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Seismic hazard underestimated at Los Alamos Nuclear Lab

Press TV – July 23, 2011

New Mexico nuclear watchdogs are sounding the alarm over a proposed $6 billion, four-floor, super-WalMart sized building on the grounds of the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Six metric tons — that’s 13,228 pounds — of plutonium would be stored at the new facility, which would also serve as a manufacturing plant to produce plutonium triggers for nuclear weapons. The project is a key part of a $180 billion federal plan to modernize aging U.S. nuclear [weapons] infrastructure.

The Department of Energy recently released a draft environmental impact statement for the proposed facility, giving a green light to the project, slated for completion in 2023.

However a vigilant Geologist and former Los Alamos Laboratory scientist calls the draft report “incomplete”, “inadequate” and says it “underestimates the seismic hazard” at the site.

California is famous for its earthquakes, but many Western states sit on unpredictable fault lines, New Mexico included. Through independent analysis of the site, Geologist Robert Gilkenson finds multiple errors with the Department of Energy draft report that could prove disastrous should a major earthquake shake Los Alamos.

Among other problems, Gilkenson says the design plans for the new building anticipate a lower level magnitude quake than could hit, and necessary field investigations to determine fault location, and fault geometry, have not been completed. If such a facility were built and then rocked by an earthquake, the resulting accident could rival the Fukushima disaster in Japan.

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Israel is hunting down International Solidarity supporters

PNN – 23.07.11

Bethlehem – Sami Awad, director of Holy Land Trust, a local NGO that works in developing nonviolent resistance in Palestine, warned on Saturday that Israel is targeting international supporters of Palestinians and is attempting to illegalize their work.
Awad’s statement came after Israel deported five French solidarity activists to Jordan on Friday. A group of French activists were crossing an Israeli military checkpoint between Jenin and Tulkarem, soldiers then detained the five and arrested them. The French activists were later taken to a military detention facility before they were deported to Jordan.

During an interview with PNN, Awad said that Israel is taking advantage of the silence policy some countries implement towards Israel’s crimes against those international activists. Awad warned that the Israeli targeted deportation and denied entry campaign will soon include international human rights and aid NGOs working in the region.

According to Awad Israel’s crackdown on international solidarity activists comes due to the fact that military leaders in Israel have realized the impact solidarity campaigns have on the political situation.

Awad added that the best way to counter the Israeli policies is legal actions. He wondered how legal deporting five internationals without trail is.

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Israeli Soldiers Uproot 100 Olive Trees in Jerusalem Area Village

WAFA – July 23, 2011

JERUSALEM – Israeli soldiers Saturday uprooted over 100 fully grown olive trees in Beit Iksa, a village northwest of Jerusalem, and took them to an unidentified destination, according to local residents.

Nabil Hababeh, a local activist, said that Israeli soldiers leveled the land after uprooting the trees to hide what it had done.

He said army bulldozers were also razing large areas of the village farm land under the pretext of digging for water wells and building a barrier between the village and the nearby Jewish settlement of Ramot.

He said that Israeli soldiers arrested Mohammad Hababeh, 21, when he protested against Israeli bulldozers uprooting 42 olive trees that belong to his family and which were their only source of livelihood.

Israeli soldiers also battered Palestinians who attempted to stop the bulldozers from uprooting more olive trees.

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Afghanistan: ISAF kills lady doctor along with two relatives

By Mirwais Himat | PAN | July 23, 2011

GHAZNI CITY: NATO-led troops killed a lady doctor along with two family members in the Syedabad district of central Wardak province, the Ghazni Civil Hospital director alleged on Saturday.

Dr. Ismayee Ibrahimzai told Pajhwok Afghan News that Dr. Aqila Hekmat, in charge of the maternity ward, her 18-year-old son and nephew were killed late on Friday, when ISAF soldiers fired at their vehicle.

The doctor’s husband was injured in the shooting near the Sheikhabad area on the Kabul-Kandahar highway, Ibrahimzai said, adding the incident happened after an ISAF convoy struck a roadside bomb.

Aqila Hekmat’s vehicle came under fire from ISAF while moving from the main road to a subway. Ibrahimzai said Public Health Directorate staff and Ghazni-based doctors, saddened by her death, had urged an investigation into the incident.

Col. Zarawar Zahid, Ghazni police chief, denounced the incident as shocking, saying they would jointly investigate the murder with Maidan Wardak officials.

Shahidullah Shahid, the governor’s spokesman, also condemned the killing of Dr. Hekmat and her relatives. He quoted unnamed ISAF officials as saying that they came under fire from the Taliban after their vehicle struck the roadside bomb.

