it was actually a violation of Islamic tenets to bury Osama bin Laden in the ocean, the new line was that the decision was to avoid the creation of a “shrine.” That lie fell apart, too, when it was widely reported that bin Laden’s brand of Islam calls for unmarked graves — building any sort of shrine would have been blasphemous. So far, no new excuses have been concocted for allegedly feeding the body to the fish.

After the numerous discrepancies and falsehoods in the storyline became painfully obvious, the Associated Press, USA Today, Fox News and other outlets slowly and begrudgingly started to report it. “From the first moments, a good number of the details about bin Laden’s killing, on points large and small, have been wrong,” admitted a Fox reporter in one of the more candid acknowledgements to appear in the mainstream press.

But of course, most of the media were also dutifully offering and parroting all manner of excuses. “Fog of war” was to blame for the confusion, claimed the White House spokesman after that excuse was suggested to him by a member of the “press” corps asking a question. Virtually every major news outlet reporting the changes in the official story promptly blamed “fog of war,” too.

An apologist reporter at USA Today wrote that “the administration did its best to get the story quickly,” adding “it’s common situation with military action.” The paper quoted a Pentagon spokesperson under the Bush administration to bolster its case.

The AP offered a similar excuse along with the “fog of combat” line offered by the White House. “The contradictions and misstatements reflect the fact that even in the case of a highly successful and popular mission, the confusion inherent in a fast-paced, unpredictable military raid conducted under intense pressure in a foreign country does not lend itself immediately to a tidy story line,” the reporter claimed, citing “some experts.”

Several excuses for the ever-changing story were offered by other publications, too. The possibility that they were deliberate lies or worse was virtually never addressed. But the U.K. Independent noted: “The impression persists that the administration sought to cast the operation in the most heroic light possible, at the expense of the facts.”

Now, the President and his spokespeople and subordinates are refusing to offer more details or explanations. The government has also announced that it will not be releasing pictures or any other evidence to support its claims even as suspicions continue to mount.

But as analysts pointed out, the newly revealed fact that there was no fire fight begs the question about where the “fog” may have come from. And even more importantly: Why, in the absence of a fire fight, would U.S. forces put a bullet through the brain supposedly containing the most valuable intelligence on the planet? What if bin Laden knew where that alleged nuclear bomb in Europe was located that was set to detonate after his capture or death? None of those questions have been addressed so far.

But prominent critics are sounding the alarm. “When such a foundational story as the demise of bin Laden cannot last 48 hours without acknowledged ‘discrepancies’ that require fundamental alternations to the story, there are grounds for suspicion in addition to the suspicions arising from the absence of a dead body, from the absence of any evidence that bin Laden was killed in the raid or that a raid even took place,” noted Paul Craig Roberts, a senior official in the former Reagan administration in a piece entitled “The Agendas Behind the bin Laden News Event.”

Roberts raised several important questions, too, as well as some comparisons. “The entire episode could just be another event like the August 4, 1964, Gulf of Tonkin event that never happened but succeeded in launching open warfare against North Vietnam at a huge cost to Americans and Vietnamese and enormous profits to the military/security complex,” he suggested, citing a series of government deceptions that have led to war based on lies and other atrocities.

Roberts suspects there are more lies about the bin Laden narrative than those exposed so far. And he’s certainly not alone. It emerged recently that the man who owned the house next to bin Laden’s supposed compound doesn’t even believe the story either. “To be honest, it’s not true,” he told Al Jazeera.

As the official story continues to be re-written by the administration and those in the media who simply re-package government press releases, critics and skeptics would seem to be justified in wondering what other lies and “fog of war” changes may emerge in the coming weeks and months. And perhaps even more importantly, we might also wonder if there are lies that may never be exposed in their entirety?

