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1,000 seized in anti-Wall St. revolt in US

Press TV – October 2, 2011

American police forces have arrested over a thousand anti-Wall Street protesters that took to the streets in New York and other major metropolitan areas across the crisis-hit country, Press TV reports.

The protesters demonstrated against poverty, unemployment, corporatism, social inequality and other grievances that have plagued the United States for more than three years now.

Hundreds of demonstrators were detained late Saturday as the New York police tried to reopen the heavily used Brooklyn Bridge, which was partially shut down by angry protesters. Latest news reports, however, have put the number of those detained by police in New York City metropolitan area at more than 1,000.

“Over 700 summonses and desk appearance tickets have been issued in connection with a demonstration on the Brooklyn Bridge late this afternoon after multiple warnings by police were given to protesters to stay on the pedestrian walkway and that if they took roadway they would be arrested,” a police spokesman said late Saturday.

The rallies originally started two weeks ago under the name of “Occupy Wall Street” when activists and demonstrators announced their intention to seize the heart of US financial transactions in protest at dire economic conditions believed to be caused by the excessive greed of America’s big corporations.

The movement has now grown dramatically and spread to other major cities across the US.

Great numbers of protesters have gathered in front of the Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago, describing themselves as part of the Occupy Chicago movement that is said to have hired its name from Occupy Wall Street protests in New York City.

Similarly, many demonstrators marched through streets in Los Angeles, bearing antiwar signs and expressing frustration with the country’s high unemployment.

In addition to what they view as the use of excessive force against and unfair treatment of minorities, including Muslims, the movement is also protesting against home foreclosures and 2008 bank bailouts.

The protests have gained the support of renowned American filmmaker Michael Moore and actress Susan Sarandon as well as some union members.

The United Federation of Teachers (UFT) and the Transport Workers Union (TWU) Local 100, which has some 38000 members, are among those voicing support for and vowing solidarity with it.

Some of the protesters say the idea to occupy the most vital financial centers of the US was inspired by popular uprisings in the past months in Middle Eastern and North African countries, widely referred to as the “Islamic Awakening.”

A protester described the demonstrations as an American version of Egypt’s Tahrir Square takeover, referring to the protests in downtown Cairo that led to the Egyptian revolution and later caused the collapse of the long-time dictator Hosni Mubarak.

Some have also criticized the US government for preaching and encouraging civil disobedience abroad while severely restricting it at home.

They also state that they plan to use the revolutionary tactics people employed in countries such as Tunisia and Egypt to restore America’s lost democracy.

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  2. you forgot to mention the KICKBACK that JP MORGAN / CHASE gave to the NYPD after this. nice big fat chunk of change for their trouble.

    of course, no conflict of interest there, is there????



  3. maybe they can get Clarence (My wife DIDNT MAKE 700k) Thomas to be the go between or the bag man!!!

    Comment by maybe Clarence Thomas can be the BAG MAN for JP MORGAN/CHASE donations to the NYPD from here on out | October 2, 2011

  4. Michael Moore’s agent is Ari Emmanuel….Rham Emmanuel’s brother.
    Their father was/is one of the original Irgun REAL terrorists in Israel.
    Susan Sarrandon is also a Jewllywood zionist shill.

    Comment by bvc | October 3, 2011

    • yeah, Rahm’s daddy used to blow up busses full of Israeli’s and then mossad pin the tail on ARAB EXTREMISTS, which was always totally fake khazarian jew bastards killing their own kind to be VICTIMS again.

      Mikey Moore knows this about Ari, Rahm’s daddy, too, but while we’re on Michael Moore’s page now, he’s another sold
      out pile of merde. likes serving his khazarian masters as one of their ‘sayanim’ butt boys.

      next week, tune into; “Ron Jeremy does Mikey Moore”, it’s another Holly-WOOD production!!! you’ll like it! all of the
      morons who support Moore will surely enjoy seeing that one at the zio-scum box office.

      Comment by yeah, Ari blew up busses full of ISRAELI's and blamed it on Arabs. kinda typical mossad scum false flag op.. | October 4, 2011

  5. The government is out of control, partially due to a silent coup by the intel services, and with the full support of the corrupt congress and the cowardly courts. See my report on the fbi manipulation of the financial markets to finance their illegal covert operations:


    New form of torture, imprisonment & forced suicide…

    See the real fbi story in one of the links below:

    Comment by Geral Sosbee | October 6, 2011

  6. time to go to Washington D.C. by the millions and demand they all LEAVE.


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