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Looking into the background of the execution of Oscar Grant

Atheo News  | January 9, 2009

Nearly nine days after an obvious execution in front of hundreds of commuters, which was subsequently shown on local Bay Area television to hundreds of thousands of viewers, the perpetrator has not only not been questioned about the incident, he has also not even been charged with a crime by the district attorney’s office.

This seemed rather odd, but with a bit of quick research into the matter a likely explanation surfaced that makes everything fit into place.

The execution was very similar to that of the Brazilian immigrant, Carlos Mendes, that took place in the summer of 2005 in the London Tube. According to reports, Mendes was shot in the back of the head by a group of officers that had just been “psyched up” by special Israëli counter-terrorism training. The method is very basic: simply shoot to kill any dark-skinned guy whom you could imagine to possibly be a “terrorist” in the back, after he has been subdued, lest he possibly activate his [imaginary] bomb belt. During training this must be rehearsed so often to become purely instinctive, so as to preclude any rational assessments. If the wires dangling from his shirt or pocket happen to merely connect earpieces with an IPod, well, it’s preferable to determine this later after the suspect is already dead.

Where did this cop most likely get his brainwashing?

Check out this web page of an Israeli run SWAT and Counter-Terrorism training operation:

Here’s a news story that initially appeared at the UC Berkeley campus paper (but seems to have disappeared from its online archives), confirming BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) police participation with IMS:

UC Berkeley:Israeli Expert Helps BART Conduct Counterterror Training
by Emma Guiterrez

As part of a four-day training session with an Israeli counterterrorism expert, the BART Police Department SWAT Team demonstrated how to take down a potential suicide bomber last week. BART police hired Aaron Cohen, founder and managing director of the Israeli Military Specialists, following increased concerns about public transportation becoming the target of terrorism after bomb attacks on public transit systems in Madrid and London in 2004 and 2005, respectively. (Daily Californian)

Here’s a puff-piece on the IMS training outfit:

Here’s a puff-piece about the kid from Beverly Hills who started the outfit:

Security—Israeli Style

Cohen, 26, likes to tell people he was “born and raised here, but grew up in Israel.” After graduating Beverly Hills High School in 1995, he went to Israel, volunteered for the IDF and was selected for counterterrorism work. He won’t give details of training or assignments, which adds to the mystique. He will say he spent three years undercover in the disputed territories, then he came home. …

The Israelis have a method: If you attack them, they not only fight back, they make sure you’re dead before they leave. Again, it adds to the mystique. A dramatic demonstration for our cameras? Yes, but at the same time, very impressive.

There is competition from larger established companies, but Cohen thinks he has an edge that comes with the “I” in the company name. He says it’s not about the money.

Additional research will show that this outfit is also much engaged in the Hollywood celebrity bodyguard scene.

In light of this, it seems understandable, that certain people are very keen to not have all this information come out. Imagine all the other police officers out there who have also already been subjected to these four-day brainwashing excursions, at taxpayer’s expensive, their mind imprinted with this perverse Zionist Paranoia mindset. These people don’t want to deal with the outrage that the general population might feel.

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