Aqila was killed in the exchange of fire, the spokesman said, adding that it was not yet clear who had killed the lady doctor.

But a statement from the NATO-led force said the incident caused no civilian casualties. An ISAF combat outpost observed a car moving in its direction and the soldiers signalled it to stop.

“When it continued travelling towards the combat outpost, the gunner fired one bullet into the engine block. The vehicle stopped and the incident resulted in one civilian wounded, who was immediately treated at ISAF medical facilities.”

A member of the family, Syed Abdullah Walizai, said the incident occurred in the Zirni area of Shneez Valley. ISAF forces started indiscriminate fire on passengers after the explosion, killing three of a family and wounding two others, he claimed.

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Anders Breivik, Norwegian Terror Suspect, Admirer of Israel, Avigdor Lieberman

By Richard Silverstein | Tikun Olam | July 23, 2011

The death toll from the savage attack in Norway has risen to 92 today.  Anders Breivik, a radical rightist who posted regularly to a neo-Nazi internet forum, is the only suspect arrested so far in the killings.  Electronic Intifada published excerpts of a 1,500 page magnum opus written by Breivik which portray his political philosophy.  Here, CNN covers the story of manifesto from a slightly different vantage than the one below.  For example, given the killer’s use of steroids and testosterone supplements, one speculates on the role they may’ve played in his rage-filled spree.

Chief among his enemies are Muslims and those non-Muslims who, in his mind, facilitate the triumph of Islam in the west.  That’s why he specifically attacked the seat of national government and a youth camp sponsored by the ruling Labor Party.  The Norwegian terrorist has an obsession with Marxism, and apparently equates the current left of center government with that ideology.  Alex Kane notes that the day before the attack on the island camp, it held a Palestine solidarity rally (an event which would’ve repelled the killer).  He viewed the country’s leaders as aiding and abetting Muslim terror, and multiculturalism as the poison by which Islam could spread itself throughout the west.

In his writings, he expresses the belief that one glorious act of terror could foment a huge Muslim counter-reaction which would allow a rightist coup to take over both Norwegian and European governments.  The only problem with this scenario is that he attacked Norwegian targets and not Muslims ones.  That’s what is most inexplicable about this incident.  Given his hatred of Islam and his belief that it is at the core of the rot that affects the world, why wouldn’t he target Norwegian Muslims?  That’s doubtless something the investigators have asked him during interrogation.

Breivik viewed Israel as an ally in the war against Islam.  Alex Kane tweets that he wrote:

“Let’s end stupid support for Palestinians…start supporting our cultural cousin, Israel.”

He also wrote this:

Cultural conservatives believe Israel has a right to protect itself against Jihad…Sensible people should support Zionism (Israeli nationalism) which is Israel’s right to self-defence against Jihad.

More excerpts from his manifesto:

* If one acknowledges that Islam has always oppressed the Jews, one accepts that Israel was a necessary refuge for the Jews fleeing not only the European but also the Islamic variety of anti-Judaism.

* Since the break-up of the Islamic Empire following World War I, various jihads have been fought around the globe by the independent Muslim nations and sub-state jihadist groups. The most sustained effort has been directed against Israel, which has committed the unpardonable sin of rebuilding dar al-harb on land formerly a part of dar al-Islam.

* How can anyone delete the horror of Muslim oppression over Christians and Jews which lasted for centuries and stretched over continents?

* Western Journalists again and again systematically ignore serious Muslim attacks and rather focus on the Jews, [which] only adds to the stockpile of proof that all Western journalists support the EU’s Eurabia project, [and] their enemy (based on coverage) is the Israeli…government…

* Were the majority of the German and European Jews disloyal? Yes, at least the so called liberal Jews, similar to the liberal Jews today that oppose nationalism/Zionism and support multiculturalism. Jews that support multiculturalism today are as much of a threat to Israel and Zionism (Israeli nationalism) as they are to us. So let us fight together with Israel, with our Zionist brothers against all anti-Zionists, against all cultural Marxists/multiculturalists….So, are the current Jews in Europe and US disloyal? The multiculturalist (nation-wrecking) Jews ARE, while the conservative Jews ARE NOT.  Aprox. 75% of European/US Jews support multiculturalism while aprox. 50% of Israeli Jews does the same. This shows very clearly that we must embrace the remaining loyal Jews as brothers rather than repeating the mistake of the NSDAP. Whenever I discuss the Middle East issue with a national socialist he presents the anti-Israeli and pro-Palestine argument. He always seem unaware of the fact that his propaganda is hurting Israeli nationalists (who want to deport the Muslims from Israel) and that he is in fact helping the Israeli cultural Marxists/multiculturalists with his argumentation.

