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US to set up permanent air base in Poland

Press TV – May 9, 2011

US President Barack Obama will reportedly announce the establishment of a US air detachment in Poland during his upcoming visit to the European state.

Poland’s leading Gazeta Wyborcza daily cited an unnamed Polish diplomatic source on Monday as saying that Washington would announce the transfer of an F-16 base from Aviano in Italy to the Lask air field in central Poland during his May 27-28 visit.

Poland’s Defense Minister Bogdan Klich also said on Monday that both sides would be ready for the agreement.

“At the moment we are holding talks with the Americans on the topic of a detailed agreement that will govern on what basis the Air Detachment — the detachment that will permanently service the F-16 and Hercules crews and land personnel periodically visiting Poland — will be stationed on our territory,” he was quoted by the Polish PAP news agency as saying.

Last year, Klich said he hoped the F-16 rotations would begin in 2013.

In 2010, the White House confirmed the “establishment of a US air detachment in Poland to support the periodic rotation of US military aircraft.”

Meanwhile, Russia warned Poland against hosting US fighter jets, saying it would counter the move.

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  1. This is the same USA (with London`s agreement) that handed Poland to Stalin on a silver patter after WWII. Poland fought with the allies. USA is a puppet of London, London’s Jew bankers created Stalin and Hitler, Poland was in the middle. Now the same Jew bankers did Smolensk, Poland blames Russia (paid assassins), Uncle Sam say’s ‘here I come to save the day’

    With friends like USA, Poland doesn’t need enemies.

    Comment by boycott kosher | May 10, 2011

  2. same U.S., only more militarized and all the more hegemonic and nasty than it was when it handed Poland to Stalin years ago. Remember now, even as U.S. dollars will soon be ‘toilet paper’ of the world, not nearly as soft as CHARMIN but much more plentiful, Poland could experience amoebic dysentery and need tons of toilet paper the U.S. could drop from the new Ben Bernanke class of INFLATION ATTACK CHOPPER, fueled by the FED, aka banksters Rothies. So get ready for more fun as the herculean task of butt buggering the friuli based Aviano Air Force boys by shipping them all off to Poland. Ah, but there’ll be no mountain gondola cable cars to knock down in Poland for the marine flat hatters…such a shame. Maybe Lech Walesa can pull some strings and build some of those for the marine pilots to joust with, No?

    Comment by AVIANO WAS A NICE PLACE YEARS AGO | May 11, 2011

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