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Pamela Geller slanders the Utoya victims (elitist anti-Semites, Hitler youth, oh and race-mixers)

By Paul Mutter | Mondoweiss | August 2, 2011

Pamela Geller, founder of Atlas Shrugs, delayed a full response to the shootings in Norway (by her own admission). Her ideological associates, in the meantime, had been issuing statements condemning the violence – as well as the victims’ politics. And now, Atlas Shrugs has finally joined this argument: this past Sunday, Geller published an analysis of the victims titled “Summer Camp? Antisemitic Indoctrination Training Center“:

But the jihad-loving media never told us what antisemitic war games they were playing on that island. Utoya Island is a Communist/Socialist campground, and they clearly had a pro-Islamic agenda.

Only the malevolent media could use the euphemism summer camp and get away with it.

The slaughter was horrific. What these kids were being taught and instructed to do was a different kind of grotesque. There is no justification for Breivik’s actions whatsoever. There is also no justification for Norway’s antisemitism and demonization of Israel.

Even Geller knows these statements will be construed by the “Genocidal Leftists” as an endorsement of violence, but insists that it’s necessary to put the shootings in a larger context – the context of the global struggle against Islam:

. . . . Utoya camp was not Islamist but it WAS something not much more wholesome (by our standards, at any rate).

It was a summer indoctrination camp run by Norway’s ruling Labor Party for up-and-coming children of the ruling elite.

Glen Beck [sic] was not far off when he compared it to the Hitlerjugend or Young Pioneers.”

Think Progress caught on to the fact that an earlier version of this post referred to “race mixing” among the Norwegian youth at the camp. Specifically, a now-removed picture caption read “Note the faces which are more MIddle Eastern [sic] or mixed than pure Norwegian.” Even some favorable comments on the post called Ms. Geller out on this caption. Perhaps the intent of this statement was to demonstrate that there were Muslims present at the summer camp and that their presence was (of course) related to the youth organization’s “anti-Semitic” and “pro-Palestinian” agenda?

The statement was probably removed, though, because it could be taken to suggest that a non-Caucasian life (especially one mixed in with Muslim blood) is somehow “worth less” than a Caucasian (or part-Caucasian) one. While Geller did not  come out and say that, the notion is far from the fringes of respectability in “journalistic” debate.

Geller also approvingly quotes an argument for moral relativism vis a vis Palestinians and Israelis in relation to the shootings:

“For them it is unacceptable for Breivik to murder Norwegian children, because his ideology is wrong. But it is acceptable for Palestinians to murder Israeli children, because their ideology is right.”

Given the intensely pro-Zionist feelings among the anti-Islamic right, it is sadly inevitable that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would be used to “contextualize” a terorrist attack on “socialist” “pro-Islamic” “aristocrats” (all terms she uses to describe the camp attendees). The spleen is practically audible.

Is the anti-Islamic right suggesting that the Islamo-communist children of Norway’s ruling party were asking for trouble by engaging in behavior such as displaying signs that say “Opphev Blokkaden Av Gaza” (Oppose the Blockade of Gaza) and signing onto the BDS Movement? Geller and her cohorts suggested, soon after the identity of the shooter became known, that “If anyone incited him to violence, it was Islamic supremacists. If anything incited him to violence, it was the Euro-Med policy.”

Such statements now even more eerily echo Breivik’s own manifesto in that he lumped together his specific targets with the larger anti-Semitic Islamo-communist alliance that, according to the anti-Islamic right, holds Norway (and the EU in general) in its grip. Such sentiments have long been present in the discourse, but to hear such assertions articulated more forcefully now after what has happened is even more disturbing. “We are witnessing the complete breakdown of rational society,” Geller opined in response to hate mail she has received since the attacks.

Geller has no idea how right she is!

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  1. FUCK YOU Pamela Geller with a five foot donkey’s dick!!!

    The labour youth were working for peace in Palestina.

    Pamela you disgust me 100%.


