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Palestinian Youth Movement: Statehood Bid Harmful to Struggle

Palestinian Youth Movement | Al-Akhbar | September 29, 2011

We, in the Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM), stand steadfast against the proposal for Palestinian statehood recognition based on 1967 borders that was presented to the United Nations this September by the Palestinian official leadership. We believe and affirm that the statehood declaration only seeks the completion of the normalization process, which began with faulty peace agreements. The initiative does not recognize nor address that our people continue to live within a settler colonial regime premised on the ethnic cleansing of our land and subordination and exploitation of our people.

This declaration serves as a mechanism for rescuing the faulty peace framework and depoliticizing the struggle for Palestine by removing the struggle from its historical colonial context. The attempts to impose a false peace with the normalizing of the colonial regime has only led us to surrender increasing amounts of our land, the rights of our people, and our aspirations by delegitimizing and marginalizing our people’s struggle and deepening the fragmentation and division of our people. This declaration jeopardizes the rights and aspirations of over two-thirds of the Palestinian people who live as refugees in countries of refuge and in exile, to return to their original homes from which they were displaced in the 1948 Nakba (Catastrophe) and subsequently since then. It also jeopardizes the position of the Palestinians residing in the 1948 occupied territories who continue to resist daily against the ethnic cleansing and racial practices from inside the colonial regime. Furthermore, it corroborates and empowers its Palestinian and Arab partners to act as the gatekeepers to the occupation and the colonization of the region within a neo-colonial framework.

The foundation of this process serves as nothing more than to ensure the continuity of negotiations, economic and social normalization, and security cooperation. The state declaration will solidify falsified borders on only a sliver of historic Palestine and still does not address the most fundamental issues: Jerusalem, settlements, refugees, political prisoners, occupation, borders and resource control. We believe such a state declaration will not ensure nor promote justice and freedom for Palestinians, which inherently means there will be no sustainable peace in the region.

Additionally, this state declaration initiative is being presented to the United Nations by a Palestinian leadership that is illegitimate and has not been elected to be in a position of representation of the Palestinian people in its totality through any democratic means by its people. This proposal is a political production designed by them to hide behind their failure to represent the needs and desires of their people. By claiming to fulfill the Palestinian will for self-determination, this leadership is misusing and exploiting the resistance and sacrifices of the Palestinian people, particularly our brothers and sisters in Gaza, and even hijacking the grassroots international solidarity work, such as Boycott Divestment and Sanctions efforts and the flotilla initiatives. This proposal only serves to squander all efforts made to isolate the colonial regime and hold it accountable.

Whether the proposal for statehood recognition is accepted or not, we call on Palestinians inside our occupied homeland and in countries of refuge and exile to remain committed and convicted to the worthiness of our struggle and inspired by their rights and responsibilities to defend it. We call on the free people of the world and the Palestinian people’s allies, to truly practice solidarity with the Palestinian anti-colonial struggle by not taking a position on the state declaration but rather continuing to hold Israel accountable by means of Boycott in all forms economically, academically, and culturally, Divestment and Sanctions.


This statement was submitted to al-Akhbar by Tarek Kishawi, active member of the Palestine Youth Movement.

The Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM) is a transnational, independent, grassroots movement of young Palestinians in Palestine and over 11 countries in the Arab World, Europe, and North America.

October 2, 2011 - Posted by | Ethnic Cleansing, Racism, Zionism, Solidarity and Activism


  1. Dear student movement; Get over it, your family left Israel in 1948, the Arabs of the area lost that War and all Wars after that time.(don’t forget the 1st World War, you lost that as well)
    Join in with the rest of the World, stop being pissed off for being on the losing side “7 times over”, the Japanese and Germans lost their Wars as well and are now important members of the World community.
    Understand, that you have no rights, what you are getting as improvements is/are because the Western World works on fairness, that even people that start Wars and lose, will be given a chance over time to improve themselves.
    Only Socialist use words like ‘solidarity’ (thay lost the War as well).
    Stop demanding respect when you do not have the right to have any, however once you act like humand beings and stop killing people in the name of Palestine or Islam, people (general public) may start thinking you have hope.


    Comment by sergio | October 2, 2011

    • To Sergio are u for real? You believe that the Palestinians do not act like human beings while the West which is where u come from & being a racist to the Arab world on the whole we are animals? You & you alone have caused this u think u are superior to us?
      The Palestinians have every right to demand because their land was stolen by the likes of u! & your pathetic crowd who thinks in “all fairness” my ass! its u who sold the Palestinian land to the Zionists because it was your colony & thought you can do what ever you like! Well here is where you are wrong! You white people are nothing but a bunch of criminals/barbarians, white trash with no history or culture & no conscience. If we take history lessons the only thing u have done is invade a country kill all its inhabitants & then claim its your land & you can do with it what ever you want! its no wonder that you are looking to colonize again Africa Middle east because you are so pathetic that you do not have any resources & your crisis to live a high standard life means you have to get rid of all Arabs, Chinese, Indian, Latin America & of course Africa! so your white ass can sit on a silk cushion!
      We the Islam ppl as you call us are more democratic than your pathetic Catholic religion! which says to kill for the rest to survive! You are an arrogant ass who has no knowledge of history or culture other than being a racist & a bigot.
      Palestenians have every right to demand to get their country back! & if the Jews who occupy Palestine want to stay under the Palestinian rule fine otherwise they should go to Russia, Poland, Romania, France, Germany, Hungary, England, America, Italy, Austria & from any other country they came from!


      Comment by alfatah69 | October 3, 2011

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