Ali Abunimah notes he especially admires Avigdor Lieberman and his Yisrael Beitenu Party.  Outside Israel, he also follows the writing of Pam Geller, Robert Spencer (referenced 46 times in the Breivik manifesto) and Daniel Pipes (11 times).  Yesterday, I quoted a Norwegian website which claimed that Breivik had identified himself as Fjordman, a regular contributor to the anti-jihadi blogs mentioned above.  Geller has denied a connection, as has Gates of Vienna, and it’s possible they are right.  I haven’t seen definitive evidence that either proves Breivik and Fjordman are the same or that they aren’t.  I will say though that Breivik’s writings under his own name show a much greater predilection toward violence; Fjordman’s, while equally radical, seem satisfied to remain in the realm of political theory, rather than action.

But even if they are not one and the same, the fact that Breivik’s intellectual-political philosophy is inspired by each of them is a sign of the cesspool of hate found there.  Just as settler rabbis held a pulsa di nura excommunicating Yitzhak Rabin before his assassination; just as Bibi Netanyahu fired up a crowd featuring pictures of Yitzhak Rabin dressed in an SS uniform shortly before the assassination, so did the intellectual content of these websites shape the world-view of the assassin.

I do not want to even think about what I would do if someone who’d praised or linked favorably to my work went on a murderous spree.  I’d like to think that the very nature of my beliefs would militate against violence.  But I sure as hell know I wouldn’t do what Geller’s done, which is to completely avoid any serious deliberation or reflection on the issue.    She’s not responsible she writes in a post about mass murder which is rather inappropriately titled, Heads Explode.  Rather “the left” is responsible for associating her in any way with the violence:

This is war. And the left is vicious, amoral and depraved. They mean to win, and that is the only way they know how.

Indeed, Anders Breivik couldn’t have put it any better himself.  As for me, I’d certainly denounce the deed and its author if they praised me, something I doubt you’ll hear from the keyboards of Pam Geller, Spencer or Pipes.

To give you an impression of the depths of self-delusion such pathological types are capable of, note this self-portrait:

I consider myself to be a laid back type and quite tolerant on most issues.  Due to the fact that I have been exposed to decades of multicultural indoctrination I feel a need to emphasise that I am not in fact a racist and never have been.

The “laid back, quite tolerant” mass murderer.  A new personality type in the annals of deviant psychology.

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Mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik is anti-racist, pro-homosexual and pro-Israel

Some comments about the ideological background of the Oslo bomber and Utoya shooter | July 23, 2011

Norwegian sources have identified the man who dressed up as a policeman shot perhaps as many as 80 or more innocent young people on the island of Utoya [Utøya] as the 32 years old Anders Behring Breivik. He is also alleged to stand behind the bomb in Oslo, which so far killed seven people.

The perpetrator was a regular poster on several Norwegian Internet media, notably the blog, which is run by Hans Rustad, a former left wing journalist. Hans Rustad is Jewish, and extremely pro-Zionist, and warns against islamization, violence and other problems connected with Muslim immigration. Many regular contributors on that blog naturally more or less share his views.

They represent an ideology where the importance of ethnicity is played down or dismissed completely, and the need for the preservation of Western cultural and democratic values is commonly used as the substitute key argument against immigration. Their rhetoric and activities are almost completely focused on Islam and Muslims; other immigrant groups such as Vietnamese, Chinese, non Muslim Africans and other groups are routinely painted as ‘harmless’, or even as ‘positive contributors to society’.

This is the currently most popular strain of the anti-immigration movements in Europe, as represented by Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party, the Danish People’s Party, the Sweden Democrats, and in Germany the so called ‘Pro-movement’, of which Pro-Cologne (Pro-Köln) is one of the most active, as well as several recently new established parties with a similar ideology . In England the EDL is connected to this ideology, together with groups such as SIOE and its local chapters, The Danish Free Press Society and their magazine Sappho, and some others. Note that the SIOE uses the slogan: ‘Racism is the lowest form of stupidity! Islamophobia is the height of common sense’.

Their American allies are people such as Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Daniel Pipes, etc. The dedication to the Zionist cause, and their rejection of classical nationalist ideas such as the importance of ethnicity, sets them apart from the sincere nationalist parties such ad the British National Party, Front National (France), Jobbik (Hungary), and NPD (Germany – and the only clearly National Socialist inspired movement of those mentioned).

