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Murder without Corpse

By Linh Dinh | May 8, 2011

In a photograph, Bush is shown in an Army jacket, his hands holding a tray with a picture-perfect turkey, garlanded by grapes. He is surrounded by American troops, most of whom are not looking at him. This is meant to convey that the photo was spontaneous, casual, and not posed. It is authentic.

In another photograph, Obama is shown in the Situation Room of the White House, surrounded by his top security advisors. They are watching something. Of the thirteen faces, none is looking at the camera. Again, this is to convey that the photo was natural and spontaneous. Obama is shown in a casual jacket, Biden in shirt sleeves, details that indicate they are at work, and not posing for a propaganda photo, god forbid. This image is so authentic, in fact, that it borders on the illicit. This was a secret session, after all. That’s why all of the laptop monitors have been blackened out, and the photo in front of Hillary Clinton has been blurred. We should be thankful, then, for this courtesy peep at a scene we shouldn’t even have access to. The spontaneity is also reinforced by an unfamiliar face at the back, peeking in. She is younger and shorter than the rest, truly a little person among heavyweights, nearly all of whom are men, by the way, yet only the most cynical would conclude that this small woman was added to double the female representation in the room. A really tall and large woman would not do. Like that worm in the British royal wedding photo, this tiny woman provides just enough intrigue without distracting.

As we all know, Bush served up a plastic turkey, so the turkey propaganda photo was itself a turkey, but a much bigger turkey is the Situation Room image. Releasing it, the White House explained that Obama and company were watching the raid and execution of Bin Laden in real time, with the snuff film made possible by a camera mounted on the helmet of a Navy Seal. Now, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that any head during a firefight is not likely to be stationary, not long enough, in any case, to broadcast steadily and clearly to the folks back home, not unless it wants to be a dead head, that is.

“Hey, Seal with the camera, run up that stairs and fix your gaze on Geronimo, will you? Remember to stand still and don’t duck, so our Commander in Chief will have a vivid stream of images, OK?”

Soon after, the White House explained that there was no live feed of the crucial moment, after all, that the camera actually didn’t work for 25 of the 38-minute raid, so there was absolutely no video footage of Bin Laden, but why this sudden reversal? Can’t these people work out their lies before they broadcast them to us?

The White House had to backtrack because it had painted itself into a corner. It had already refused to produce photos of a dead Bin Laden. He had been shot above the eye, it said, shattering his skull, so such a gory image would inflame Muslim sentiments. “We don’t want to spike the football,” Obama explained. But if we can’t see a dead Bin Laden, how about a photo of him alive? If a helmet mounted camera could deliver a live feed to the Situation Room, surely it can produce at least one image of Bin Laden with his head still intact, and in that house? But this, too, was out of the question, incredibly enough.

With webcams, surveillance cameras, Google street view and the ubiquitous camera phones, it seems that the entire world is always photographed, or ready to be photographed these days, that anyone at any moment can be captured by that voracious shutter, then uploaded onto a screen. There are cameras hidden inside pens, books, boom boxes, clocks, air purifiers and smoke detectors. You can probably google any name, a grade school chum, your first lover, long lost cat, dead grandma, bless her soul, and find photos of them online, uploaded by the Pentagon, or maybe God himself.

After any political assassination or execution, the public has also come to expect a photo as evidence or trophy. Just think of the strung up Mussolini, bloody Ngo Dinh Diem inside an armored car, a shirtless Che Guevara or the bandaged head of Leon Trotsky.

We are drowning in photographs, most of which we can do without, yet the one image that everyone wants to see this week, of a Bin Laden dead or alive during the raid, is not available. Instead, we are treated to a wealth of irrelevant information. We are told that there was “a hero dog” involved; that Obama and company had turkey pita wraps, cold shrimp, potato chips and soda, bought from Costco, the cheapo outlet—how nice, this common man touch—in the Situation Room; that Obama has met to congratulate his commandos, all highly intelligent and responsible family men between the ages of 30 and 40. Whatever.

The Bin Laden photos would not matter if there was a corpse, but that too, has gone missing, so without a cadaver or even the flimsy evidence of a photoshopped photograph, what is there to this sensational murder, really? Nothing but words from the CIA and the White House. Though they lied to us about Jessica Lynch’s “rescue” and Pat Tillman’s murder, we are to believe them this time because they have suddenly decided to speak the truth. Honestly.

May 9, 2011 - Posted by | Deception


  1. In that insulting photo, everyone’s laptop is open, but all are turned off. place of refuge 2012 dot com


    Comment by Placeofrefuge2012 | May 9, 2011

  2. The process of DNA identification requires tissue samples and/or blood samples. PCR machines synthesize additional DNA for electrophoresis tests.

    All of this indicates that there should be a huge pile of DNA evidence wherever they performed the identification procedure.

    Did they bury it all at sea?


    Comment by imp | May 9, 2011

  3. I tested electrophoresis machines a few years ago and know they cannot perform this feat of magic ‘one hour DNA’ shit the Whore House is desperately trying to float.

    so, with the plethora of fact now supporting the raid was entirely a ‘hoax’ and a massive ‘lie’ by the U.S. government and the president himself, now watch the backpeddling because we’ve positively proven all their backdoor photo releases are fake and even the F.B.I. one of the old man in the chair does not have the same ear structure as Osama Bin Laden, and ears do not change over time, they are as reliable a fingerprint for identification as are prints from your hands and feet. So F.B.I. is in on the fraud too (of course they are, they are soley MOSSAD WEST).

    so where to now? My guess is they’ll try to ditch this story and not comment on it further and put some time distance between the last official denial they released those shoddily PHOTOSHOP’d pics, one of them taken right out of BLACKHAWK DOWN, and the other from a 2003 killing of an Iraqi sniper who they then PHOTOSHOPPED Bin Decomposin’s chin into.

    they should have also not released the Rita Katz S.I.T.E. ‘wunderbar cache of crap’ photo of OBL’s wifey’s identity document with the PHOTOSHOPPED hand proving it’s all fake.

