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Top Israeli archaeologists contest Jewish ties to Jerusalem

Palestine Information Center – 08/08/2011

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM — Top Israeli archaeologist Israel Finkelstein has denied the existence of Jewish roots in the city of Jerusalem, contrary to Israel’s claims that have prompted continued Judaization of the city.

Finkelstein, a professor at Tel Aviv University, said Jewish archaeologists have failed to unearth historic sites to support some of the stories in the Torah. Among those stories are the Jewish Exodus, the forty-year wandering in the Sinai desert, and Joshua’s victory over the Canaanites.

He also said there was no archaeological evidence that concludes that the alleged Temple of Solomon ever existed.

For his part, Professor of Archaeology at Tel Aviv University Raphael Greenberg said that the Israelis should have found something after digging for six weeks in the City of David in East Jerusalem’s Silwan district, but have found nothing in two years of continuous excavations.

Prof. Yoni Mihrazi, an independent archaeologist who has worked with the International Atomic Energy Agency, agreed with Finkelstein’s findings, saying that top settler organization Elad had not stumbled upon even a banner saying “welcome to the city of David”, given that claims were made to have been relying on sacred texts to guide them in their work.

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  2. pasty white khazars with fucked up noses who are mostly miami, new york, or los angeles ‘fake’ jews don’t have any more claim to jerusalem than Walt Disney would have to Tel Aviv when he was alive.

    unfortunately, there are far too few FINKELSTEINS in the world (two so far) that have the balls to stand up to these fake khazar ‘body snatcher’ fraudulent jews who are no more judaic than the chinese are judaic.

    actually chinese probably have about as much legitimacy claiming palestine, in comparison to the khazar fake jew fuckers who do this.

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    khazars ultimately get discovered and then summarily tossed out of every nation they try to hijack and take over.

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  3. More and more evidence of what was cover-up by any means and very often by laws. What a better way to have the truth staying silent that by letting politicians hide it since they are very much money and image sensitive!

    Khazars =>>> Jews =>>> Blackmailing =>>> …


    Comment by Pierre Bellerose | August 16, 2011

  4. I seem to recall during one of the Crusades that a priest “uncovered” an alleged piece of the spear used to stab Christ on the cross. You can be sure that the Mossad is hard at work now and we’ll likely hear about a “major find” in Jerusalem that will allow the Zionists to claim even more control over their stolen nation, just prior to the Palestinian bid at the UN. I will admit a certain appreciation for level of deception they have been employing for so many decades. I guess the billions in free money annually from ignorant and brainwashed westerners allows it to spend large for bribery, intimidation and blackmail. Must be nice. They’re crafty but far from wise and that will be their downfall – their arrogance.


    Comment by brightsorcerer | September 10, 2011

  5. […]…  You won’t hear about this on MSM. After over 2 years of digging, noted Israeli archaeologists have stated that they can find no archaeological evidence to prove that Solomon’s Temple even existed! This follows on the heels of a stunning announcement by eminent Egyptologist Zahi Awas earlier this year in which he stated that, based on the evidence, the exodus of Jewish belief did not happen…. at least not in the way portrayed in the Tanakh or Bible. The timing of such announcements is never coincidental. […]


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  6. bunch of Jew haters in this site, get lost all of you. JerUSAlem will always be the Jewish capital!


    Comment by Mary | February 7, 2012

    • Mary,

      What a revealing comment. Yes, the Jews living in, as you write, JerUSAlem, do seem to come there to a large extent from the US.

      The obvious question is; in what demented view of reality do they have a moral right to displace the actual Jerusalemites?

      Shame on you.


      Comment by aletho | February 7, 2012

  7. Of course! The Old Testament has no historical value whatever; it’s a compendium of the tribal myths and legends of the ancient Hebrews. One more reason among many why the Zionist enterprise of mass theft and genocide is groundless.


    Comment by traducteur | January 30, 2015

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