Their heroes are mainly Jews such as German Henryk Broder, the French Zionist Bernard Henry Levy, British Melanie Philips, Bernard Lewis, to mention just a few, and many more. The Flemish Nationalists fall somewhere in between, and are mainly traditional Nationalists with no love for the US, Zionism or Israel, who are trying to adapt to a new pro-Zionist image, inspired by the success of Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party in Holland, and the Danish People’s Party in Denmark.

Members of the pro-Zionist groups and parties often paint their non philosemitic fellow nationalists as Nazis, anti-Semites and racists, copying the rhetorics the left wing PC-brigade uses against themselves, and try to present a more polished image towards the mainstream. They are also much better connected to mainstream politicians than the traditional nationalists, and at times are supported by mainstream newspapers, such as Jyllands-Posten in Denmark, as well as by right wing Jewish groups and individuals. The mainstream press usually judges these groups more favorably then traditional nationalists, who are invariably accused of being ‘Nazis’.

Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian bomber and gunman also pursued this line of thought:

Posted on 2009-09-14 10:57:20 as a reaction to post by ‘Caper’


I didn’t see that the EDL as it is today is what we would have wanted. But it is essential that the intellectual conservative forces (unofficially) offer political and ideological schooling to our youth between 15 and 25. Who else is to do that?

We cannot despise the young in society and refuse to come closer to them only because they lack ideological training, since it is exactly OUR (culturally conservative intellectuals) responsibility to do so.

Bawer [referring to homosexual anti-islamist Bruce Bawer] is probably not the right person to work as a bridge builder. He is a liberal anti-Jihadist, and in many ways not a culturally conservative. I have my suspicions about him being TOO paranoid [with reference to his homosexuality). It could seem as though he fears that ‘cultural conservatives’ will become a threat against homosexuals in the future. Therefore he refuses to take his chance to influence them into a positive direction? That seems completely irrational.

It has to be said that many organizations such as VB [probably referring to the Flemish nationalist party Vlaams Belang] needs to go through many ‘reforms’, before they reach our level.

Anyway, we are not in a position where we can pick and choose our partners. That’s why we have to ensure that we influence other culturally conservatives to take our anti-racist pro-homosexual, pro-Israeli line of thought. When this direction has been taken we can take it to the next level.

The consolidation MUST continue, and people must contribute by influencing (in stead of isolating).

The above was translated from this page, where has collected all posts by Anders Behring Breivik. So far it is not possible to read the separate comments in the original thread; according to an announcement on the website, they changed IT-systems a few days ago, and are working on bringing the comments and the full posts back online. The URL to the article to which this comment belongs is here; maybe it will work later on.

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Was the Massacre in Norway a reaction to BDS?

By Gilad Atzmon | July 24, 2011

I learned last night from an Israeli online journal, that two days before  the Utoya Island massacre,  AUF’s (Labour Party’s youth movement)  leader Eskil Pedersen gave an interview to the Dagbladet, Norway’s second largest tabloid newspaper, in which he unveiled what he thinks of Israel.

In the course of the interview, Pedersen stated that he “believes the time has come for more drastic measures against Israel, and (that he) wants the Foreign Minister to impose an economic boycott against the country.”

Pederson went on to say, “The peace process goes nowhere, and though the whole world expect Israel to comply, they do not. We in Labour Youth will have a unilateral economic embargo of Israel from the Norwegian side.”

The AUF Labour Party Youth Movement have been devoted promoters of the Israel Boycott campaign, The Dagbladet newspaper reporting that “The AUF has long been a supporter of an international boycott of Israel, but the decision at the last congress, demands that Norway imposes a unilateral economic embargo on the country and it must be stricter than before.”

“I acknowledge that this is a drastic measure”, stated Pedersen, “but I think it gives a clear indication that we are tired of Israel’s behaviour, quite simply”.

Yesterday we also learned that mass-murderer Anders Behring Breivik was openly enthusiastic about Israel. According to a variety of internet outlets,  Behring Breivik was a regular poster on several Norwegian internet sites, notably the blog, which is run by Hans Rustad, a former left-wing journalist. Hans Rustad is Jewish, extremely pro-Zionist, and warns against ‘Islam-isation’, violence, and other social problems he assumes to be connected with Muslim immigration.