    Comment by Anonymous | August 2, 2011

  2. The thing I do not understand about Pamela and other Jewish folks is how they can ONLY see events from their biased point of view. It would be funny if it wasn’t so dangerous.

    Everything Pamela and other zionist Jewish folks accuse Islam of, is EXACTLY what the zionist Jewish folks are doing. It’s like they think if they continue to sing the same tune over and over again, all of us will join the chorus and sing along with them. I used to be brainwashed into being a supporter of Israel, but then I started to notice that what I see with my eyes is never what they tell me I am seeing with my own eyes. This is happening more and more. People ARE catching on–slowly, but surely. We must not allow them the truth tellers.

    That Pamela is attempting to justify the murders of so many youths (due to their beliefs) proves what insanity that we are dealing with here. War and violence are not the answer to anything unless you hate humanity and want to see it disappear.


    Comment by karen | August 2, 2011

    • karen,

      Projection is not that unusual. There must be some human instinct behind it.

      All rationalizations of aggressive war utilize projection of one type or another. On the one hand you would think that the propagandists would be more clever and come up with claims that would not highlight exactly the behavior that the aggressors engage in, but apparently the more similar the allegation is to the ‘response’ the better it works as a justification.

      Sadly, most people eat it up uncritically.


      Comment by aletho | August 2, 2011

  3. Gellar is mentally unbalanced.

    Her filthy sick mindset has been hard at work twisting people for years and years. I have visited her blog for years and after two comments realized she never published any that do not agree with her views.

    She is behind the Ground Zero fuss and has already got a gathering of her fans for the Sept 11 memorial this year… all about Ground Zero.

    But she supports Israel so I suppose she is a true patriot according to the American and israeli governments.



    Comment by nooralhaqiqa | August 2, 2011

  4. Karen,

    You are inspirational is stating.:

    ‘…… I used to be brainwashed into being a supporter of Israel, but then I started to notice that what I see with my eyes is never what they tell me I am seeing with my own eyes. This is happening more and more. People ARE catching on–slowly, but surely…….’

    Meaning consciousness raising is our paramount individual and collective responsibility in general, and with the net, communication is self-limited and very inexpensive and expansive, as we are doing now for the world to see.

    And others comments called Geller insane, and that insanity is what the defense is suggesting for the reactionary mind-controlled mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik.

    What I see is a criminal conspiracy to assassinate the children of the left-wing ruling party in Norway for having the human decency to champion the persecuted Palestinian people under the US supplied iron-heel of Zionist imperialist violating the Geneva Conventions, Nuremberg Principles, and the Treaty on the Prevention and Punishment for the Crime of Genocide.

    Arrest or indict those responsible from the top down, with charges and specifications, try them in absentia if necessary with the whole of the people as a www Popular Jury to render judgment and mete out punishment for the convicted.

    Hospitalizing war criminals would make it an old folks home, they would not be in cells, eating in mess halls, common showers, and suffer the horrors they chronically visit upon their tortured Palestinian prisoners.

    War Criminals, not “Nuts” – And that goes the US war criminals and those of NATO murdering people with impunity for profit, all else is propaganda!


    Comment by Bill Mitchell | August 2, 2011

  5. Geller is an idiot. Indoctrination won’t work, unless the information is the truth: and that’s her problem, if you tell kids the truth – the Jews look real bad.
    Indoctrination is what goes on in western schools, when an adult realizes
    he’s been lied to he gets very mad.
    My True Story: I’m a gentile, I was ‘indoctrinated’ by my school. I grew up in a dominantly Jewish neighborhood.
    Most of my friends were Jews. I never had a bad experience with any of them, never a problem, and at the age of 50 could honestly say ‘I don’t have an anti Semitic bone in my body’

    Then I started reading real history, I started with Eustace Mullins, the revisionist historians, Juri Lina etc. I still treat everyone as an individual.
    My beef is with ‘organized Jewry’, as you can see by my pen name.


    Comment by boycott kosher | August 2, 2011

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