    Chuck Schumer from New York is using the bogus and wholly fabricated shit that the Rita Katz S.I.T.E. zioturd is pushing out there about OWL+CIA=DUH! attacks on TRAINS to push for TSA gropes for train passengers now.

    besides using this as an excuse for incursions into Pakistan, and more drone murders there, they’ll now use this back here to further destroy our civil liberties and our privacy.

    Orwell would have been proud of O’Bummer, truly. Big brother now gets in front of press orgs and gets testy with them for challenging his obvious lying about this raid.

    When will the U.S. government ever stop goddamned lying???? When????

    it’s not an excuse any longer to know that Israel is goading them into it.

    END THE LIES, people! or we’ll have your heads on pikes for this incessant bullshit and endless lying. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!


    Comment by ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! | May 9, 2011

  4. Can’t make too much of the laptop screens being off. They sleep automatically after a few minutes.


    Comment by Dube | May 9, 2011

    • Well, sometimes they do, if set to sleep after a few minutes. However, it is clear from all the documents sitting on Mrs Clinton’s laptop keyboard that they are not in sleep mode. If keys are depressed, that denotes activity and the laptop won’t ‘sleep’. The laptop screens have not been blackened out – they’re off. This is evidenced by the reflection of the documents sitting on Mrs Clinton’s keyboard appearing on her laptop screen.


      Comment by Andy Fielden | May 9, 2011

  5. What I don’t understand is, if they released the Sit Room photo to make President Obama look presidential and re-electable, why is he scrunched in the corner? Who is that guy in the Big Guy chair? Is he going to run for president? Obama’s agent should have picked a different photo; this one makes him look irrelevant.

    The reason the cameras were blacked out after all, is that it is illegal to murder someone without trial in a foreign country, and this way it can be blamed on the low-level Navy Seal, instead of painting everyone in that room as a war criminal who just ordered an extralegal murder. It’s the lawyers who caused sudden 25-minute blackout that makes that picture so embarrassing.


    Comment by Elliott Wolf | May 9, 2011

    • The regime is having it both ways, and not too shy about it either.

      In your face dominance and impunity. You will accept what they say. Whatever that may be.


      Comment by aletho | May 9, 2011

      • absolutely not for this man, Aletho. Unfortunately, there are growing numbers just exactly like me who won’t go there either. We just won’t go quietly into the night, or to their FEMA camps which I have seen when driving across country.


        Comment by THEY PUSH JUST A BIT FAR THIS TIME, ALETHO | May 9, 2011

  6. bush & cheney must have something to hide because they’re going along with the tale


    Comment by henry | May 9, 2011

  7. When the heroic saviours of the universe told us that they had immediately dumped the body at sea my first thought was, “My God! They actually WANT us to know they are lying! They are so confident/arrogant about the average person’s lack of gumption that they laugh and giggle as they rub our noses in their dog turds.”

    Them: [rubbing our noses] There… y’ like that? Y’ like the taste of that dog turd, huh? Makes y’ wanna puke, huh? Whaddaya gonna do about it? Huh? C’mon, whaddaya gonna do?

    Us: [faces bloodied and smeared with shit] It’s not dog turd, master. It’s divine chocolate of the gods. You would never rub my face in dog turd.

    Them: No, you pathetic shit-licker! That’s dog turd. I’m a dog an’ I done did that there turd! Taste good? Here, have some more… [squelch]

    Us: Thank you, sir. Thank you for not photoshopping the truth…It’s for my own good. Please do the same for my wife and child. It’s yummy.


    Comment by Marston... John Marston. | May 9, 2011

  8. “The raid was entirely a ‘hoax’ and a massive ‘lie’ by the U.S. government”

    So what is new.

    Some Key Murders, Hoaxes and Lies by the US Gov. Note these people were not murdered by appointed or elected government employees. But in each case the murders were condoned by highly placed political operatives. The joke we call the “Department of Justice” was not allowed to honestly function.

    o 9/11 Mass Murder
    o Waco Mass Murder
    o OKC Mass Murder
    o Vince Foster Murder
    o JFK Murder
    o RFK Murder
    o MLK Murder
    o John Lennon Murder
    o President Reagan almost Murder
    o Ron Brown et al Mass Murder
    o Admiral Brooda Murder
    o Senator Wellstone et al Mass Murder
    o Iraq Mass Murder (1.8 Million and counting)
    o Afghanistan Mass Murder
    o Pearl Harbor Mass Murder
    o MANY, MANY more


    Comment by Lou | May 9, 2011

  9. “Can’t these people work out their lies before they broadcast them to us?”

    This is the KEY to understanding this whole propaganda operation. No they could not work it out because they were MAKING IT UP as they went along. All the obvious traps they were setting for themselves would have been seen on just one run through.

    IMO they had a few hours if that to make it all up. The Pakistanis had shot a man at the “compound” someone in the crowd mentioned OBL, the CIA got wind of it and an hour later the American Helos arrived.

    Make it up as you go along. What fools. It is good for us these people are such obvious fools. Believe me.


    Comment by Lou | May 9, 2011

  10. they don’t even try to cover up the tracks anymore because they know that the American PUBIC as I call it, no pun intended there, is so dumbed down and stupid that they could get away with virtually any level of incompetent bumbling and hardly anyone in the U.S. would ever bother to blink.

    that’s why they do this shit. they know the lights are on but NOBODY IS HOME, for the most part. NOBODY.


    Comment by LIGHTS ON, NOBODY IS HOME | May 10, 2011

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