Alongside the UK’s infamously Islamophobic Harry’s Place and other Jewish pro-war Zionist blogs, the observant amongst us are becoming more and more aware of an increasingly pervasive trend of Jerusalemite internet journals that — ostensibly – like to give the impression of ‘rallying for the preservation of Western culture,’ and of ‘standing up for democratic values’.  For the most obvious of reasons, these blog pages are almost exclusively focused on ‘the problem of Islam,’ and on Muslim migrants’ ‘troubled and reactionary’ communities and politics, whilst all the while, simultaneously, relentlessly and forcefully propounding a propagandistic Zionist agenda.  Interestingly enough, other immigrants are routinely depicted on these blog pages as being ‘harmless’, or as ‘positive contributors to society’ — you won’t find Hans Rustad or  Harry Place criticising  the Jewish Lobbies, the Lord Levy’s or the Russian Oligarchs’ disastrous  impact on ‘Western culture’ or on ‘democratic values’ any time soon. […]

I am not in a position at present to firmly point a finger at Israel, its agents, or its sayanim — but assembling the information together, and considering all possibilities may suggest that Anders Behring Breivik might indeed, have been a Sabbath Goy.

Within its Judaic mundane-societal context, the Sabbath Goy is simply there to accomplish some minor tasks the Jews cannot undertake during the Sabbath. But within the Zion-ised reality we tragically enough live in, the Sabbath Goy kills for the Jewish state. He may even do it voluntarily.

Being an admirer of Israel, Behring Breivik does appear to have treated his fellow countrymen in the same way that the IDF treats Palestinians.

Devastatingly enough, in Israel, Behring Breivik found a few enthusiastic followers who praised his action against the Norwegian youth. In the  Hebrew article that reported about the AUF camp being pro Palestinian and supportive of the Israel Boycott Campaign,  I found the following comments amongst other supports for the massacre:

24. “Oslo criminals paid”

26. “It’s stupidity and evil not to desire death for  those who call to boycott Israel.’

41. “Hitler Youth members killed in the bombing of Germany were also innocent. Let us all cry about the terrible evil bombardment carried out by the Allied…We have a bunch of haters of Israel  meeting in a country that hates  Israel in a conference that endorses the  boycott.. So it’s not okay, not nice,  really a tragedy for families, and we condemn the act itself, but to cry about it? Come on. We Jews are not Christians. In the Jewish religion there is no obligation to love or mourn  for the enemy.”

The full facts of the Norwegian tragedy are, as yet, unknown, but the message should by now be transparently and urgently clear to all of us: Western intelligence agencies must immediately crack down on Israeli and Zionist operators in our midst, and regarding the terrible events of the weekend, it must be made absolutely clear who it was that spread such hate and promoted such terror, and for what exact reasons.

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European parliamentarians to visit Gaza Strip

Ma’an – 24/07/2011

GAZA CITY – A high-profile delegation of European parliamentarians is scheduled to arrive Sunday in the Gaza Strip via the Rafah crossing on Egypt’s border.

The Council for European Palestinian Relations said in a statement that members of the European parliament and national parliaments would visit Gaza to raise awareness of the humanitarian situation, the effects of Israel’s siege and the role of Egypt at the Rafah crossing.

The delegation includes the chairman of the British Labour Party Tony Lloyd and Liberal Democrat spokeswoman for the British Ministry of Justice Baroness Falkenr.

The group will meet UN officials, local authorities and women’s groups and visit universities and cultural centers, the council said.

Council director Arafat Shoukri said the visit was “an excellent opportunity for European officials to assess the situation on the ground and to build closer ties with Palestinians.”

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Erdogan: No normalization without Israel’s apology, lift of Gaza siege

Palestine Information Center – 24/07/2011

ISTANBUL– Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Saturday that his country’s normalization of relations with Israel is ”unthinkable” unless Israel apologizes over the 2010 flotilla attack and ends its siege on the Gaza Strip.

”As long as Israel does not apologize to Turkey, pay compensation to the families of the victims, and lift its siege on Gaza, it is unthinkable to normalize relations with it,” Erdogan said during a meeting for Palestinian ambassadors in Istanbul.

Erdogan accused Israel of ”shooting in the back” the nine unarmed Turkish activists who were on board the Mavi Marmara ship, which was a part of the Freedom Flotilla in late May 2010, when it tried to defy Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip.

The PM also criticized Israel for refusing to ”move ahead to end the conflict and lift the Gaza siege”.

On Thursday, Israeli Strategic Affairs Minister Moshe Yaalon insisted that Israel was unwilling to apologize over the incident.

”We are not ready to apologize, as apologizing is taking responsibility,” he told media outlets in Jerusalem, adding that Israel would also not pay compensation to the victims’ families.

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