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  1. obama & bush are puppets — partisan politics is rigged so that both parties, including the tea party, can keep ripping off the citizenry

    Comment by henry | May 7, 2011


    June 30, 2008
    By Massimo Calabresi

    Which is closer to dying: Osama bin Laden or the CIA’s effort to catch him? Nothing has characterized the fruitlessness of the hunt for the al-Qaeda leader so much as the recurrent — and mostly inaccurate — reports that he is seriously ailing, or even at death’s door. In 2002, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf said bin Laden had kidney disease, and that he had required a dialysis machine when he lived in Afghanistan. That same year, the FBI’s top counterterrorism official, Dale Watson, said, “I personally think he is probably not with us anymore.” Since then, of course, bin Laden has appeared on multiple videos looking healthier than ever.”

    This is government/MSM damage control. Without kidney transplantation, a patient is cannot get off dialysis. Ask a nefrologist – one who passes Les Visible’s Litmus test (about the truth of 9/11).

    Osama bin Laden died in December 2001 of renal failure as reported in multiple daily papers in Pakistan.


    Comment by Mouser | May 7, 2011

  3. interestingly, Noam Chomsky has now chimed in in another blog and lends legitimacy to this charade by decrying the unjust killing of Osama by the U.S. Military. This is a form of disinformation triangulation going on here, in that if you buy Noam’s analysis which is pretty good right up until you realize that the whole event of killing Bin Laden never took place, albeit we THINK but do not know with absolute certainty that someone died in this staged raid, based on the displayed in pools of blood corpses (which too could be anywhere, not necessarily in that compound anywhere on the date stamp on the photos says these were taken). In any case, the iterations of fraud by the Dept. of Defense, via the Rita Katz machine called S.I.T.E. who is known for zionist fraud of the first order…sheds a lot more light on a setup of a failing president by his subordinates than a killing of an alleged (AND I DO MEAN ALLEGED) terror suspect. To this date, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has failed to legitimately link Osama Bin Laden to the mass murder that the Israeli mossad committed on U.S. soil by all known verified evidence so far.

    In any case, based on the multiple attempts to float several badly photoshopped pics of everything from years old fake photos of a ‘dead’ Osama that cannot be real for this event unless time travel took place…and the fact the U.S. government went so far as to allow photos that were screen captured from BLACKHAWK DOWN, as well as a sniper kill in Iraq in 2003, and today, one the F.B.I. laid claim to that shows a much more elderly man with the wrong ear structure (ear structures do not change over time) we now are looking at photo after photo after photo most likely floated by Rita Katz on behalf of the U.S. Dept. of Defense, including one photoshopped picture of the wife that is clearly photoshopped.

    This fraud is just insane, and the only purpose it appears to satisfy is to hang a sitting president out to dry for signing onto this bullshit, and provide the Israeli government for some revenge against a president who had the balls to say ‘no’ to them when they demanded he release Jonathan Pollard.

    There could be other political motivational factors here, such as Mssrs. Gates and Mrs Clinton sabotaging the president’s re-election bid in 2012 by utterly destroying his credibility.

    what we seem to be seeing is the work of the MOSSAD, in conjunction with elements of the U.S. government who were willing to character assassinate their president.

    as much as I do not like this president, and think him to be quite pathetic and sad and intrinsically evil, I will in fact come to his defense this time and state that he was obviously the target of an elaborate scheme to discredit and politically assassinate him, as well as damage the reputation of the United States.

    I’ll even go one step further. It would appear that this whole shebang also serves a diversionary tactic to draw eyes away from the tanking U.S. dollar and imploding U.S. economy.

    Comment by 9/11 researcher | May 8, 2011

    • I would not read too much into the Pollard issue.

      Obama’s regime is simply much more totalitarian than the Bush regime, and totalitarians always end up wallowing in this sort of bungled fraud.

      As to the purpose of the Osama execution psyop, it is far more likely to be about legitimizing assassination (even the Dalai Lama approves), or on the other hand it could be an opening toward an attack on Pakistan. Seizure of the “Islamic bomb” is an unrealized goal.

      Comment by aletho | May 8, 2011

      • I think your read about O’bummer is pretty on target. Most people have not looked at his background enough to see he has been groomed by C.I.A. (mossad west) his entire life, as even his parents were C.I.A.

        however, having said that, sure makes you wonder why exactly O’CIA PUPPET did not release Jonathan Pollard, doesn’t it? Now, we can’t go the road of saying that the Merkan public would object to his release, because, quite honestly, the Merkan public most likely has no clue who the hell he is in the first place. So why didn’t O’marionette not let him go?

        As evil, diabolical and scummy as O’Puppet is, he too is an ‘expended’ tool now, and must be thrown out like the garbage by C.I.A. before the 2012 crap fest ramps up. The reason why I say that is that his popularity is and still is after this crap, in the negative numbers. My personal beliefs that both parties are one and the same is still intact, however, as they are still trough feeders and parasites, they have to feed at the gobvarmint trough inside the beltway to thrive. the DINO’s don’t truly want to be thrown out of power in 2012, in droves, any more than did the GOP asshats when they got their butts handed to them just before the Bush dictatorship.

        In any case, per Dalai Lama, he too is C.I.A., in case you hadn’t gotten that memo yet, and would sign off on battery acid enema’s for most nepalese as long as he gets to pretend to be an enlightened spiritual leader of the world. He and O’puppet should shack up together after O’puppet gets shown the door in this next round of : “AS THE STOMACH TURNS”, episode THREE, ‘KABUKI THEATRE’ and how you can pretend the elections and politics actually are the shadow government you never elect ever or ever get to see..

        It could be the primary purpose of this OSAMA RESURRECTION scam and then his execution at the hands of Seal Team STYX who was allegedly doing this raid but probably were no closer than Afghanistan to the Abbotabad villa, in reality, is probably to give O’dronemurderer more excuses to bomb the holy piss out of Pakistani’s using drones, and perhaps even more direct means of MILITARY INTERVENTION there.

        My gut feeling is that this is a precursor to a Pakistan intervention far more nasty than just blowing up innocent women and children in the mountainous areas. This is a signal by the Israeli owned and operated U.S. Gobvarmint that they now have a license to kill and kill and kill and kill and kill in Pakistan, for harboring (snicker) the OSAMA MONSTER FOR TEN YEARS.

        that’s pretty much what this is, I think. Your thoughts???


        • Whether or not Pakistan actually harbored OBL, knowingly or otherwise, it looks as though they are in the cross hairs now. This, in my estimation, is what is the primary driver of the OBL “execution” psyop.

          Comment by aletho | May 8, 2011

          • actually, harboring Timmy Osman was no more of a criminal act than harboring Donald Trump maybe, bad toup and all…based on the fact that Tim aka Osama had done nothing chargeable to the U.S. that merited his summary execution while not offering resistance (which is another episode of debate here).

            Pakistan had just called Gates on the carpet over their displeasure over increasing numbers of drone murders going on in their country, and incessant military intervention using mercenaries from ‘XE’ in every nook and cranny imaginable, so this was perhaps a very contrite and obviously shitty way for the U.S. to now have a legitimate reason to keep bombing and killing people in Pakistan, no doubt now alleging that OWL+CIA=DUH! is still active there and MUST BE SMOKED OUT OF THEIR CAVES or their villas, or whatever the story or excuse will be.

            I think that the U.S. (israel) doesn’t like it when a sovereign nation says; “hey, get the F*ck out of my airspace with your goddamned murderous drone crap..”, and of course, as Pakistan also has nukes, one would guess this makes Israel very worried that their hegemony ensuring arsenal is not the only regional nuclear threat on the block that could be actually used to ruin their day in a bright flash of very ‘bad hair’ moment retribution for them in Tel Aviv.

            it’s just a shame that Pakistan doesn’t have a delivery system capable of dropping one of their nukes on NuttinYajews murderous skull one day..that’d be a real hoot of the OWL.

            so we do agree absolutely here. no split hairs at all on this issue.

            Comment by OWL+CIA=DUH! STILL ACTIVE IN PAKISTAN | May 8, 2011

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